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~~ Location: Void ~~

Adrift in a void of nothingness was a young man. He's been through so much since his creation at the hands of a certain god. He made friends, but they were also enemies in a 'game' he was forced to play. This game was a survival game, in many ways. However, the worst thing he went through… was the most recent incident; murdering his enemies, that were also his best friends at the time, by backstabbing them upon learning the outcomes of each player's choices if they won this 'game'.

The game was mentally, spiritually, psychologically, and physically demanding, yet simple at the same time; kill your unknown enemies who carry diaries that tell a specific type of future.

This young man, however, had the diary of protection. Ironic, that the last entry in his future diary was:

"XX:XX PM: because of what I learned as the outcome to the 'game' I was created to be part of, I was forced to backstab my closest friends to stop this 'game' from repeating. Should this 'game' repeat any number of times further, the world would collapse and implode in the next cycle…

The 'cycle' refers to going back in time to restart the tournament all over again. Someone did this twice, and caused the time-space continuum to become unstable from repeated travels back in time to participate in this 'game' and change the outcome for the first winner. Sadly, I was terrified at learning WHO that first winner was, and why that person wanted to repeat the 'game' over and over again…

It's a shame that my time with these people had to come to an end so abruptly in the last segment of this terrible 'game'. Honestly, Deus was an asshole; creating me to be the trump card in stopping that person from causing my home world from imploding in itself was the worst reason for my creation. If I was created to fight a war, then I would've gladly fought. However, Deus did not tell me the real reason he created me. If I see him again, I'll be sure to get answers that I need… no, which I DESERVE…

On the bright side, I won this 'game', yet I am not happy about winning. As said before, I murdered my closest friends, and enemies in the game after backstabbing them when I learned part of the truth. Was it because of desperation to survive that I backstabbed my friends? Was it because I felt obligated to act on Deus's behalf? I didn't understand why I killed them by destroying their diaries, but I am feeling an infinite amount of regret and guilt for this…

I won… and I should be happy, right? No, I'm sad and upset over learning the truth and what I did out of desperation. Shit really hit the fan when moments before I did my friends in.

I can't take this anymore; I can't bear this guilt, but I can't just give up and kill myself. If anything, this 'game' has taught me to stand up for myself and avoid feelings of attachment to anyone I get close to. I almost fell in love with one of the friends I made, but… that was just one of many reasons for my infinite regret and guilt.

It pains me to have to write this in a diary of protection, but I failed my purpose and lost too much just moments ago. Deus Ex Machina… I have come to hate you so damn much for making me go through all this just for your grand gambit to combat your 'successor' from the first cycle. Using me as a throwaway pawn to get at that person is just despicable; why couldn't you have eliminated that person before starting this cycle? If you had done that, there would've been no need to create and use me for your game.

Damn it all! I'm losing my sanity as I write this, and insanity is creeping upon me with each word I write in this diary.

I better get to the point; I hate you so much, Deus Ex Machina. You KNEW I was bound to suffer, and yet you said nothing but praise and encouragement to continue your fucking game. Things would've been better if you did your damn job properly and saw that person removing their 'past' self from this cycle to use the latest cycle to their advantage and change history once again.

Still, I'm worried about what happened to my 'home' world after it imploded upon itself from the time-space distortions that were popping up so suddenly in the last stages of the damned 'game'.

Still, I need to survive, and I need to live on with my own ideals. I've changed from your average person that was created by a god, to a person who looks out for number one.

Still, that child-like diary holder that I decided to look out for after the mass murdering of the monks at her temple… something in me wanted to protect her simply because she was a child. To my regret, she, too, was murdered by me at the last second.

Gasai Yuno… Yukiteru Amano… Forgive me for what I did to you two, but I couldn't tell you what I learned from Deus, or he would've destroyed my guardian diary. I'm so sorry I had to do that to you, but I wasn't left with any choice.

Still, killing people was fun to some degree. As much as I hated it, it was a LITTLE fun. It would've been better to control the killed like the evil mages do in magic fantasy stories I read about.

Shit… I'm starting to lose my mind and writing out this desire of mine in my last entry.

My time spent in this world was fun, but the truth ruined the happiness I had with my friends. Upon killing the last contestants, my enemies and friends, Deus warped me to this strange place of nothingness. It would be best described as a 'void' that supposedly has absolutely nothing in it.

Now… it's time for me to confront and settle the score with Deus Ex Machina… for putting me through so much fucking hell. I don't care that Deus is a god, I'm going to give him a whole hell load of my mind. If possible, I'm going to murder that god and take his place. Deus Ex Machina… I swear, you're my next victim!

