OH. MY. GOD. First things first, don't get excited, this isn't an update :(

BUT OH MY GOD, I feel so horrible. Sadly, the reason my recent chapter was so short, and why I took so long is for a reason that isn't valid :'(. You see, when I posted my last chapter, I got less reviews than I usually get, and I was sad. So I thought no one was really reading anymore, so I didn't rush the writing for the new chapter. And when I finally did finish it, even thought it was INCREDIBLY short, I posted it not expecting anything. And of course, I didn't get any reviews...Or so I thought.

For some LAME reason, my email has been sorting all my Fanfic mail into my spam box; as a result, I haven't been getting Story Alerts, Author Alerts, Forum Alerts or Review Alerts. I thought no one was reviewing! I FEEL HORRIBLE; I should have investigated, it was until today that my friend told me I should find out why I wasn't getting Forum Alerts, since it was Enabled in my Account Settings. Sure enough, I checked, and Fanfic mail for the last few months has been sent to my Spam Box. I am so upset, and I'm trying to figure out how to fix the problem right now. I'm sorry I haven't responded to you reviews, I usually respond to the nice ones, or the ones that ask questions. I'm reading a bunch right now, but so many were posted a long time ago, so I won't be responding to a lot...I AM SO SORRY it took so long to update.

And I'm sorry, but it may be awhile before I post the next update; Finals and all that stuff for the next two weeks. I'm going to be focusing on STUDYING STUDYING STUDYING. But, rest assure, I will get in a paragraph or two in between the study guides; my notebook full of my little mind drabbles is always at hand. I PROMISE to update ASAP. I love you guys, thank you so much for reviewing! I hope my email stops sorting fanfic stuff into the spam box soon...

-3 Keily Bee

P.S.: The poll is now down, some people have actually asked about that; don't worry, I know who won, and I know who will end up with Junie. Remember however, that I knew all along. I just wanted your input. LOVE YOU GUYS!