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Happy Easter

Casey just came home and was more than just angry at Derek.

He was supposed to pick her up at her apartment so they could drive to London together and would celebrate Easter with their family. She had been waiting for him at her apartment in Toronto for about two hours and then he gave her a short call that he could not pick her up because he had to sort something out and she should drive to London without him.

On her way here she got stuck in a traffic jam and then she reached the house and there was his car in front of the house.

"George, where is your son? I'm going to kill him." The whole family was standing in front of the door looking really awkward.

"Casey, he is your boyfriend so he is your problem now. I gave up years ago already."

"Are you sure you don't want him back? I'd give 200 Dollars." She put her back down next to the door.

"I wouldn't take him for a million dollars. He's in the garden." She went straight to the garden ready to yell and hit him.

"Derek, you're a dead…"

He walked to her and kissed her on the cheek. "Honey, I know you're really mad at me now, but I had something to sort out. How about you start searching?"

Searching? Wasn't she a little too old to search for eggs in the garden. "Derek, I'm not five years old."

He knew she would make a big drama out of it, so he turned her around and patted her backside. "Just look for them Casey!"

"Fine, but don't be surprised when some eggs hit your face." So she started looking in the entire garden. The first egg she found was red and said Casey. That was so cute. She wanted to turn around to tell him that he was forgiven but he knew that and told her to keep searching. The other eggs she found said would, you, me, marry and please. She looked up with tears in her eyes.

Derek went up to her. "Well, you found them in the wrong order. Casey, would you marry me, please? I love you. I love how you crinkle your nose when I do something wrong. I love how you've helped me through college. I love how you support me at every hockey game and cheer the loudest. I love the way you screech my name when you're mad at me. Casey, I love you, would you marry me?"

She was speechless. That was the most beautiful thing he had ever done for her. She hugged him so hard with tears in her eyes that he could hardly breath. "Yes."

Then she noticed fourteen year old Marti hopping towards her in a bunny costume with a jewellery box in her hands.

She started laughing. "Derek, she's fourteen years old. Why did you make her put a bunny costume on?"

"That wasn't Smerek's idea, it was mine. I wanted to make this occasion even more special. So what did you say?"

"I said yes." Everybody but Lizzie started cheering.

"You said yes without seeing the ring first? Case, you can be really stupid."

She picked up the jewellery box and saw the most wonderful diamond ring. Without putting it on she just kissed Derek and he picked her up and twirled her around.

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