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The silver full moon peeked out over a small island from the tops of the trees. Firestar, the leader of the last clan to arrive at the Gathering, leaped up onto the leader's branch.

"Welcome to this latest Gathering!" he began. He started to say something else about the prey on ThunderClan territory, but his words were drowned out by a cacophonous rumbling sound coming from the sky. All the cats looked up.

"What is that?" they murmured amongst themselves.

Suddenly, a massive... thing started to land right on the middle of the island! The cats underneath scattered quickly. The door fell open, and R2D2 rolled out, chirping happily. A strange-looking drawing with many arms followed it.

"Dr. Octagonapus... BLAAAAHHHHH!" he screamed. After his words, a blast of blue burst from his mouth, knocking Barkface, the WindClan medicine cat, into the lake, never to be seen again.

"Cool! Does this mean I'm the medicine cat of WindClan now?" Kestrelpaw exclaimed. "I'm so gonna call myself Kestreltalon now! That name is beast!"

His clan blinked at him.

Then, loud music blared from who-knows-where. Large, yellow words started to scrawl themselves across the stars in the sky.

"Who can read that?" Leopardstar asked.

"I can!" Jayfeather proclaimed.

The rest of the Gathering looked at him incredulously.

"Oh, wait, no I can't. Sorry."

But I can," Lionblaze said.

He began to read the words, actually the opening credits to Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. When they were done, the stars opened up, and a blinding white light poured out. A cat's shaped floated from it. It was none other than Yellowfang. Sorreltail gasped.

"Yellowfang!" she cried, crouching close to the ground. "I am not worthy, I am not worthy!"

She noticed that the other cats were not following her example. "Don't you understand that you must bow in the awesome presence of Yellowfang?"

Brackenfur and his and Sorreltail's children, embarrassed, crept into the shadows and the bushes.

Yellowfang glanced at the obsequious Sorreltail smugly, enjoying the attention.

"Cats of all clans! You have heard-" she looked at Lionblaze, " or read - the opening crawl of the first movie of one of the greatest science-fiction series in the history of the Twoleg world!"

Tawnypelt of ShadowClan stepped forward.

"Of the Twoleg world? What do we have to do with them?"

"Great question, young Tawnypelt! You are now all going to split up into four groups: the Senate, normal ones, the Jedi, and the Sith. The Sith group will only consist of about four cats.

"Why?" asked Blackstar.

"Because they're supposed to be extinct. However, unbeknownst to the Jedi, they are re-forming."

"Who uses the word unbeknownst anymore?!"

"I do."

Sorreltail jumped on the white leader.

"You dare challenge the wisdom of a StarClan cat? Especially the great and all-powerful Yellowfang?"

He pushed her off.

"Get off me, you useless scrap of fur! And yeah, I do dare!"

"Enough!" Yellowfang screeched. "Now, divide into groups! Firestar, you will be the head of the Jedi Council, Master Yoda, so you will be in the Jedi group. Blackstar, you're Chancellor Palpatine."

"Ooh, is that important?!"

"Yeah. He's a bad guy. Palpatine's a nub; he's both Sith and in the Senate. Hmmm, someone to play Anakin... Anakin, Anakin, oh! Lionblaze! Perfect! Lionblaze, you're Anakin. Anakin is a Jedi. Go with Firestar. Alright, Padmé, Padmé... ah! Heathertail! You'll do. Padmé Amidala is in the Senate, Heathertail, so go to that group."

Yellowfang picked Ratscar, Rowanclaw, and Toadfoot (all in ShadowClan) to be the rest of the Sith. Then she chose Brambleclaw, Dustpelt, Cloudtail, and Thornclaw to be the rest of the Jedi Council. Brambleclaw was to be Mace Windu, second-in-command to Yoda, like he was as Firestar's deputy.

"Berrynose, you're Obi-Wan Kenobi, a Jedi."

The arrogant cream-colored cat proudly went to stand with the Council cats and Lionblaze. They all groaned silently. Yellowfang next chose the rest of ThunderClan and half of ShadowClan to be the Jedi. All of RiverClan, Nightcloud, Crowfeather, and Breezepaw, were assigned to be the Senate.

"Rest of WindClan and the other half of ShadowClan, you're normal ones. Go live your happy, blatant, pedestrian lives."

WindClan cheered.

"Yay normal lives! Huzzah!"

"All Jedi ThunderClan and ShadowClan apprentices, you are Padawan Learners. Your regular mentors will be your Jedi mentors also."

The old gray she-cat flicked her tail. It made a popping sound. "From now on, your destinies have been changed so that Jedi-ish and Star Wars-y things may happen to you! Good luck, cats. Any questions?"

Lionblaze spoke up.

"Do I have to go by 'Anakin'?"

Yellowfang thought about it.

"It is written in your destiny that you go by 'Lionblaze,' even if it has been changed to something Star Wars-like. So I would have to say no to that."

"Yay. Good."

Firestar begged to differ.

"Well, I'm going by 'Yoda'. That is an awesome name that you don't hear everyday."

"If you do that, Firestar,-" Yellowfang started.


"Yoda, then you must talk funny. 'Talk like this, you must then.'"

"Cool, that is!" The newly-christened Yoda exclaimed.

"Good, you get the idea. The Senate area will be RiverClan territory, normal ones get WindClan territory, the Sith get ShadowClan territory, and Jedi are in ThunderClan territory. Go to your territories now, and let your paths unfold!"

And so the cats dispersed to their territories, most to their original ones, and the rest to a new and strange one.

In the new Senate land, Leopardstar got up on her usual spot for announcements and yowled,

"Hello, Senate! Now, I know most of you, but others, I do not. You, WindClan tabby," she pointed her tail at Heathertail. "What's your name?"

"Heathertail. I'm to play Padmé Amidala."

"Welcome, Heathertail, to the old RiverClan camp. Since your character seems to be important, then you get to sleep in the center of our warriors den."

"Thank you," Heathertail said, and she went off to explore the new camp.

After she left, she welcomed the former WindClan family to the camp, too.

"Now all of us most act formal and create laws for everyone to follow!"

The Senate cheered.

Life didn't change as much for WindClan. Kestrelpaw made Onestar rename him Kestreltalon, and Nightcloud, Crowfeather, and Breezepaw were missing from the warrior and apprentice dens, but otherwise, things were pretty much normal.

At ShadowClan territory, the five cats prowled around their camp, whispering bad things about the Jedi, not caring that some of them were their old Clanmates.

"I hate the Jedi!" Ratscar said.

"Yeah, the pieces of foxdung don't even know that we are coming back behind their ugly backs!" Rowanclaw agreed, chuckling stupidly.

"Nee ha ha ha," Blackstar laughed, rather evilly.

"Let's attack them in the morning!" suggested Toadfoot.

"No, we'd be way too outnumbered. And they aren't supposed to know of our return until we grow strong enough," the black-pawed, white-furred Sith/ShadowClan leader warned.

Then the rest of them laughed evilly too.

The ThunderClan half of the Jedi were not getting along well with the ShadowClan half of the Jedi. Kits were arguing about who gets which spot in the nursery, senior warriors were arguing about who would get the center of the warriors den, and everyone else seemed to be just plain hostile.

"Quite enough, that is!" yelled Yoda/Firestar.

The whole camp fell into a hush.

"Sorry, Master!" they apologized.

Yet they still kept bickering quietly. Finally, Yoda and Brambleclaw were able to settle things down, everyone was happy, and the cats were making new friends.

No matter the new group or old Clan, life as a Clan cat was about to get a whole lot weirder.

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