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Author's Note: This is the final chapter to Shippou's Desire. I must warn you that this last chapter is a total lemon. I didn't lie when I said this story would be short and sweet. I do hope all of you enjoy it!

Shippou's Desire
Chapter Two

Shippou could never leave the wilderness. He had tried living in downtown Tokyo once. He bought a loft on the top floor of a luxurious building. The view had been beautiful. Kagome's shrine could be seen even though it resided miles away, but the noise and the disturbing smells brought him back to the country side. Living in forests for centuries changes you. Humans adore the lights, sounds, and people of the city, but Shippou couldn't take it. He was truly curious how other youkai dealt with it. Being surrounded by nature neutralized the most offensive scents, and he could have a nice run as himself. Trying to act human constantly was a big burden.

For the last ten years, he lived on the outskirts of Tokyo only five miles away from Kagome. The large Japanese home resided in the center of Inuyasha forest. He had bought the land dirt cheap and built a lavish home. The uniqueness about his stone home was that Shippou demanded no trees be cut down. Each maple had a place in his heart so the construction workers slaved away making a labyrinth of a house. The sad thing he thought was he imagined Kagome mating him when he built it. Each piece of furniture, fixture, or accessory was based on what he knew of the miko's tastes. He could only smile now when he watched Kagome look around the halls in complete awe. Shippou decided to never tell her this bit of information. He didn't really know how she'd react.

"What do you do exactly Shippou," Kagome asked. A smirk popped on the kitsune's face. This was a classic first date question. In truth, Shippou didn't have a real job. He had made himself an entrepreneur over two hundred years ago. Humans paid for him to slay dangerous youkai and he invested every penny of his payments. Now, he was worth millions if not billions. Kagome's textbooks helped as well. Shippou was always one foot ahead in things. "I invest in companies."

The miko nodded her head and smiled. "I bet a majority of the top five hundred most successful people are youkai. I can't imagine how much business knowledge one could obtain in centuries." Her brown eyes darted around the home looking at oil paintings and photographs hanging on the tope walls. Not a single picture was personal Kagome noted. Her delicate fingers rubbed a suede love seat. Its micro fiber feel sent pleasure through her fingertips. "I do love your home Shippou. It's quite beautiful."

Shippou walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. "Nothing is more beautiful than you dearest Kagome." The priestess held onto his arms and smiled further. It's every girl's dream to have a man speak to you in such a manner. "You're very sweet Shippou," Kagome purred. "I can't believe I'm with you right now like this." The demon turned her around and looked at her with a sparkle in his eye. "I can't either."

The world seemed to stop when they embraced. They began kissing and raging war between each other. Kagome's arms went around Shippou's neck while the kitsune's arms rubbed the miko's bare back. Without thinking, she kicked off her pumps on an elegant rug and moved one hand to Shippou's ass. A soft moan escaped his mouth when he felt her dainty fingers squeeze his right cheek. He had only dreamt moments like this. The distinct smell of her need reached his nose like rosebuds. Shippou wanted her, and tonight he would have her.

His strong arms reached down and grabbed her buttocks lifting her to his waist. Kagome wrapped her long legs around him and started nipping on his ear. Shippou roared and carried his lover into his master bedroom down one hall. The miko's eyes were shut anticipating pleasure to come. She had never made love before. Kissing Inuyasha had been her furthest sexual experience. Kagome thought she ought to be afraid but she wasn't. Nothing felt more right than Shippou touching her and caressing her.

The lights were off in the youkai's bedroom. Shippou made no move to turn them on. He could see every inch of the woman before him on his bed. Her green dress was pulled above her thighs revealing a part of her pink lace thong. The kitsune could even see a small, wet stain from her arousal. He decided then he'd fuck her as himself. He needed her to see his true appearance. "Kagome, look at me." Shippou's voice was soft and full of lust. Kagome stared at him in the darkness as requested with a hint of a smile. Suddenly, an orange light consumed him and his human façade disappeared.

"Shippou," Kagome asked. It was obvious that this youkai was hers but to see him regally naked made her loose her cool. The bright light had consumed his attire and left only his tan skin. An orange, thick tail trailed down to the floor and absently swished from side to side. When the kitsune took a step closer to her, she could see that his ears came to an elfin point like Sesshomaru's had and sharp claws adorned his feet and hands. The beauty of his muscular and quite manly body made her mouth water. Human men could never amount the beauty that is demon. Shippou had grown into a gorgeous man and she wanted him more than anything. "Come over here," she teased as she patted her hand on the mattress. The youkai grinned and took a seat next to her.

"I've waited a long time for you Kagome," Shippou whispered. "Before the night is over, I want to hear you scream my name." The miko nodded shyly. It was hard to believe her kit was using such language. Inuyasha wouldn't even say such words, but she had to admit that she enjoyed it. "I promise," she whispered back. The kitsune's grin widened. He stood from his seat and hovered over the priestess. A single clawed finger caught the top of her dress and ripped the material in half. Kagome's cocktail dress fell into a heap on the bed. Shippou followed suit with her matching pink lingerie. Soon his little priestess was completely naked sitting on his mattress.

