The Amazing Adventures of Donna, Joker, and Batman


*Random show tune*

Donna: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, we are...tonight's entertainment!

Joker: Hey, that's my line.

Bruce: It's not even evening. It's like, nine in the morning.

Donna: Oh hush. *waves at camera* Hey, crazy over obsessed fan fictions writers like myself! Welcome to our show!

Harvey: You guys have a show?!

Joker: This is evil. *grins* I think I'm going to enjoy this...

Bruce: Say, isn't that the pizza delivery guy?

Donna: You guys mind? Anyway, welcome to our show. For the rest of eternity, we will be entertaining you by having a bunch of adventures that will have nothing to do with anything.

Bruce: Translated, that means we will be traveling all over the world. *holds up wallet that contains plane tickets*

Joker: *pulls out lighter and sets money on fire*


Joker: Also, we will be having several cameo experiences from several of our *cough* not so favorite characters.

Harvey: That's not what the script says!

Donna: Part of our adventures will include going on a cruise ship -

Bruce: That I own!

Donna: Going to the great forests of Amazon -

Joker: *mutters* That won't last long...

Donna: And visiting some of the greatest cities in history such as Dallas, Texas.


Bruce: I did not sign up for that.

Joker: I can't wait!

Harvey: As anyone seen my underwear?

Donna: So until then peoples, please let us know where you would like us to travel first.

Alfred: *hands piece of paper to Bruce*

Bruce: Oh yes, this fan fiction was inspired by OutcastToReality's amazing story! Please check it out!

Joker: Or I will burn Harvey's underwear.

Harvey: NO!

Donna: You guys are so retarded.

*Camera blacks out*