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Momo Hinamori stared up at the looming gray building before her, heart in her throat, her fingers clenched tightly around the single duffel bag containing whatever she'd been able to fit inside from home. The poor bag was filled to bursting and she hoped that it wouldn't explode all over the neatly trimmed lawn she now found herself standing on. For what had to be the thousandth time in the past five minutes she cursed her crazy parents for sending her here and ultimately getting her wrapped up in this mess.

'Here' was Ryouta High School for the Gifted, a place she had managed to get into because of her large brain and ability to tear up any soccer field she stepped foot on. Her father had mentioned the place to her earlier that year, showing her pictures of the building and the beautiful campus it was located on in order to peak her interest. After agreeing to give the school a try he had immediately filled out an application for her and sent it in, receiving her letter of acceptance in the mail about a week later.

The whole thing had been a relatively easy process, or so she had originally thought. There was however, one tiny detail her father had neglected to tell her. Ryouta was a high school for the gifted and talented, that much was certain, however it was a school for the gifted and talented of the male gender. Yes, Ryouta was strictly a boy's only education center.

Momo had freaked upon hearing this, demanding that her father withdraw her acceptance immediately. Unfortunately for her, the man had claimed that this would be a great learning experience and that she should go through with it anyway. 'You won't find a better education anywhere else!' he had told her. Desperate Momo had gone to her mother, hoping the woman would immediately see the maddness in her father's plan and demand Momo's immediate withdrawl. Yet fate was against her as the plan backfired, her mother not only agreeing with her father's scheme, but also choosing to support it in full. 'Think of all the dashing young men you'll meet Momo! You'll have a boyfriend before you know it! Besides everything is already paid and accounted for.' she'd said.

So here she was, duffel bag and all, standing awkwardly in front of Ryouta's main building. Boyish shaggy haircut? Check. Letter of acceptance? Check. Nerves? Check. Taking a deep breath she took three steps towards the building, knowing there was no way she could accomplish anything by doing nothing.

She was a week late to the beginning of term and would have to get all of her makeup work from her teachers before actually attending classes. Because of this she would need to make sure to find a quiet place in which to get all her studying and extra work done once she found the time.

According to Ryouta's informational packet, soccer try outs would be held the following week and she was more than a little nervous regarding this certain detail. Being a girl she was bound to be slower and not as coordinated as the rest of the boys and because of this her chances of actually making the team looked slim. Oh well, she would do her best. Shifting the weight of her duffel bag into her left hand she used her right to open the glass doors admitting her entrance to Ryouta's welcome center.

The building was very high and well furbished and she could tell by the smell and sleek interior that it was fairly recently built. A desk was set up across from the doors with a large banner that read: 'Welcome to Ryouta' hanging above it. A hallway disappeared further into the building on the desk's right and the faint sound of classical music playing from one of the offices could be heard from somewhere deeper inside. A tall blonde boy with bangs falling across one of his eyes was slouching behind the desk, his hand propping up his chin, a bored expression on his face. Steeling herself Momo swallowed her fear and walked up to him, clearing her throat and reminding herself to drop her voice a couple of octaves.

"Hi," she said as young man lazily looked her way. "Um I'm new and was told to come here to receive my class schedule and housing information." The boy blinked and nodded, immediately straightening up and giving her a kind smile.

"Sure, no problem. Name?" he asked.

"Mo-er- Masaki Hinamori," Momo stuttered, glad she'd caught the near slip up. The boy nodded.

"Alright just a second, let me find your folder…" She heard the sound of a drawer being opened followed by the shifting of papers before the blonde made a satisfied 'ah-ha' sound and yanked a manila envelope from the file. "Here we go." Opening the folder he took three slips of paper from it and laid them out for her to see, pointing to the first one. "This is your class schedule; the name of the class is first followed by what teacher you have and then the building you're in," he said to her, his eyes roving over the names listed there. "Ouch Kurotsuchi for science huh? Good luck with that one," he muttered. Momo blinked.

"Is that bad?" she inquired, remembering to change her voice at the last second. The boy looked up.

"He's really strict and more than a little bit strange. Just don't do anything to attract his attention and you'll be fine," he answered her. Momo nodded.