It's ironic that the 'guardian diary' holder had this fate, and now he's about to get revenge on his creator.

"I know you despise me, and wish for my death, but you need to know that even I had limits as to what I could do" Deus said to his creation as though cornered and ready to meet his demise.

"The almighty god of time and space… some god you turned out to be. You can't even catch a huge mistake or problem with your 'game' without resorting to creating a scapegoat. I once respected you, Deus… but now that I learned the truth, you can't escape me" Damion, the young man, threatened the god of time and space.

Deus Ex Machina, the ringleader of the survival game, now has to come clean with his own creation.

"There's nothing for me to hide now. My life is nearing its end; ironic for a god of time and space. Since my time left is short, I'll come clean and compromise to the best of my limited ability left" Deus stated calmly.

"Don't you spout that bullshit about 'compromising'. There's no way I'm EVER forgiving you for putting me through that hell, for coercing me to murder the close friends I made. There's no fucking way you would be able to understand what it's like to be mortal and fear death. How can you bullshit about your life coming to an end? Just turn your fucking clock backwards many years!" Damion shouted angrily.

"I wish I could, but… if I did, my memories would've also been undone along with the time I spent watching over you and your friends" Deus explained.


"Even gods are limited in power; I needed a successor to take my place so that I can pass on to the afterlife in peace. The 'game' was merely a way for me to find a person who would use my power wisely"

"So you created me to be your 'successor'? Bullshit! I won't be like you!"

"I never wanted you to be like me, Damion; I purposely created you to be flexible and able to become whatever type of person you wanted to be"

"Then tell me… why did you make me backstab my friends? Make me do something you KNEW was going to make me go insane and traumatize me?"

"… It's because I saw one future that MUST be avoided. If I told you about that future, you would've done everything to change it and fail"

"What future could possibly be so bad that made you force me to kill my friends?"

Damion and Deus were a few feet apart, but they were close enough for the former to rush at any time to strike the latter.

"It's the future of friendship of all of you. That future, as nice as it sounds… will instantly end all life"

"How… how does a future of friendship with my friends end all life?"

"It is hard to explain… but something down that future causes a time-space paradox. It was you… from the future that came to kill your past self immediately after the 'game' came to an end with you and your friends as winners"

"Bullshit! There would be no reason for that to happen, much less a future 'me' trying to kill myself from the past! Quit fucking around, you FAKE god!" Damion yelled at the dying god.

"I told you before; I am coming clean with you. I also found out why your future self tried to kill the 'you' in that future; it was further down that future that your friends caused an Armageddon to happen, and he was trying to avoid that by ending his past self's life. Essentially wiping himself, and that Armageddon, from the history of time" Deus explained.

"Don't fuck around! My friends… I trusted them, and they trusted me; we had each other's backs. Are you implying that they back-stabbed ME!"

"Unfortunately, that is EXACTLY what happened in that future. They found out you were my creation, and used their 'prize' to end all life. Why they did that was probably out of being deceived and cheated"

"'Probably' isn't going to cut it for me; you BETTER be telling me the FACTS"

"I am, and that's why I made you do it; so that you, my only creation, wouldn't have to be betrayed by the ones you risked your life to protect"

"Fuck that, they wouldn't turn their backs to someone that protected them!"


Deus's sudden outburst made his creation flinch.

"You've suffered enough in that 'game', and I'm willing to compensate further. Why do you think I brought you to my personal void of nothingness?"

Upon hearing that, Damion stopped his rage to ponder the question.

Why would the god of time and space bring the winner, his creation, to a void?

"It's because the future of killing your friends would end the existence of the world, and ending all bad futures from happening" Deus answered.

"What the fuck…? THAT'S YOUR ANSWER! Just create another fucking world identical to the one you were in, and start anew instead!"

"I CAN'T JUST CREATE WORLDS AS I PLEASE! I'm limited to govern one world and one world only! Even gods have rules to follow, or they'll be wiped from existence!"

Another outburst made Damion flinch. This was something even he did not expect to hear from a god.

"If I could, I would've stopped myself from creating this game to find a successor, but the laws of this universe required the 'game' to happen; every world has events that MUST transpire in order to maintain stability"

"The fuck… 'worlds', stability, laws of this universe… THE FUCK ARE YOU TRYING TO PULL!"


Once again, the god's outburst made his creation stop.

"I'm offering you the chance to leave this universe to other ones, along with a wish granted that's within my limited abilities left. Why won't you understand this? I'm telling you about the laws of universes to prepare you for your travels into other worlds. In EVERY universe and world, there are MC type characters that are crucial to the events of each world" Deus explained to him.

