Finally! Here is my Sequel to the "Holding Onto The Hero" story I recently wrapped up. In this Fic, the focus is on a new private investigation that Booth decides he must undertake (with help from Bones of course) as he struggles to remember more details in regard to his initial kidnapping. He can vaguely recall hearing more than just one voice during a few brief moments of consciousness and Booth might even be forced to ask Sweet's for help by allowing the young Pshychologist to use hypnosis, to bring these foggy memories to the forefront! Hope you enjoy!

Winning Title by Majority Vote: The Mistaken Identity ~ A Gravedigger Story Thank you to all who participated!

NOTE: The story begins only hours after the ending scene of "Holding Onto The Hero"

Booth's Bedroom . . .

Booth and Brennan ~ after sleeping sideways across the middle of the king size bed well into the night, they finally forced themselves to groggily climb up to lay their heads on the pillows like normal people did Booth then grabbing the covers, pulling the warm material over their now cooled off bodies. Spooning together in what seemed like the most natural and perfect fit for the partners, they quickly fell back into a much needed sleep.

Come morning, which by now was finally Friday and since Cam had demanded that Brennan not come in early so that she could tend to Booth and also get caught up on her sleep, she and Booth were able to relish in appreciative joy over being able to gradually awaken - not forced to rise at their usual ungodly hour to the sound of annoying alarms – but rather wake at a time when the sun had already risen and the early rising birds outside had begun chirping, loud enough to be heard a mile away.

"Ouuuch" Booth complained, though spoken barely under his breath, merely from moving his now very stiffened and healing body. The burns and stitches now starting the process of scabbing over causing the drying flesh to pull tightly against his sore muscles. He knew though, that once he got up and started moving, his body would warm up and eventually the soreness would subside.

"Are you okay" Brennan groggily looked back over her shoulder at the handsome man beside her – looking more concerned than tired.

"Oh yeah, never better" a smiling Booth replied, not referring to his injuries but rather referring

to his happiness over being there with her. "I just moved wrong." he added as a disclaimer for his earlier expression of pain.

"Bones, you stay here and rest while I go put some coffee on. Then I will come back and climb back into bed with you to snuggle while it brews." he said, leaning forward and kissing the back of her head – clearly feeling so comfortable with her now, as if they had been together for years.

When Booth was in his kitchen he began his morning routine of making his favorite "Arabian Blend" of coffee, a huge smile planted on his face in a perma-grin, just thinking about kissing her and about waking up with her – together.

But then his mood changed a few minute later, when he walked over and spotted all of his mail and morning newspapers that had accumulated and were now piled on his kitchen table. Obviously Brennan took the time while he was kidnapped and in the hospital, to collect his mail and papers so that it didn't accumulate, alerting potential intruders or thiefs that no one had been home for days.

One of the newspaper's had a fairly large article on the front page informing the public of the FBI's

investigation into the kidnapping of one of their own Federal Agents and that they had apprehended the Serial murderer who was to blame for an alarming number of murders and attempted murders. He wanted to step away and not read the article, wishing to just not deal with the memories just yet.

But he found himself mesmerized and unable to put it down. He laughed at the dramatic way the headline of the article had been written;

"FBI Special Agent Rescued Seconds Before Ship Explodes".

~ Wow, he thought, what is this, the "National Inquirer"?! ~ But seeing this news story had only got the wheels inside his naturally inquisitive head, spinning. His mind quickly flashed back to a memory that was suddenly more clear than it had ever been, prior to this point.

***Flashback to when Booth answered the door to his apartment a few nights back. ***

Upon hearing the knock at his door, he looked at his new watch to see how late he was running, while at the same time he was reaching out with his other hand to unlock the door. He started speaking to the unknown visitor before he had even began to pull the door open, expecting to naturally peer out into the hallway and identify the source of the knock; "Hey what is it, I'm kind of in a hurr-" but before he could finish, and before he had even pulled the door open all the way as he swung it back towards the inside his apartment – he briefly observed a person wearing black gloves, a black knit cap pulled tightly down to cover any and all hair, though he didn't have time to take in any specific facial features or even decipher if it was a male, or a female.

Due to his astonishment over this sudden attack, he barely had time to register anything else as his naturally inquisitive FBI and Sniper trained mind kicked into hyper action, frantically scanning his surroundings in an attempt to neutralize the attacker while at the same time, retrieve as much visual evidence as he could gather in the 2-3 seconds of limited time he most likely had.