Kagome felt her breaths get ragged when he tore off her clothing. Being exposed made her feel slightly vulnerable. The look in Shippou's eyes however lowered this feeling. His emerald eyes glowed with satisfaction as he stared at her breasts and stomach. A tinge of pink also started to blend with the white's of his eyes. She thought if he could admire her, she could ogle him. Her hands reached out and started rubbing his hairless chest while her eyes stared at his dick. The appendage was quite stiff and high. Since she was sitting and he standing, it was only three inches from touching her face. Kagome had to admit that Shippou was quite big. He had to be around nine to ten inches long and at least two inches wide. Her hands slid down from his chest and started rubbing his shaft. A deep purr rumbled from Shippou's chest. The sound encouraged her to take the next step. Slowly, Kagome began licking his head and around his shaft. One of her hands continued to circle his dick while the other massaged his heavy balls. A moan escaped his lips this time fueling the miko's fire.

Her mouth went over his bulbous head and started sucking gently. Her full lips blocked her teeth so that her wet tongue could work. When she felt comfortable and fitted, she moved her circling hand to his ass and pushed him deeper into her mouth. Shippou roared in pleasure. Her slow pace quickened and her mouth began to suck harder. Kagome couldn't reach all the way down his penis, but she tried. She didn't hesitate or stop. The combination of sounds and the feeling of his dick in her mouth made her unbelievably wet. She could feel her cum dripping from her pussy onto the soft comforter. If sucking him off felt this good, Kagome couldn't imagine what his dick would feel like inside of her.

Minutes passed and the miko could feel Shippou's penis hardened. His breaths became short and harsh. Kagome moved back to his head and sucked hard and licked like a mad woman. His seed spilled into her mouth like a firework explosion. She had heard a rumor that a man's cum was incredibly disgusting, but she was enjoying his salty taste. The priestess couldn't help but continue to suck until his release was complete. Not a drop of his seed was left. She swallowed every morsel and only wished there was more. "Damn Kagome," Shippou panted. "You're incredible."

Instead of saying thank you, she asked for more. The kitsune chuckled and pushed her onto the bed. Kagome's scent filled the room like air. "Do you want me," the youkai teased. "How bad do you want me little miko?" Kagome tilted her head up from the bed and smirked. "I want you to fuck me more than I want to breathe." The vulgar language exploded something inside him. Shippou pushed the miko gently so that she could lie comfortably and then climbed on top of her. His dick was still hard and pulsing to be inside the beautiful creature.

Shippou began kissing on her neck and moved down to her stomach. The fluttering kisses put Kagome at a pleading stage. She whimpered and moaned until his mouth reached her womanhood. The priestess inhaled deeply as she felt him spread her legs apart and began licking her core. Shippou moaned as he tasted her sweet juices. The substance had covered her thighs and pussy like icing. His tongue lapped up every morsel until she was clean. Her moans were getting louder and louder as rolled is tongue into her deep hole. "Rougher," she cried between breaths. The kitsune obeyed and placed a digit inside her and began pumping as he started sucking on her clit. He flicked, licked, and caressing her most sensitive area until she screamed. Shippou quickly pulled out his finger and stuck his tongue back into her pussy. Her orgasmic fluid filled his mouth making him roar in pleasure. This miko would always be fun to play with.

Licking his finger, Shippou crawled back on top of his miko and started kissing her harshly. The flavor of each other entering their mouths in foreign pleasure. The youkai broke the kiss making Kagome huff. He chuckled and grasped one of her breasts with his claws. Kagome took another deep breath. Shippou's head bent down and licked her nipple with precision. The wondrous sensation made her pussy wet all over again. "What are you doing to me," she cried. Shippou ignored her declaration and went to the other breast. Each nipple was pert and extremely sensitive. He could already smell her delicious cum returning. "What do you want Kagome," Shippou growled.

Kagome bucked her hips into him and moaned. "I want you inside me. Please," she begged. Shippou moved a knee between her legs and spread her open. He moved back up to her lips and continued kissing her. "Scream my name," he commanded as their lips were locked. The kitsune wiggled him between her and slowly slipped his large dick inside her. The miko was beyond tight. He had to wait and push every few seconds. Kagome grunted softly as he stretched her walls. "Tell me if I'm hurting you dearest," he whispered. The miko nodded and stared into his green eyes as he continued.

The kitsune couldn't believe how restricting the miko was. Without her cum, Shippou was sure he wouldn't have been able to insert himself. When he felt a wall, a smile crossed his face. He was going to be her first. A clawed hand went to her cheek and stroked her sweaty skin. "This will hurt my love, but I promise you pleasure after." The miko nodded once more and Shippou plunged into her. The priestess's face twisted in pain so the youkai waited. A minute later, Kagome started to wiggle and move up and down. Shippou followed her movements and quickened the pace. Soon the miko was moaning in ecstasy. "Harder," she begged. Shippou grinned and picked her ass up. His dick pounded into her without mercy and her moans turned into pleasurable screams. Before he realized it, Kagome screamed his name and came all over him. The warmth and slick texture made him explode deep inside her. As he came, he roared like a lion and bit deep into her neck.

The miko's body coursed with indescribable pleasure as Shippou collapsed on top of her. His dick still resided deep in her womanhood. She felt utterly complete. Kagome knew why he bit her shoulder. She couldn't help but wonder if she should be angry for claiming her or happy that he did, but she didn't care. If every day could be like this then what was there to discuss? Her arms wrapped around his torso as she shut her eyes. Kagome Higurashi was in love and now, she had a mate. "Love," she whispered with a smile. "You're mine, all mine."