"MC type?"

"Important beings in worlds that are necessary to make changes required to maintain stability, and change history that the universes and worlds need changing. They are not that hard to find if you do your research into the worlds you're about to go into"

"Seriously? I have to find, protect, and guard these 'MC' type people?" Damion asked rather hesitantly.

"It's better than returning to a world that doesn't exist anymore. Besides, I'm also offering partial immortality by having 'Death' hold onto your soul for as long as you work for him"

"Wha… immortality?"

"It's the least I can do for my own creation, and for having put you through too much in such a short time"

"Tch… you bastard. All I wanted was to have my friends back"

"Remember what I told you about the future of friendship?"

Damion flinched at the reminder.

"This is also the reason why I'm saying you must put them behind you and forget about them"

The young man lowered his head sadly. Tears were flowing how his face upon being told to do something he didn't want to do, which was to forget his friends.

"Fucking… ass hole! I can't forget them… not after all we went through together"

"You MUST forget them if you want to live a bright future without regret and sadness"

"… Fine… but you better be right about your promise. There's no way I'll EVER forgive you for what you put me through. Just remember that!" Damion shouted at the dying god.

"Very well. I shall now pass you over to… death. From here on, live life the best you can. The future… is yours to make of however you please" Deus told his creation before opening a time-space rift near the young man.

"The prize I want… is the power of necromancy"

"That is something my friend, Death, will be able to provide you with. Just tell him it's my I.O.U."

Damion, begrudgingly, nodded in acknowledgement before turning to the time-space rift.

"I still fucking hate you, Deus Ex Machina. If I could, I would've murdered you before leaving to get revenge, but… I now see the REAL truth. You were indeed… a fucking ass hole to the bitter end. I HATE YOU!" the young man shouted, flipped off the god of time and space, then entered the rift.

The rift closed behind him, and Deus was beginning to fade away from this universe's existence.

"Despite all that happened, I shall live on in him, watching over him from the heavens of the gods. Funny, as this feeling resembles that of parenthood that mankind and other animals feel, which should be taboo for gods to humans" Deus thought to himself as he faded.

When he thought those things, his existence disappeared completely, without a trace except for the memories within the other gods of other universes, and in his creation.

~~ Location: Realm of Death ~~

Damion has just entered this realm from the time-space rift opened by his now former creator. The rift closed behind him.

"You must be Deus's creation, Damion" a ghostly voice echoed through the realm.

"Th-th-the hell?"

"Fear not, as I heard everything; it is the power to control the dead, and cash in Deus's I.O.U. in his place, that he sent you here for"

At this point, a robed skeleton holding a large scythe appeared in front of the young man.

"WHOAH!" Damion yelped in surprise.

"Easy… I'm just going to 'hold onto' your soul and grant a temporary immortality for as long as I hold your soul" the entity called 'death' said with a deathly chuckle.

The entity quickly thrust its bony hand at the young man. Its hand literally went inside the young man's body, and pulled out what looked like a white phantom-like object.

"Wh-what the hell is that!" Damion asked him, frightened.

"Your soul is what I pulled out of you. Besides, you won't need it for necromancy!"


"Necromancers give up their souls to obtain their power through a contract with a shinigami or grim reaper. Since I am the actual entity called 'death', I can bypass this contract because of Deus's I.O.U. with me"

"Necromancy… contract…?"

"Well, you only need to serve me and the other 'me's of other worlds and universes as long as I hold your soul; that's really the only stipulation you need to follow to get your necromancer powers. Do you agree to this stipulation?" Death asked him, grinning a little.

"What do you mean by 'bypassing' a contract?"

"Simple agreement to be a shikigami of a shinigami by making regular offerings to their owner. The offerings range from blood, to human lives taken. I'm merely asking for only loyalty to help keep worlds' stabilities. It's not a contract if the shinigami or reaper doesn't make the human or humanoids into shikigami; I'm making you my right-hand man"

"Agreed" was Damion's answer.


From then on, Damion was the servant of Death. He was pounded the knowledge, and given the 'catalyst' to obtain the power needed to perform necromancy. He lost his friends, his life (from his home world), his creator, and almost everything he knew. Despite all the losses, he was compensated equally.

Death was now his new master, and he sends Damion to worlds to restore stability. How he does that depended on the world's events and 'MC' type people's stories. He was warned about a young man that he eventually needed to watch over until his 'demise' in a certain world he'll eventually end up in.

The future of his was grim, so to say, but it was one he could make as he saw fit as needed.


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