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Sam noticed Dean and Castiel share a small, almost sly, smile and then Dean lowered his head to look down at Lillith again. "Don't you wonder if an angel of the lord bleeds like everything else does?" He let his grip on Lillith slacken and let her close the gap on Castiel. "Why don't we find out?"

He stepped to the side and raised the knife as Castiel raised his arm, apparently in defence, and Dean punched into it breaking the skin of the angel's host. The blood ran down the blade of the knife, slowly pooling at the hilt and Dean pulled it out and chuckled softly. "Well what do you know. It's red too. Though it would be blue at least, heavenly royalty and all that."

Lillith laughed and reached for his face but paused at the look on it.

Dean's next movement was quick, he gripped Lillith's hair and dragged her back to him, the hate showing now on his face. "What I really want to see though is what angel blood will do to something like you." He raised the knife and plunged it into her neck then threw her forward onto the floor.

She rolled and started to choke. "What are you doing?"

"What I promised." He knelt down beside her and raised the knife again. Realisation dawned on her face as she looked up at him. "Winchester!" She spat the word at him.

"That's me. Just me." Lifting the knife clear of his head he plunged it down only for someone to stop him part of the way there. He lifted his face to look into that of his brother's.

"Ruby." Sam only said the one word and then he pulled the knife and his brother's hand down and sliced through the binding link on Lillith's arm. Raising his arm quickly he summoned every single piece of strength that he had left and yanked Ruby free, panic driving him, letting the smoke drift idly in the room. Dean pushed him off and lent through the blackness bringing the knife down and through the heart of the body beneath him, twisting it as he did.

Lillith gave a jerk and stared at him open-eyed. "Dean." His name slipped past her lips as the angel knelt beside her and touched her head. A small cry escaped her and then she jerked again and lay still.

Everything seemed to stand still for a moment and then Robert stepped forward and took Dean's arm helping him to his feet. "Are you ok? Nice feint there, you had me going for just a little minute there Dean but then I realised that I knew it was you, I could feel it."

It dawned on Sam then that that was what had been wrong when his brother had stepped into the room; he hadn't felt the tingle that usually heralded Alastair's presence.

Robert hovered near the body on the floor. "Is she…are they dead?"

"Don't know. Don't care." Dean shot his brother a fleeting glance. "Ruby's out somewhere thanks to lover boy here and Lillith? Lillith's a maybe but I think it's more likely that we've just sent her somewhere real bad for awhile."

"Yes." Castiel confirmed Dean's thoughts. "Not dead, wounded and banished….for now. She will be after revenge when she has healed. She'll come for us."

"Let her try." Dean bent and put his hands on his knees, trying to fight the tiredness in him. Castiel went to him but he waved him away. "I'm good."

Robert cast a look to both men. "So are we leaving now before she gets back or Alastair really gets here? Can you dispatch him too with that neat little angel blood and demon-slaying knife combo?"

"No idea." Dean went to bend down to retrieve the knife from the floor, swaying slightly as he did. Robert stopped him and took the knife from the floor, turning it over in his hand as he did. "What is it that makes this so special anyway?"

"Again, no idea, but it works so I'm not complaining." Dean took it back from him and tucked it back into his back waistband.

"Yeah and we have it thanks to Ruby. I'm able to do what I do…thanks to Ruby. Nice way you were about to repay her back." Sam locked eyes with his brother, his anger bubbling below the surface.

Dean however, didn't want to fight, he just didn't have the energy to spare. That didn't mean though that he was about to let his brother off for now without a little payback. He walked up to Sam. "Sorry, didn't have a choice." He paused to let the words and the tone sting a little. "Besides she's your hell buddy, not mine." He turned back to Robert. ""I don't think that the knife will get rid of Alastair though, even with the angel blood…he's different from the others." Robert went to speak and Dean held up a hand and pre-empted his question. "I don't know how, he just is."

Sam went to say something and stopped, huffed, grabbed up his bag and stormed out the door.

Dean sighed and Robert moved over to him. "You." He stuck a finger in Dean's chest. "Need to rest."

"I'm fine." Dean didn't want to admit that he felt anything but fine even though he knew that Robert could feel.

"No, you're not. I've seen ghosts with better colour and as for what I'm feeling…I'm surprised that your still standing."

"Yeah, well I'm tougher than I look. Let's just get out of here and then we can see to me." Dean grabbed the few things that were lying around and shoved them in to the bag on the table.

Robert paused for a moment. "Why didn't you tell him? He's mad at you for no reason now."

"He saved Ruby, not me. I was quite happy to send her back with Lillith. She's safe for now until she finds another host." Dean pushed past him to the door, pausing only for a moment to gather himself and then walked out into the car park. Robert and the angel followed him out.

Sam felt it as he was throwing his bag into the trunk. The tingle through him that meant only one thing. He readied himself and turned, straight into the punch.

Dean was almost at the Impala when he realised that something was wrong. His brother wasn't in the car and the trunk was lying open. "Sam?!" He turned to scan the car park, stopping when he took in the other man standing against an old Ford. A man with his brother on his knees at his feet, Sam's arm twisted behind him and Alastair's foot on his back.

"You just don't now when to quit do you." He stared Alastair down, the initial fear at seeing him morphing into anger inside him, the little flame spreading as the events of the night took it's toll on his control and his caution. "Let him go."

