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Time goes by and I remember all those fun times we had together. As we grew up, we always talked about whom we would marry. How many kids we would have, who would have the most kids. I never imagined that this would happen to us. That we would become witches, it just came upon us and took our lives from each of us. We were three sisters who had a destiny to protect the innocent people out there. We never got that chance to become who we thought we were going to become. We became objects that the higher power loved to screw with, just so they could get there laughs out. They still use us as if we are objects, not humans. I wish you were still here to see everything that has happened to us. We have changed so much since you died.

Though you never got the man of your dreams, I found mine and I am happily married to him. We have two sons and one daughter. They are mine, and I can't believe it. They are so young and innocent. It hurts to know that you died before you could even meet them. You would have been a great aunt. You would have helped me in anyway. You knew what it was like to have to raise someone else, because you did it for Phoebe and I for so long. You were a mother to us; you helped us and never thought about yourself. I now know how you feel. You could never let us get hurt because it hurt you too. Everything that happened to us, happened to you too.

You were the sister that protected us, now I am protecting this family. The one who stepped forward to help everyone out. Though we did find out we have another sister. Her name is Paige she is a wonderful person. You and her are so much a like that it hurts sometimes. She is stubborn, determined and wanted to be the best witch that she could be. She is an even better mother then I would have ever guessed. She married a mortal, his name is Henry and they have three kids, a son and two daughters. When she first found out she was going to have a baby she was nervous. She kept asking me questions. She reminded me of you. She asked it with the pout that Phoebe has and it was cute.

Phoebe on the other hand married a cupid named Coop. Ironic I think not. She is an empathic witch she feels what everyone feels. She didn't just fall in love with Coop she fell in love with love. They have three very special daughters that we assume will be the next charmed ones. You never know though we all have three kids maybe they will be the power of nine. Power of nine is just so fine. What would have life been like if you lived and we met Paige?

I guess when we changed the Future we really did change it. I had two sons before I got that little girl. Phoebe never burned at the stake. You are not alive anymore. What would have happened if we didn't change the future, would life still have turned out this way or would something else have happened. If you survived that attack, would Paige be in our lives or would we never know about her. She just been an innocent we had to protect.

If someone made me choose between having you back or keeping Paige I could never choose. Paige has a life and a family that she loves. She is a Halliwell through and through, she is one of us and we could never change that. I could never go and change that. She is our baby sister and she deserves to be in our family just as much as you do. You are the big sister who was a mother from a young age. You deserve to rest but you didn't have to leave us like that. I miss you so much. I wish you well and have a good night my only big sister. I love you so much, and I wish you were here. We would have a different life then we have now.

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