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and she grew up just a teeny bit. (Or, I'll admit, maybe a lot a bit) So I'm going to give this a try! I'm sorry if you hate it, if you do, please tell me so, if you liked

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"Will someone get the phone?!" a 14-year-old girl yelled from the sink where she was washing dishes.



"Ugh! I'm coming!" she quickly wiped her hands on her apron and ran as fast as she could to the phone, on the hallway table.

"Hello, no one is available to take your-"

"Ugh, hello, Jones residence, Junie B. speaking." she said into the phone, getting there just as the answering machine picked up.

"Yo, what's up Junie?" A boy's voice answered.



"What's up Herb?" she asked leaning against the wall.

"You bored?" he asked.

"Doing chores. Enough said." Junie B. responded.

"How 'bout you ditch the mop and come to the skate park with me, Lennie, and José?" he asked.

She smiled and bit her lip. "Sounds good but, don't we have like, a 1000 word book report or something due tomorrow?"

"Come on, I have like, 300 words on that already!." he complained

"Herb, the teach already hates you!" she whispered, glancing up the stairs.

"And? Come on, don't be such a May!" he said. "You know you wanna!"

"Hmm...You know what? I'm in, meet me halfway?"

"See ya there!"


She hung up the phone, ran up the stairs and in to her room. She grabbed her board, put a head band in to her waist length hair, slipped on her black converse and ran downstairs. "MOM!I'm going down to the skate park with Herbert ok!"

"Junie B., did you finish your chores?" her mom yelled back.

"I'll do them later!" She yelled. pausing at the door, her hand on the door knob.

"Later when?"

"Later later! Later!" she yelled, running out before her mom could stop her. She put her board on the ground, got on and rode, doing a couple of jumps on her way. She came up to a park, a sandy blond boy laying down on the bus stop with his board behind his head was soon visible. She stopped right in front of him, kicking her board up and catching it. He had his headphones on, his ipod on the ground beside him. She smiled and picked it up.

"Hmmm, Handelbars by the Flobots? Let's turn it up a bit." thought, and with one quick movement she changed the song to Soulja Boy and turned it up as high as it would go. She laughed as the boy's eyes pooped open and he fell of the bench. He snatched of the headphones and yelled, "HEY!"

She just laughed a bit more and grabbed her board, threw it on the ground and smiled. "Come on Herbs, the other two are waiting for us!" she yelled, giving herself a few kicks, building up speed.

"Oh, hey get back here!" he yelled back, getting up off his back and running after her, his board in his arms. He threw it on the ground, kicked himself off and chased after her. She looked back, stuck out her tongue and kept on going. He laughed and tried to catch up. When he did he said, "So what's your weekend been like so far Junie?"

"Oh same old same old. I babysat Ollie, fed my dog, watched TV, changed the wheels on my board. You?" she said.

"Eh. Guess who I saw yesterday?"


"None other than May."

"In public? What in the world were you doing with May outside of school?!"

"Oh hush! I wasn't with her! I just ran in to her. But, guess what she was doing?" he said.

"What?" she asked, curious.

"One word: Pizza, and Broice." he responded.

"Um, that's three words."

"You know what I mean! She was out on a date with Broice Martin!"

"Oh, gasp!" she said mockingly.

"Well, hey, I just don't get it! How can a dude put up with her? May? Tattletale May?" he said.

"Well..." Junie cringed. "To each their own. Someone had to find her attractive eventually."

"Yeah, I guess. But, dang, she was the worst back when we were little!" he responded.

She laughed. "Hey, I bet half our old teachers would rather be stuck on an island with May than with us!"

"That is not...completely true!" he exclaimed. Junie laughed and just kept on boarding.

At the skate park(Junie B.'s POV)

Herb and I got to the skate park in a little bit, so we started walking around, waiting for Lennie and José to show up.

"It's so weird." Herbert said all of a sudden.

"What?" I asked.

"May had a date..." He said.

I groaned. "Yes, yes May had a date, now, must you mention that every 5 minutes?"

"No. I mean May had a date...and we haven't? Now how does that work out?" he asked.

"Well, I know why I haven't had a date." I said.

He smiled. "Why?"

I glared at him. "Have you met me? I am a total tomboy. I don't have very many girlfriends, I spend 90% of my time with you and the guys, I am completely ordinary ,and as far as I know, the last guy to have ever liked me was that meanie Jim from kinder. And I'm pretty sure he's forgotten me by now."

"That's not true Junie B. . You're not ordinary, I mean, you're pretty cool, and so what if you're not a complete girlie girl? I hate those kind of girls, their like complete daffodils!" he exclaimed.

"Please. You have to say that Herb. You're my best friend." I said. Herbert and I had been best friends since 1st grade. I think that's pretty special. How many other friendships last that long?

He stopped walking."No, I mean it Junie B.! Seriously, you're like the most awesomest girl I've ever met...Actually I've been wanting to ask you..."

"Ask me what?" I asked him.

"Well you know, maybe you and I could like go-" He began, but, out of no where, Lennie crashed into his side, knocking him on to the ground with a loud thud.

"Woah!" I exclaimed. Lennie was now on top of Herbert, just kind of, laying there.

"HEY YOU JACK- - - what the hell was that for?!" Herbert exclaimed,the wind knocked out of him, clearly angry. He threw Lennie off of him and glared. "I was in the middle of-"

"We know you were in the middle of something, that's why we stopped you before you could get any further with it!" José said, running up to my side.

"Huh?" I was confused.

"SERIOUSLY GUYS! Would it kill you guys just to let me do it?!" Herbert yelled at them.

"No but close." Lennie said, getting up and brushing the grass off of himself."Seriously dude, it could ruin us, all of us!"

"I'm willing to take that risk!" Herbert said glaring up at the other two.

"Bueno, nosotros no queremos!" José said.

"We don't give you permission to do this Herbert! Why wont you just play by the rules? We all agreed we wouldn't ask!" Lennie said, offering Herbert a hand. Herb took it, though he still looked angry.

"So I can't change my mind? Come on, it was so perfect!"

"Don't be so selfish!"


"You guys are the selfish one's!"



"Am I missing something?" I asked.

"STAY OUT OF IT!" the three said in unison. I raised my eyebrows. Talk about mean. I put up my hands, palms out.

"Ok, ok." I said backing up. "Just don't hurt each other." I said, turning on my heel and picking up my board and walking towards the entry of the skate park. I could hear the boys still fighting behind me. After awhile they caught up with me. I looked at all of them. herbert looked pretty darn angry. Lennie semmed pretty pissed off. Jose was more along the lines of 'I'd do anything to be anywhere else right now'. What is wrong with them?

Lol. I hoped you liked it people! I really do, I know Junie B. is some what out of character, and I promise to try to bring back her usual mischeavious spunky little

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