The floor smelled weird. The waiting room was too clean. Everyone looked depressed and a little scared. Amy tried not to make it obvious that she kept glancing at the clock every five seconds. She shifted in her leather seat and scanned the room of people waiting for the nurse to come in and call them to their doom. There was a father looking like he wanted to strangle his two twin boys who ran around the waiting room screaming. There was a teenage cat in the corner with long hair, heavy makeup, and a totally cute babydoll top over a bloated tummy - pregnant. She frowned as her thumbs moved lighting-speed over her cell phone. Amy shook her head. In the opposite corner, a mother held her tiny crying infant. She looked close to tears herself. Amy didn't blame her.

"Miss Amy Rose Hedgehog?" the nurse in the long white coat called from the front desk. "The doctor will see you now."

"Thank you," Amy replied with as much patience as she could muster.

She stood up and followed the man through a door and down a large hallway. The pictures on the walls were so perfectly even and the place smelled so clean, Amy felt she was going to get sick again. She had to walk as fast as Sonic would have as she followed the nurse into another small, clean room. The man showed her in.

"Just sit up there and Doctor Bennet will be with you shortly," he said and closed the door.

Amy hesitantly sat on the paper-covered bed-thing. It crackled when she moved.

I always feel like I'm being watched…she thought. It's always too quiet…

"Good afternoon, Mrs. Hedgehog. My name is Dr. Bennet."

Amy jumped as the door swung open and the bird-lady spoke. Amy tried to smile. "Hi."

The woman smiled warmly at her and sat at her desk. She flipped through her clipboard. "Not feeling well, are we?" she asked.

Amy shrugged. "I feel fine now."

The doctor spun around in her chair and made a little note. "Will you mind telling me what's wrong?"

Amy scratched her head in thought. "Well, I throw up nearly every morning…" the doctor scribbled another note. "I have these really weird mood swings…one minute I'm fine and the next I'm crying and babbling because I can't find a sock that matches." The doctor nodded enthusiastically and scribbled furiously on her clipboard.

"I see," she said. "I have a general idea of what this may mean, but we'll need to run a few tests first. Will you follow me, please?" the bird stood and flipped through her clipboard until Amy had hopped from the paper she had been sitting on and followed her out the door. Again, Amy walked quickly to keep up. Who are these people, track stars? In a few minutes, Dr. Bennet had opened another door and led poor confused Amy inside.

"Take a seat," she said warmly. "I will be with you in a moment." And she was gone.

Amy rested her head in her hands.

I hate the doctor.



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