Chapter One: 13th January 2008

"You're almost there Piper!" Phoebe called to her elder sister, as Piper grasped Phoebe's hand tightly, sweat pouring down her face.

"One more push honey and you're done!" Leo smiled at his wife, lying on the hospital bed, giving birth to their third child.

Piper looked up at her two sisters and her beloved husband, she took in a rasping breath and summoned up the energy for one, last push.

"You did it Piper!" Paige said, smiling as she stroked her sister's forehead. The doctor, lifted the baby from the bed, and handed the newborn to her mother. Piper's arms went around the small body of her baby girl, her expression one of wonderment.

"Look what we did honey," Leo said from beside Piper as he gazed at his daughter, "look at the beautiful piece of life we've created."

"Prudence Melinda." Piper whispered to her daughter. "Your name, my beautiful baby girl, is Prudence Melinda Halliwell."

Tears sprung to Phoebe's eyes at the mention of the name of their lost sister, Paige wrapped her arm around Phoebe's waist, knowing that she would be missing her eldest sister.

"She should be here Paige." Phoebe said, her tears a mixture of gratitude for her new niece, and of sadness for the absence of her sister. "Prue should be here for this moment."

"You're right Pheebs, she should be here." Paige replied, wiping her sister's tears away with her fingertips. "But right now, it is time to welcome our niece into our family and hearts."

"Piper?" A voice called from the door to the hospital room. "Piper?" Victor stood in the doorway, five year old Wyatt on one side of him, and four year old Chris on the other side. Behind them stood Coop and Henry. The room became rather crowded as the entire family piled in to welcome the newest member of the Halliwell clan.

A whitelighter hovered, surrounded by pearly white and blue orbs, attempting to sense her lost charge. Opening her eyes, the whitelighter smiled, and orbed out to save yet another innocent in danger.

The whitelighter took in her surroundings; a blonde witch was fighting two lower-level demons using telekinesis. In fact, it seemed the young witch had the situation pretty much down pat. The whitelighter shrugged, she didn't mind fighting an extra demon or two.

Holding up her hands the whitelighter matched the blonde's telekinetic powers with her own. The blonde witch turned and looked at the whitelighter in surprise, shrugged and resumed fighting. Within thirty seconds, both demons had gone up in flames.

The blonde witch turned to the whitelighter, "um thanks I suppose." She said, "but I thought the elders had given up on sending whitelighter's to help me. Besides, I was doing fine with the scavenger demons."

The whitelighter shrugged. "I don't know, I got a call from you saying you needed help, but it didn't really look like you needed it."

"Yeah, that's what my other whitelighter said when she first came to me, that I called to her for help or something, which I didn't. Then again, I ended up needing her help a lot more than I thought." The blonde turned away, and hurriedly wiped the tears from her eyes. "I'm Billie by the way, Billie Jenkins." She held her hand out to the whitelighter.

The whitelighter grasped Billie's hand, "Hi," she began. "I'm P-" Before the whitelighter could finish her sentence, she orbed out struggling in a flash of white and blue.

Far up in the haven of the elders, the whitelighter looked to the elders in frustration. "Why did you orb me out? I was talking to the charge you assigned me!"

The elders looked down at the whitelighter. "We could not let you tell Billie your identity. It was not the right time."

The whitelighter looked up at the elders in confusion, this was her seventh year of being a whitelighter, and never had they forbidden her from revealing her name to her charges.

"Why?" The whitelighter protested. "Why couldn't I tell her my name?"

The elders exchanged a glance, Odin, the senior elder looked down to the whitelighter.

"Do you know where you and Billie were, before we withdrew you from the scene?"

The whitelighter shrugged. "Another city, an alley way somewhere… but so what?"

"You were in San Francisco." Odin said, with cold flat eyes.

"What?" The whitelighter said. "San Francisco…" She drifted off. "I haven't been there since, well, since I was alive, since I was with my sisters." The whitelighter looked up at the elders, determined to get an explanation.

"It is time Prue." The elder Sandra said. "The third child has been born, the awakening has begun."

The whitelighter struggled to comprehend the elder's words. "Wait, the third child, who are they? What is the awakening?"

"Prue, we have kept you in the dark about your sister's to help you move forward, but times have changed, and now the greater good must prevail. It is time to join your sisters once more, Prue. It is time to fulfil your new destiny."

And with that, Prue was once again orbed away from her surroundings, as she tried to get her head around what was about to happen.

Billie walked to work hurriedly, her brain trying to piece together what had just happened. She pushed open the door to P3 and stepped behind the bar to begin serving customers, but her mind was elsewhere.

Who was that whitelighter? Why did she look so familiar? What was her name?

The sound of a ringing phone interrupted Billie's thoughts, she scrambled for the phone under the counter, she lifted the receiver, her arm knocking over an old photo frame sitting under the counter. Billie's jaw fell open as she caught sight of the picture and the pieces of the puzzle slid into place.

"Call. Back. Later." Billie mumbled into the phone, before picking up the photo frame, grabbing her bag and running from the club.

In her hand she held the photo of the original Charmed One's, of Piper, Phoebe and their long lost sister Prue.

The words from the whitelighter echoed through her head "Hi I'm P-" Billie swallowed nervously as she slid behind the wheel of her car. "Prue," she said to herself. The whitelighter's name was Prue.

Billie leaped out of her car, and raced through the front door of the manor. "Guys where are you?" She called frantically.

Billie skidded into the living room were the whole family was crowded around Piper and her new baby.

"Hey Billie," Phoebe sad smiling. "Come and meet Prudence Melinda Halliwell."

Billie looked at the happy family. "I need to talk to all of you. I met someone today, someone none of you have seen in a very long time."