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I, Annie Lupin, was seventeen years old and in my last year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. My twin brother Remus Lupin, our group of friends which consisted of James Potter, his girlfriend Lily Evans, Sirius Black, who was very gay and would never, ever admit to it. Oh, and this really creepy tag-a-long kid, Peter Pettigrew. We spent our days pranking the Slytherins (And getting detention for it), getting good grades(we did not cheat, I swear) and having an overall fun life. We made fun of Voldie-Warts(which did not amuse Remus in any since. Or Lily. Or any of our professors), we mourned our losses(James' parents were some of the best to fall) and fought secretly when we could(And got caught a few times. That was bad).

I had always thought myself lucky to have been left alone when my brother was attacked by Greyback. I mean, looking back, we should have had more sense than to go to a Halloween party on a full moon. But I won't get into that, it still hurts to think about it.

We sat in the common room, smiles on our faces as Sirius jokingly gave my brother a lap dance, much to Remus' disgust. I saw my twin's pleading look and changed the subject. "Hey, did you guys see that blonde guy with the weird tattoos on his face earlier? It looked like he was looking our way." Sirius finally stopped molesting my brother and turned to me. We had all heard of Marked Vampyres, but they were so rare in the Wizarding world, and they seemed to drop out of existence, their families ashamed.

He smirked. "Don't tell me you didn't notice, when he was talking to McGonagall, that he gestured to you and looked dead at you like five times.

I rolled my eyes. Whatever. "Fine. I won't tell you. And how do you know, Mr. I-Like-My-Closet-Too-Much-To-Come-Out, that he wasn't staring or pointing at one of you lot?"

The others all burst out laughing as Sirius, once again, insisted that he was very straight, thank you very much. Then Professor McGonagall walked in, and the joking atmosphere vanished with what she said. "Annie Lupin, this is Professor Dragon Lankford from the House of Night in London. He says that he has something to tell you about your life after graduation. Good evening to you all." She nodded at all of us and left the room.

It clicked then, Sirius had been partially right. This Dragon person was here for me. But it wasn't bad, I was just going to get Marked. I took Dragon Lankford in. He was about Five foot Seven inches, naturally, like everyone else on the freakin' planet Earth was, taller than my Five foot One inch frame. It was going to be the death of me, this shortness I had been cursed with.(A/N: Yes, I am really that short. Not fun when all but one of your friends are taller than you.*smiles and waves at K-Chan "innocently"*) he had dirty blond hair pulled back in a pony tail and had a sapphire tattoo that was composed of a filled-in crescent moon and two dragons winding down his face. Freaky, much?

He cleared his throat and my attention, along with my twin's and my friends' attention, was completely focused on him. "I'm not sure where to begin. We usually explain what goes on in the House of Night after a fledgling had been Marked, not before. But, I shall do my best. Annie, isn't it?" I nodded, thinking that this Dragon bloke couldn't be too bad if he wasn't trying to eat anyone yet. "Well, Annie, here's the thing, at the House of Night, we have flopped days. Our days are nights to humans, our nights their days. We have to drink blood, or we'll lose our minds and die from what might be considered a type of starvation. We hold rituals for our Goddess, Nyx, twice a week in the temple. We thank her for what she has blessed us with. There is, however, a slim chance that you, like some other fledglings, won't complete the change. You'll die and you won't come back. But I'm sure you will, you seem special." He smiled at me and I blushed. Was he telling the truth? Could I actually be considered special after so many years of just having my needs placed second next to my werewolf brother's? And I knew that being even a little resentful towards Remus was wrong, especially since he didn't ask for it. But our dad did little except give Remus whatever he wanted or needed without a second glance at me. Our step-mother, Sarah, was the person who had taken care of me during the full moon. My connection with Remus was a twin-telepathy type thing, but different. We could feel each other, where the other was at, if they were hurt and what they were saying was heard, along with others around them, and what they were doing was felt. Thankfully, we were both virgins, because that would have been awkward. But it was different on the full moon; he had painful transformations into a werewolf, and I had insomnia attacks when he was running around as a wolf. But I'd take the no sleep thing next to the pain I would have normally felt. My dad was going to freak. He never wanted his other child to become an outcast, and he was mega-conservative Christian, so my new worshipping of a goddess would most likely give him a heart attack.

I smiled back and nodded. "Okay, so I'm going to be Marked after graduation?" A nod. "Cool, so what do I need to bring with me? I mean, should I leave anything behind, or can I just take anything with me?"

My brother, along with Lily and James, rolled his eyes, but Sirius looked upset. I was his shopping buddy, because everyone else thought that he was ridiculously picky about fashion. Please, like you could be too picky about fashion. Peter, creepy freak that he was, looked ready to say he was my boyfriend. Um, please. Just please(Can't take credit for that, got the line from HON) , enough with the stupid kid trying to score out of his league.

Dragon himself chuckled. "You can bring whatever your heart desires, my lady." Holy crap, did he just call me his lady? Dear goddess, I think I might swoon. I didn't want to look like a fool, however, so I settled for blushing(again) and nodding shyly. He stood up. "If one of you would escort me to the boy's dormitory, I need to call my High Priestess and inform her that you have agreed and will be Marked approximately three days after graduation." I stood and led him to the boy's staircase and to Remus' dorm room that he shared with James, Sirius and Perv-I mean, Peter. I warned him that Peter might try to hurt him if he slept, and to be careful. "Do not worry, my lady, I am awake when he is asleep, so if he tries anything, he will only meet a warrior ready to fight. Is he the one you date?"

I burst out laughing and felt tears roll down my face as I sank down on the staircase. "Good Goddess no. I wouldn't date Peter if my life depended on it, I won't even be alone with him, he creeps me out big time. And I meant during the day, while you are asleep. Be careful, okay, you seem like a nice guy, and it would be a shame for you to be offed by some jealous creeper."

He held out his hand to help me off of the floor. "Once again, do not fear for me. I am leaving tonight, under a cloaking spell that only another Marked Vampyre can detect. Do not fear for me, Annie, I am safe."

I nodded, realizing that arguing was pointless because Dragon was, as most men are, extremely stubborn. But then another, less pleasant, thought registered in my brain. Apart form rolling his eyes at my questions about taking my stuff, he hadn't talked or showed much emotion at all, really. He normally would have been firing off a million questions at a time because, werewolf or not, the Vampyre's way of life had always fascinated and intrigued him. So, before I could stop my self, I blurted out, "Dragon, can you read minds?"

"Some, why?" He faced me curiously.

"I think something's wrong with my brother. He was too quiet. He should have been asking you so many questions you would have to tell him to slow the hell down before he causes someone to blow a circuit. Did you pick up on something?"

"Nothing. The red haired girl was thinking that he was too quiet as well. And the darker haired boy seemed upset about losing his fellow "shopping slut". Your Priestess mentioned nothing like that when she told me about you." He had one eyebrow raised at me, his deep blue eyes amused. Whoa, whoa, whoa, Annie, back up. You remember your last dating disaster, and this guy is off limits, he's going to be your teacher! I mentally screamed at myself.

"Not something she'd be likely to inform you of, but yeah, it's true. We have shopping problems. We actually live on it, and we're actually thinking about starting a new breed of humans that lives off of fashion and shopping, but we need an outside opinion. So, what do you think of that?" He laughed again, which made me smile to myself. At least he understood sarcasm. Okay, I have been a little too heavy on the sarcasm, but, yeah, it might actually be possible. We got to the door and I pointed him in and went back downstairs, all the while thinking that things were never going to be the same.