"Thanks for the tip," she told him gratefully. The boy smiled and nodded.

"No problem. My name's Izuru Kira by the way. Welcome to Ryouta," he told her. The girl's grin widened.

"Thanks!" she replied. Kira nodded.

"Back to business then… This second sheet is your rooming information. Looks like you're in dorm 2! Great that's my dorm!" he said excitedly. Momo nodded, not really sure how she was supposed to respond. "That's awesome; it's a good dorm to be in don't worry. Let see who your roommate is…oh." Momo blinked, not liking the way he had suddenly stopped talking.

"What do you mean 'oh'?" she asked nervously. Kira looked back up at her, a weak smile on his face.

"Oh uh nothing. You're just rooming with Hitsugaya that's all…bound to be interesting," he muttered, almost as an after thought. The girl frowned, still not liking Kira's sudden change in tone.

"Is there something wrong with this Hitsugaya person?" she asked, almost not wanting to hear the answer. Kira rapidly shook his head.

"Toshiro Hitsugaya? Oh no, there's nothing wrong with him. He's a freaking genius…" he answered bluntly, pressing on after a glance at Hinamori's blank expression. "The kid has everything going for him, smart, good looks, an amazing soccer player…he's got it all," he stated. Momo's frown deepened as she still didn't see the problem.

"So what's the issue?" she asked. Kira laughed.

"He's just a really hard person to talk to. Super cold that one. I dunno he's pretty good friends with some of the boys on the floor even if he doesn't act like it. Well anyway you'll be fine, he's decent enough. He probably won't be happy about finally having to share a room though," he remarked.

"Share…?" Momo trailed off, feeling rather stupid.

"He got a double to himself for the past year since there were an odd number of students on the floor. Now that you're here though he'll just have to deal with it," Kira explained. Momo nodded slowly.

"Oh, I see," she answered. The boy turned to the last sheet.

"And this is just a list of all the current events going on around Ryouta. It should have all the try out times for athletics as well as any fun out of school activities coming up. Take a look at it once you get situated," he said to her. Momo nodded and took the folder that he handed her, a smile on her face.

"Thanks very much," she said to him. He nodded.

"Not a problem. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm working here until around eight but after that I should be in my dorm. It's number 205, drop by any time," he said. Momo nodded before waving and heading out the door, taking a right down the path to where her map said her dorm should be.

It was an absolutely beautiful day out. The sky was a crystalline blue, marshmallow white clouds dotted here and there across its cobalt surface while a pleasant breeze had picked up, cooling down the otherwise blistering hot afternoon. Students were walking from place to place, some moving in large packs while others walked in groups of two or three. They were all boys, naturally, and she couldn't help but notice more than a handful of them were rather attractive. Could she really survive here for as long as she planned to? Shaking those nerve wracking thoughts from her mind she continued forward, glancing around her for the dorm that was supposed to be somewhere around here.

"Look out!" she heard the shout from somewhere to her left and turned in time to be nailed in the face by a black and white soccer ball that had to have been going 120 mph at least. Momo felt herself flying backwards before the ground rose up to meet her and she hit with a loud thud. Her duffel bag flew out of her hand and landed a couple of feet away while the manila folder flew the other direction, scattering papers every which way.

"Oh crap, are you okay?!" she heard a voice call from some distance away. Ignoring it she sat up dizzily and immediately felt something wet trickle from her nose and drip onto her pant leg. With a sinking feeling she realized it was blood. Hearing running footsteps she glanced up to see three guys hurrying towards her, all three of them very tall and athletic in appearance. Getting shakily to her feet she immediately went to her duffle bag, thanking every god she knew for preventing it from busting open. She would have been out of there within the hour. Turning around she tried to find the manila envelope only to find that the pleasant breeze had turned not so pleasant and blown it and its contents away somewhere.

"Oh no…" she murmured, raising a hand to her throbbing nose.