"Now Dean you're not sore at me 'cos I hurt you?"

Dean was at least up to a little verbal sparring, besides it would give him time to figure out what the hell to do next. He grinned at Alastair. "No, I'm sore at you 'cos you made my brother cry, that wasn't nice."

Alastair chortled at Dean's tone. "Nice isn't in my job description."

"Well we finally have something in common…it isn't in mine either. Not when it comes to something like you."

"You can't kill me you know, and I don't care if you send me back, I can just climb right back out."

"I know…doesn't mean that I'm not gonna have fun trying."

"What? And hurt this fine human I'm possessing." Alastair ran his free hand down the length of his body. "What happened to the caring Dean Winchester that I knew?"

"You killed me." Sam raised his head briefly at the pain in his brother's voice that sounded for just a brief second. "Just like you killed the guy that you're wearing….and yes I know he's dead…'cos I know that you don't like to share anything Alastair…not this guy's body…not me…that's why you're here it's it? To claim back what's yours? See, here's the thing though Alastair, you can't share what doesn't belong to you…and I don't belong to you…I belong to me...so get over it."

"Ah…glad to see you've got your fighting spirit back there Dean. I was beginning to wonder if I'd broken you completely." Alastair chuckled. "You two are just too easy but I must say I wasn't expecting Sammy here to hatch his little escape plan. Very clever, stupid move but beautifully executed. Still, I don't like to loose bodies from my little fun house, not once and certainly not twice. Disobedience brings punishment. You of all people should now that Dean." Alastair gripped Sam's hair tightly and pressed harder down on his back. Sam groaned as something in it shifted unpleasantly.

"Sam? You ok?" Dean took a step closer to them. "I swear to God if you touch him I will hunt you down through Hell itself."

Sam lifted his head slightly to look at him and Dean suddenly had an idea, a little past memory stirring in him.

Robert looked up from where he was standing next to Castiel and frowned at the shift in emotions in the man in front of him. He put a restraining hand on Dean's arm. "You're not up to this." He was shrugged off.

Alastair looked realised that Ruby was missing and spoke to Dean. "So the demon bitch is gone? I presume she grew a brain and left or did Lillith get her before you got Lillith?" Alastair tilted his head. "Lillith says hi, by the way….and when she get back from where you sent her….let's just say, I wouldn't like to be you. She's just a little mad with you."

The demon took in the small group and gestured at them, shaking his head. "So this…this is the best that God could scrounge up to save the world." He threw his arms wide. "A half demon…" …he kicked Sam down further…. "….an atheist who's got a kink for pain, drink and loose women…." ….Dean returned the sarcastic smile… "….and an angel with faith issues…." …Alastair laughed. "And you." He pointed at Robert. "You shouldn't even be here. Azazel was supposed to have taken care of all the family, never could get the staff."

He turned back to Dean. "Maybe God thinks he can bore me to death before I break the seals?"

"Maybe he thinks he doesn't need anything more than someone who knows how to take down a bully? It's not like you like a straight fight now, it is? Always have to have the deck loaded in your favour, don't you?"

"Not at all Dean, I'm not adverse to a square go. What do you have in mind?"

"Let my brother go first."

The demon raised his finger to his lips and tilted his head as he mulled over the request. "Ok." Alastair pulled Sam to his feet and threw him at Dean, the surprise of the action and the force behind it almost taking him down, only Robert's steadying presence behind him stopping it. "Let's see what you got then Dean? No tricks, no holding back. Hit me with your best shot." The arrogance shone in his smile.

Dean righted his brother and brushed off the front of his jacket. "Sam, do you remember Simon Fletcher?"

Sam turned to him, confusion on his face. "Simon Fletcher?" He wracked his brain. "From school back in Freemont?"

Dean smiled. "The very one."

"Yeah. Why?"

"Do you remember what I showed you then?" Sam nodded still not sure where Dean was taking this.

Alastair yawned. "Yeah, definitely trying to bore me." He folded his arms and stared at Dean. "Are we gonna do this anytime soon?"

Dean smiled at him. "Simon was a bully that picked on my brother at school. He was in my year and he hated me."

"Can sympathise with that." Alastair looked at his nails and then back up.

Dean ignored the jibe. "So he decided that to get to me he'd pick on Sam, even though he knew he could beat me in a straight fight."

Sam looked at his brother and nodded as the little pieces of the memory started slipping into place. "Yeah, you tried to take him down on your own, only he was too strong. Guy was built like a house."

"You always do try to bite off more than you can chew, don't you Dean? No brains or thought just brawn and action." Alastair goaded him but Dean ignored him, continuing to speak to his brother.

"So do you remember what we did?" Sam felt Dean shift to the side and caught his glance towards Castiel. The angel moved closer.

Sam grinned. "We took him down together."

"Stronger as a family." Dean almost whispered the words.

Sam paused and then touched his brother's shoulder. "Yeah. We are." He gave Dean a small grin.

Dean grinned back at him and lifted his arm, closing his eyes for a minute as he did. He spoke as he opened them. "Yeah, I held him…."

"….and I hit him." Sam raised his own arm and gave his brother a questioning look.

Alastair started to move towards them, sensing at the last moment that something was off.

Dean smiled. "Bring it."