Katherine's Legacy

Summary: Lorelai makes a friend at the hospital during her delivery…Sookie, who's there as part of school community service. Sookie introduces her to Mia who teaches her the lullaby 'Little Child'. When she decides to run, she remembers Mia's offer of help and goes to Stars Hollow.

AU: William Danes has died 3 years ago of a heart attack. Rachel left Luke 4 months prior – just after school lets out. And as fun as the Demerol plot was, her baby is not going to be named Rory. Sorry.

Rating: pretty low, probably a mild PG

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Chapter 1: Meeting New Friends

New Haven Hospital, 1630 (4:30pm)

Sookie stared in amusement as a girl her age is wheeled into maternity, threatening her nurse with epilady torture. A little while later she went to the girl's room to see if there was anything she would like: magazine, etc. The girl screamed and threw ice chips at her so Sookie backed up. However, she wasn't really offended by her actions. She'd seen lots of women act crazy during delivery.

After the pain subsided, the girl noticed Sookie and called to her, "My name is Lorelai. I'm sorry for that. Help me out though, what is the purpose of ice chips anyway?"

Sookie giggled. "I don't know, something about drinking and peeing maybe? I'm Sookie. I volunteer here as part of my school's community service program."

The two talked on and off between contractions for a half hour. Though she didn't throw more ice chips at Sookie, the nurses that came by didn't have the same luck. She and Sookie made a game of it, giving points for hitting different body parts. Despite the difference in their social status, they seemed to strike an immediate friendship and Sookie promised she would check in later.

Early the next afternoon, Sookie saw Lorelai standing at the maternity window, looking in and walked up. "Hey Lorelai, peg any nurses lately?" she cheerfully asked.

Lorelai smiled tiredly. "Not for a few hours. My baby girl was born at 4:07 this morning. Ughh, I hate that early in the morning! It should be outlawed," she whined.

Sookie laughed as she looked through the window, searching for any pink blankets. "Which one's yours?"

"Second from the end…" Lorelai answered with awed love ringing in her voice, pointing to her little girl.

"What are you going to name her?" she asked, smiling at the beautiful baby.

Lorelai grimaced, annoyed with the compromise she had to make. "I have to name her Victoria as a peace offering to my parents, but I can't think of a good middle name to go with it. I figured that I'll get her nickname from it."

Sookie gave her arm a sympathetic pat. Lorelai had told her a little about her parents the night before and when she had gone back to check on her, said parents were there, reaming her out for not waiting for them to bring her to the hospital. Seriously, what were they thinking?

An older lady about their parents' age walked up to the girls and spoke with a playful warning tone, "Sookie…aren't you supposed to be working now?"

"Mia! No, I just came to see my new friend Lorelai and her baby girl, Victoria something. Lorelai, this is Mia – Mia, Lorelai," she introduced them, pointing to the baby in question.

Mia turned her attention to a girl that couldn't be that much older than Sookie. This must be so tough for her to have a baby so young. "Lorelai, that is a beautiful name. Now is Victoria a family name or does it have special meaning for you?"

She shook her head. "No, it's a concession for my parents. The only problem is I don't like any of the variations of it for a nickname and can't think of a middle name. I was hoping if I get the right one, I use it for her nickname."

"Well, my closest friend's name is Katherine and we call her Katie," she suggested, thinking it was a very good name, especially if the little girl could turn out like her friend.

"Victoria Katherine…that actually doesn't sound too bad. And Katie is a nice nickname. Thanks for the idea, Mia," Lorelai smiled gratefully.

Mia started to make her way to the nursery door. "Glad to help. Now, Sookie, you may not have to work but I do. It's my turn to rock and feed the little ones whose moms aren't available."

Lorelai got a shy and panicked look on her face as she realized – sort of for the first time – that she had to take care of her daughter and she had no clue how to do that. Emily sure wasn't someone to imitate so she turned to Mia. "Could I go in with you? Maybe you could give me a few tips." There was something about this woman that calmed her frazzled nerves.

Mia thought she understood the young girl's fears a little and cheerfully agreed, "Absolutely, come along with me." She wondered where her parents were and where the baby's father was. Surely she couldn't be alone in this.

The two said bye to Sookie and she left them alone with the babies. She had a feeling that Mia would do wonders for her new friend. She was one of the best moms she knew.

A little later, Mia and Lorelai were each rocking a baby – Lorelai, hers and Mia, a little boy whose mom had complications in delivery. Lorelai heard Mia softly singing a song to the baby.

"What's that song you're singing? It sounds very pretty." Thinking that she would have liked to had Mia as a mom instead of Herr Emily. She was much more nurturing.

She smiled at the memories the song conjured. "The name of it is 'Little Child.' It's a conversation between a parent and their child. My family has been passing it down for a few generations now."

"How does it go?" she asked shyly, hoping it wouldn't be too hard to pick it up. It really sounded pretty and she wanted something special for her little girl.

Mia sang the song again for Lorelai and as she finished, Lorelai had tears in her eyes.

"It's beautiful. Would you mind teaching it to me? I'd like to sing it for my little angel," she pleaded. It was the perfect song in her opinion.

"My pleasure," she replied Her heart opened wide and let the girl and her baby slip into its embrace.

A/N: Next…Tragedy hits Stars Hollow.