"Hey! Hey you! Are you alright?" the pounding footsteps stopped and she turned to see the three boys looking down at her, identical expressions of concern on each of their faces. The one who had spoken was an attractive looking young man with bright orange hair and brown eyes, the soccer ball now safely tucked under his arm. The second was another very tall guy with bright red hair pulled back in a pony tail, tattoos on his face and arms, his dark eyes wide and guilty looking. The last was slightly shorter than the others but only by an inch or two. His head was completely shaved, his eyes dark, and he seemed to be doing his best to hold back gales of laughter.

"Yeah I'm okay," she answered, blinking to try and keep her dizziness at bay.

"Sorry about that," the red head said apologetically. Momo shook her head and did her best to smile.

"It's really alright, don't worry about it," she replied, tearing her eyes away from the three and instead looking around for any sign of her missing folder. Baldy took a few steps forward, fixing her with a curious look.

"You don't look familiar. Who are you short stuff?" he asked, his eyes narrowing. Momo looked up at him, more than a little irked at this new nick name.

"My name's Masaki Hinamori. I'm new," she stated bluntly. The orange head nodded, a slight smirk on his face.

"Yeah we can see that. I'm Ichigo Kurosaki, this Renji Abarai and Ikkaku Madarame. Anything we can help you with?" he asked, obviously taking in her slightly lost expression. Momo hesitated, not sure whether or not to bother these guys with directions. Now that she'd lost her schedule and dorm information she wasn't exactly sure what she should do and she didn't want to go back to the welcome center and bother Kira again. Not even five minutes had passed since she'd left and already all her information had gone missing.

"Um actually my class schedule and dorm info blew away so I'm not exactly sure where I'm supposed to be headed. According to Kira I'm in Dorm 2 but I don't remem…"

"Dorm 2? So are we! Guess we'll be seeing a lot more of each other from now on," Renji commented, a grin splitting across his face. "It's that building over there." He proceeded to point to a large three story building not far from where they stood that looked every bit as spiffy as the welcome center had.

"Oh, thank you," Momo said to him, smiling up at the taller boy. Ikkaku scowled.

"You're sure the polite one aren't you? Geez you talk like a girl," he said to her, mouth splitting into a grin. Momo blanched, wondering if she was already found out.

"Shut up Ikkaku," Ichigo said, whacking the other boy in the arm. "Once you've got your head out of your ass you should go to the welcome center with him and get his back up files from Kira. Make yourself useful for once." Ikkaku glared at him, his eyes narrowing.

"Why the hell does it have to be me? Renji's the one that decked him with the ball in the first place," he countered. Momo looked from one bickering boy to the other and cautiously took a couple steps back.

"U-um, its okay really. I can get it myself. Thanks for your help though," she stammered, whirling around and scampering off in the direction of the welcome center. The boys watched her leave, Renji shooting an accusing look in Ikkaku's direction.

"I'll go," he muttered, turning and following Hinamori and leaving his two arguing friends behind him.

Momo rapidly headed back in the direction of the welcome center, knowing her face was rapidly turning a deeper shade of fuchsia with every passing second. She felt like an idiot and she knew she looked like one. Her nose was still bleeding, her clothes were grass stained, and she had leaves sticking every which way out of her hair. She had gone with her father to buy herself a new wardrobe, knowing she knew next to nothing about what boys normally wore, and somehow she had already managed to get her new clothes scuffed up.

The students at Ryouta wore school uniforms but there were always after class and weekends to consider and, considering the circumstances, there was no way any of her old clothes would work.

"Hey Hinamori, wait up!" Pausing she turned to see the red head, Renji if she remembered correctly, running towards her. Confused she waited for him to catch up, fixing him with a curious look as he fell into step beside her. "Sorry about that, I can give you a hand if you want it," he told her. She hesitated before nodding, giving the other boy a slight smile.

"Uh yeah thanks, I'd like that a lot," she answered. Renji grinned at her before laughing.

"You know Ikkaku kind of had a point; you are really polite," he said to her. Momo immediately looked away, pouting.

"Is that bad?" she asked, fixing her eyes on the ground. Renji shook his head.

