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This has got to be the most boring party Kory's ever been to. No, wait. There was that time Galfore decided to throw Komy a surprise birthday party. He and Kory had waited at the dining room table for two hours before Galfore finally realized that she wasn't gonna show up. That time was worse, but this one is definitely a close second. The music is boring. The people are boring. The only good thing is the food and that only lasts until you're full. You'd think someone like Bruce Wayne would know how to throw a party. Go figure.

Unable to take it anymore, Kory excused herself from Galfore and wondered out onto the balcony. At least the stars are nicer this far from town, Kory thought as she rested her arms on the rail.

"Oh my gosh! Please, don't jump! I know this party sucks, but a beautiful girl like you has so much more to live for!"

Kory turned around to see the most gorgeous guy on the face of the planet. Spiky black hair, deep blue eyes, a cocky grin… Kory had to remind herself that guys like this practically screamed heartbreak; and she's had enough of that to last her a lifetime. Then again, talking to him couldn't hurt, right?

"Well, you're hilarious," Kory responded.

His grin grew. "I'm Dick Grayson," he said holding out his hand.

"Kory Anders," she replied shaking it.

"Ah, so you are related to that pro-wrestler-looking guy in there."

"He's my uncle," Kory said laughing.

"Well, I saw you come out here and figured I'd try and save you from boredom," Dick said coolly.

"My hero," Kory responded sarcastically.

"What can I say. I'm a heroic kind of guy."

"Kory, there you are!" Galfore yelled, popping out of no where. "Excuse me, Mr. Grayson, but I'd rather my niece stay away from young men with your reputation," he said glaring at Dick as he grabbed Kory's arm and dragged her back into the ballroom.

Once again, Kory was forced to follow Galfore around the room while he spoke with various business owners. She sighed, realizing that Dick had probably found some other girl to flirt with by now. Looking around the room, Kory tried to catch a glimpse of her "replacement," but found that Dick wasn't even in the room, anymore. Then, she spotted him standing by a door that led to the rest of Wayne Manor. Dick mouthed the words "come here" and then motioned for her to follow him before disappearing through the doorway.

"Um, I'm gonna go to the restroom, Uncle Galfore," Kory said before crossing the ballroom.

Dick took her hand as she walked through the door. "Shhh," he said before leading her through the mansion; although, not up the stairs, much to Kory's relief. They finally stopped in a huge kitchen with wooden cabinets, dark blue counter tops, and a matching dark blue island in the center. Dick pulled out a stool for Kory at the island and then walked over to the freezer.

"Do you like strawberry ice cream?" he asked Kory as he opened the freezer door.

"Yeah," she answered. "It's my favorite."

"Mine, too," Dick said as he pulled out a carton of ice cream and went to the cabinet to get bowls and spoons. "All the guys in kindergarten would make fun of me for being the only boy with a pink ice cream cone."

"Aw, you poor baby," Kory cooed as she watched him scoop the ice cream.

Dick chuckled. "Sooo, your uncle was nice," he said as he set a bowl of ice cream in front of Kory and took a seat next to her with his own bowl.

"Sorry about that," Kory answered while spooning a bite of ice cream. "I didn't think he'd be so overprotective since my sister is out there flirting shamelessly with every billionaire in sight. It must be because I'm the youngest."

"Probably," he said. "I was wondering, though. Would you, maybe, wanna g-."

"Just a sec," Kory said when her cell phone started vibrating.

"Kory, we're leaving. Where are you?" Galfore asked when she answered.

"Sorry, Uncle Galfore. I… couldn't find the restroom. I'll be right there," Kory said before hanging up. She stood up from her seat and started walking towards the door. "See you around, Grayson," she called over her shoulder before disappearing through the door.

"Bye, Kory," Dick said, mostly to himself.

A moment later, Alfred walked into the kitchen. "Well, Master Richard, I must say that I was quite surprised to see that you brought Miss Anders to this room instead of your own."

"I don't think Kory and I are ready for that yet, Alfred," Dick replied as he stood up.

"I see," Alfred said. "And you were 'ready' with all of the previous women… or is Miss Anders something more?"

Dick shrugged and Alfred smiled knowingly. Then, with a more stern look, Alfred glance at Dick and then at the now empty bowls of ice cream. Rolling his eyes, Dick grabbed the two bowls and headed over to the sink to wash them; all the while thinking about how nothing got passed Alfred.

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