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More than Just Flirting

Part Two: Tangled Thread

Roy's POV

We both knew how to play this game.

I could tell.

I could tell that while she might not sleep around the way I do, she wasn't innocent. Not with the way her eyes teased and her hips swayed as she walked.

I could tell by the way she eyed my biceps as I took off my jacket and asked her where she wanted me – because it was the same way I eyed her legs in those skin tight jeans.

I could tell when my flirting was met with punches in the arm that she knew exactly what kind of guy I am. The kind that gets what he wants and leaves. The kind that doesn't look back.

I could tell that even though I headlined as a lady killer, she could probably kill me just as well as I could kill her.

I could tell that already knowing the end to our little game bored her. She screamed spontaneity – not the buy-me-flowers type, but the kiss-me-in-the-rain type: all passion, no brakes, and messy. Hot, but messy. The kind of messy that left a flaming crater of drama and awkwardness in its wake.

I could tell from the way she pulled up her loose top as she leaned over to thread my eyebrows that while we both knew how to play this game, we wouldn't.

Not when both of us were friends with Gar – sweet, innocent Gar who would hate to see his friends suddenly avoiding each other in the aftermath.

This wasn't a game you played in mutual circles, anyway.

So we'd play something else.

We'd be friends.

The kind that wanted to fog up my car windows.

And the kind that wouldn't.

Author's Note:

Well, this scene didn't turn out the way I expected. I kind of feel like I watched six videos on how to thread eyebrows for nothing. XD But after five drafts, I feel like Roy finally decided to write himself. He also decided there should be a part three (because this was getting too long again).

Which is good. And bad.

Good because I've already started working on it.

Bad because it's throwing off my writing schedule a bit. And I was behind in that already… (RL has no mercy on writers.)

I hate, hate, hate letting you down, but I'm still trying to get the hang of this, so I think I need to change the update date.

June 30th I'll post part three. And by then I should be able to give you a definite date for Dick and Kory's new chapter.

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