"Nah, don't worry about it. Ikkaku's an ass but he's not a bad guy once you get to know him," he said to her. Momo shrugged and nodded, figuring she could decide for herself once she got to know him better. Walking up the steps she entered the welcome center for the second time that day and wasn't surprised to see Kira still sitting behind the desk, looking as bored as ever. He brightened up when they walked in though he did look more than a little confused. Then he saw the blood and jumped out of his seat, yanking a tissue from the box and hurrying over to Momo and Renji.

"Hinamori! What happened, are you okay?" he asked, giving her the tissue and watching anxiously as she tipped her head back, holding the kleenex to her nose in an attempt to stop the blood flow. Renji laughed sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head with his hand.

"Well he had a little accident. Ichigo, Ikkaku and I were playing soccer and my kick went a little wide… Anyway the ball ended up hitting him in the face and, well this is the result," he answered. Kira glared at the taller boy, crossing his arms over his chest.

"That's why we're always yelling at you guys to kick the ball around somewhere there isn't people everywhere. I swear Hisagi would have your hide if he found out," the blonde told him. Renji shrugged.

"I don't think he'd care that much. Besides what's he going to do, kick us off the team?" he asked sarcastically. Kira opened his mouth to respond, found he didn't have a decent comeback, and promptly closed it again.

"Wait, you're on the soccer team?" The two boys glanced over at Momo who had suddenly spoken up, the tissue still pressed against her nose, her head still slightly tilted. Renji nodded.

"Yeah; well I guess we don't know for sure until after try outs but we were on it last year. It's almost a given that if you're on it once you'll get on it again," he said to her. "This kid's on it too believe it or not," Renji continued, clapping Kira on the back so hard he stumbled forward a few paces.

"I'll go get you another tissue," the blond muttered, shooting Renji a glare as he headed behind the desk again. Right at that moment a breeze blew through the building as the front door opened and a man walked in, drawing Momo's eye. He was very tall with broad shoulders, wavy brown hair and dark rimmed glasses placed over mocha colored eyes. He smiled at Renji and Kira before his eyes rested on Hinamori and he paused.

"What happened here?" he asked and Momo immediately noticed how gentle and concerned his voice sounded. She couldn't help but feel her face heat up ever so slightly and she immediately dropped her gaze, suddenly finding the floor ten times more interesting than it had been before.

"Aizen!" Kira exclaimed, making his way back around the desk, tissue box in hand. He sent the man a bright smile while Renji nodded his own greeting. "There was a bit of an accident and Hinamori here ended up on the receiving end of one of Renji's power kicks," he told him. Aizen winced and fixed Renji with a half exasperated half amused look.

"Really? I thought Hisagi made it clear to the players he didn't want them kicking the ball around in the middle of campus," he said. Kira fixed Renji with a triumphant look, his eyes screaming: 'I told you so!' The red head harrumphed and shoved his hands into his pockets, avoiding the accusing glances Kira continued to send his way. Aizen shook his head before turning his gaze to Momo.

"I'm sorry this had to happen. I'm Sousuke Aizen, the English teacher here. You don't look familiar, I assume you're new?" he inquired. Hinamori nodded, suddenly wishing she didn't look as ridiculous as she did.

"Yes sir. I'm Masaki Hinamori, nice to meet you," she said to him. Aizen nodded before turning to Renji and Kira.

"Make sure you help him out if he needs it," he said to them before giving Momo a small smile and turning down the hallway, disappearing from view in a matter of moments. Shaking his head Renji turned back to Kira who was standing by with the tissue box, a smug expression on his face. Scowling the red head smacked him in the back almost causing the blonde to lose his balance for the second time.

"Get his back up files out of his folder so I can show him where the dorm is," he commanded bluntly. Kira scowled but obliged, placing the kleenex box in Momo's free hand before once more disappearing into the file cabinet.

"Here," he said once he'd unearthed the copy and reappeared above the desk. Momo, whose nose had finally stopped bleeding, took it gratefully and smiled at him.

"Thanks so much Kira. Sorry to be any trouble," she said to him. The boy shook his head.

"It's not like it was your fault. I said to come back if you needed anything and I meant it. I hope your nose feels better. Try to give Ikkaku a good whack for me," he said to her. The girl laughed and nodded before waving and heading out of the building for what she hoped would be the last time that day.


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