DISCLAIMER: This story is different from the other ones I made because this is the story of the beginning of Damion's existence (Similar to the intention of my third story regarding Drake, my first OC, and how that story gives us a bit about how he began). Since this is Damion's story, this will be the origin of his existence and he has never met Drake or Kai (Drake's loyal pet and best friend… Both Drake and Kai are my first and second OCs respectively).


I don't know exactly what was going on or where I was, but I was standing in one of the circles in an unknown location. "Welcome to my domain, young one" I heard a sinister, powerful entity's voice echo through the place. "Do not be alarmed or frightened, I have created you to serve me. I have this proposition to make: if you accept the terms I am about to give you and succeed in this task, I will grant you freedom from my control. Fail, and you will cease to exist." A weird deity sitting on a hovering throne suddenly appeared in front of me as it said those words. "Deus ex Machina… Nice to meet ya." I mentioned, somewhat skeptically.

"The task I have for you to do is top secret, and you must NEVER mention it to anyone! If you tell anyone the mission I need you to do, then I will make sure you cease to exist as well. This is the only condition I have to make this deal. If you succeed, not only will I give you your freedom from this ordeal I am about to give you, but I will also grant you some of my abilities and powers upon completion and success of the task. Do you agree to the terms and the rewards if you succeed?" HE explained, glaring at me. "Tch, whatever. I'll take the job, Deus ex Machina." I retorted, confident in my capabilities. "We have a deal then. There is one more thing I should ask ya: What will you call yourself while you're existing?" he asked, this time with curiosity. "Aren't you the one who created me? You should be the one who names your creation." I shot back. "If that's the way you are, then you shall be known from this point forward as 'Damion'!" he announced to me.

"Damion, I like the sound of that name." I muttered quietly. "Now for the reason why I made you: I want you to join in this survival game against 12 other contestants. You will be known as the 13th while you are playing the game and doing battle against the other 12." "In other words, you want me to eradicate the other 12 and win?" "That's not it: I actually want you to safeguard the 1st and protect him from 10 other contestands. The 2nd has a crush on the 1st and is willing to die for him. Your job is to provide assistance to the 1st and keep him alive during the game." He told me. "I understand, but how should I handle the situation if the 1st discovers me helping him?" I asked, remembering a good point that might jeopardize my secret mission. "If he finds out that you're the 13th, then don't worry about it and just continue your job protecting him. If he or the 2nd find out that you're protecting them, then don't worry about it." Deus ex Machina informed.

"Then it's settled, you will be an official contestant of the game, but with a completely separate task!" he announced to me, wrapping up the discussion. I didn't say a word and just let the turn of events just unfold as it came.

Everything blacked out for a moment before I fell unconscious.

When I came to, I was standing up. What was weird was that I was in the center of a circular vent with 12 other people surrounding me. "I see you've awakened, 13th!" I heard a voice, recognizing the owner as the god of time, Deus ex Machina. "Now that we're all here and awake, let's get this meeting started" He began.

"What I summoned you here for is to make a proposal challenge. The victor of this game will be given the title of 'god of time' and will be given my throne. There is a catch: This game is a survival game where you all are to be pitted against each other! The rules are simple: You must seek each other out and eliminate them. There are two ways to killing them: The first is by killing the others like you normally would. The second…" He tossed 13 cell phones to each of us, one cell phone per person. "… is to destroy the owner's diary." He explained. "In other words, you want the 13 of us to seek each other out and kill each other. The one that's left standing in this demented game will be given the title and powers of 'god of time'?" I assumed. "You are correct, 13th. That is the gist and simplest explanation for this meeting. Good luck to you all, and farewell!" He announced before giving me a glance.

"13th, I have a separate task for you before you can begin this game." He told me before appearing in front of me. he whispered in my ear, "The 1st is actually a student in the school I'm about to enroll you in who likes to type what happens around him into his cell phone. His name is Yukkiteru. Seek him out and protect him from the other 11 contestants." I understood my assignment perfectly and gave the god of time the 'thumbs up' gesture. "No problem, just protect this 'Yukkiteru' and help him win this twisted game of survival." I told him before asking, "Out of all the contestants, why the 1st?" "Let's just say that I am placing my bets on him to be my successor after this game, and I want to see to it that he gets the opportunity to be the one who will take my place…" "So, you're dying and need a replacement?" I assumed. "I'm afraid that you are correct about that, but I don't have that much longer before I perish…" he replied sadly before adding, "Even gods have rules they need to follow. I can't just give up my position like that. In order for me to do so, I must host a survival game and the victor will take my place. It's just the way that gods handle things. If I just give up my position to anyone, then I'd be jeopardizing the future, that's why I needed to host this game." "I understand. I'll protect this 'Yukkiteru' until the end of this game. Rest assured that I will complete this 'contract' and make you proud." I told him proudly.


(P.S. I know it's short, but I'm kind of eager to get this story started…)