Amy sat silently on the paper again, fidgeting with her hands in her lap. She looked up at the wall clock and back down at her hands again. Was time moving more slowly than usual?

Amy had been sitting at the doctor's office for three hours (most of the time she was waiting to be seen.) She had seen five different doctors and sat in six different rooms…in three hours.

Honestly, she thought to herself, it doesn't take this long to care for two patients in your office…I could be sleeping now. I do get rather tired…plus I still need to memorize my script. I wonder what Sonic would think if I really was…

"Mrs. Hedgehog?" a voice asked at the door. Amy looked up.

"Another blood test?" she asked the doctor wearily. "I hate needles…"

Dr. Bennet laughed heartily. "Gracious, no! You're almost done. I just have the results right here…" The bird lady flipped through her unorganized clipboard and finally pulled out a yellow slip of paper. She shut the door and looked up at Amy with a huge grin on her face.

"Congratulations, Mrs. Hedgehog. You are pregnant."


"You're what?!"

Amy nodded enthusiastically. She tried not to laugh at her husband's flabbergasted expression as he stood before her like he was ready to fend off dragons. What a shock for him! He had just walked through the door; exhausted from the journey but happy to see his wife, when Amy couldn't help it and blurted out that she was going to have a baby.

"Are…are you sure?" Sonic looked into Amy's eyes.

Amy reached for Sonic's hand. "Quite sure, Sonic. The doctor says the baby should arrive in about ten months."

The blue hedgehog's pupils shrank to the size on pinholes. He sank into the nearest chair with a hand clutching his forehead. At that moment, all of Amy's excitement of being a mother dwindled out of her. Having a baby didn't seem as exciting if Sonic wasn't happy about it. She'd heard of Knuckles going into a sort of "state of shock" as Rouge put it.

"Sonic?" she asked, cocking her head in his direction. "Are you…I mean, do you not want…?"

The man's head perked up as if coming out of a trance. He shook his head hard. "Oh, Amy, of course not! It is exciting, really! It's just…" Sonic stared at his folded hands. "You know…money's a little tight and…"

Amy smiled warmly. "Don't you worry about that. It's all going to turn out fine." The pink hedgehog reached for Sonic's hand again. This time, he didn't pull away. Instead, he looked up at her. "You'll see."

It was an exciting week. Amy smiled remembering the look on Rouge's face when she told her the good news.

"I knew it!" she had exclaimed. "This is so tight! We can be pregnant buddies!"

It would probably be difficult to be pregnant and perform in a huge musical at the same time. But she would manage. It's not every day a small-town actress is accepted into any show at all.

Sonic had taken the news rather well. Knowing her husband, Amy thought Sonic might run away for a while to get a grip on things. He was just like that. But no. Sonic stayed by her side the whole week, asking if she needed anything, if she was comfortable enough…

Amy actually had to stop him when he tried to pick her up and be her feet for the whole day. Even though he was sweet about it all, nothing could make him keep his cool when the cravings began…

It happened about two weeks into the pregnancy. It was a cool spring night (make that morning.) The sky was dark, the lampposts were faintly glowing, and a light rain was falling. Quite relaxing, no? Sonic and Amy were fast asleep.

Suddenly, Amy's head jerked up off the pillow. Her eyes stared wide into the darkness. As slowly as she could, the pink hedgehog reached over to Sonic and shook his shoulder.

"Sonic…" she whispered. She shook him harder. "Sonic…wake up…"

The blue hedgehog's eyes blinked open. He lifted his heavy head off of the warm pillow and blinked wearily. When he looked over to Amy and realized her alertness, his eyes widened worriedly.

"A…Amy?" he asked urgently but groggily. "Are you…" He yawned. "Are you okay? What's wrong?"

The alert pink hedgehog opened her mouth to speak. "Sonic…" she said again. She was beginning to scare him. Sonic clutched her hand. He was still half-asleep.

"Sonic…I need…" Amy still stared straight ahead.

"What, Amy?"

She swallowed. "I need…a watermelon."

Sonic started. "Wait…what?"

They stopped whispering. "I need a watermelon. Now." Amy was getting scary.

"But…Amy," Sonic urged. "It's two in the morning!"

Amy's eyes welled up with tears. "Sonic! I need it! If I don't get one I'll die!" She sniffled and burst into tears. Sonic held up his hands hurriedly.

"Alright! Alright! Geez, stop crying! I'm going right now, okay?"

Amy watched as the blue hedgehog stumbled down the stairs, slipping on his coat and ramming into things.

"Sonic!" Amy called after him. "Could you get some more Pop-Tarts, too? We're all out."

Sonic sighed audibly and slammed the door behind him.



Hello again! Another short chapter…I feel guilty, but you all should know what writer's block is, right? Plus, I had this great idea for a StarFox story. Hm…I've wanted to write an original story of my own lately because I feel so lame when my friends show me their amazing stories they made up on their own. I'll keep trying though. Thank you so much for the comments! Love y'all!

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