He also knew he needed to look for any opportunity to seize potential DNA, or any other tangible evidence. But then things suddenly went from bad to worse as he noticed the perpetrator moving their arm rather quickly towards his mid section. Booth started to reach forward himself, intent on grabbing their wrist, breaking it if he had to, just to regain some control over this situation. A situation that seemed to be spiraling out of control in a hurry!

Then before his still shocked mind could even begin calculate what was happening, he felt the sharpest sting combined with the most horrific jolt of electricity - as the intruder branded his sternum with the mark of the Taser! The jolt was almost as powerful as what had been done to him only once before, at the hands of his captors when he was a Prisoner Of War.

All he could think of as his now spasming body dropped brutally to the ground was; 'uh-oh, Bones is gonna be pissed!'

*** End of Flashback ***

"Booth what is taking you so long?!" Brennan was yelling out to him from inside his bedroom. Snapping back to the present moment Booth dropped the papers onto the table and headed back towards his room. He would get back to that later he thought, as he had not been able to shake the nagging feeling that he had other memories of that night, that he could swear involved more than one voice. But he would deal with that later, maybe some more memories would surface or become more clear. If they didn't he might even go so far as to allow Sweets to hypnotize him – even though he hated knowing that would only cause the young man's ego to expand even further than it already had.

"Sorry, I uh . . . couldn't find my extra coffee filters! I'll be right in." Booth hollered back to her in an effort to explain the amount of time he had just spent pondering the newspaper article and the associated memories of his attack.

A few minutes later the newly formed couple sat in bed having one cup of hot coffee before starting the day. They were both sitting up leaning back against the pillows that had been propped up against the massive headboard, Brennan had leaned back against the side of Booth's chest, one of his arms was wrapped around her with his hand resting on her shoulder. They again felt so comfortable like they just fit together perfectly.

"Booth I wish I could lay here with you all day, but I guess since it's Friday it won't kill me to go into the office for a while and then we can spend the entire weekend together while I take care of you."

"Can't you take a sick day? You really should rest more too ya know." he begged.

"I wish I could Booth but, we still have a LOT of evidence that needs to be gathered and processed because the last thing I want is for your 'almost murderer' to run free over a technicality or lack of concrete evidence. I know we have that storage locker and everything in it, but we need to have more than that! We need to find physical evidence to prove that the Bitch was IN the storage room – we need to find her DNA or something tangible to prove her actual presence there. Otherwise they could say that even though it was in her name, someone had stolen her identity and rented it. I mean you know as well as I do how the damn Defense Lawyers can twist things around and manipulate evidence to be used in their favor!" her voice raising with ever uttered word, her anger obviously threatening to spill out all over after being bottled up inside of her for days.

"Wow Bones, slow down!" Booth said, tightening his hold on the angered beauty beside him. "It will be okay, take a deep breath or something because I trust you. I know that you will get what we need to send her to death row or life in prison, you need to trust me and know that I am right. Okay?" he said gently, using his index finger to pull her chin upwards so that her eyes were now looking deeply into his own. Kissing her lightly on the tip of her nose.

"Bones, you will feel a lot better once you get to the Jeffersonian where you can put that brilliant mind of yours to good use." he added. "Okay, thank you Booth. You have an amazing ability to calm me down unlike anyone else I have known in my life. I better go get ready then, I will call you later this morning to see if you need anything."

With that she kissed him deeply before climbing out of bed and heading towards the bathroom to shower – again.

Two Hours Later At The Jeffersonian Institute . . .

"Good morning Sweetie!" Angela announced as she sidled into Brennan's office carrying a manilla file folder under her arm, her own Latte' in one hand and an extra Soy Latte' for her BFF. "How's our scraped up hero doing?" she asked as she gently placed the steaming cup of java next to Brennan's computer keyboard.

"Good morning Ang. Thanks for the coffee although I had enough at Booth's house to wake up a dead horse." Brennan replied without realizing that it would take no time at all for Angela to do the math. "You SLEPT at BOOTH'S?! OMG Bren, you so totally DID - I can tell! In fact, I can smell that amazing scent on you that is 100% pure, genuine Booth! The subtle mixture of musk and spice and – evvv'rything NIIICE!" she said with a wind and a huge grin.

"So SPILL!" she then demanded.

Brennan blushed like never before, trying - but not succeeding – to feign her friend into believing she stayed at Booth's purely for medicinal purposes to make sure her partner took his pain meds and rested. Though she caught herself thinking back to the evening, knowing he had done anything but 'rest'.

"Angela, now dial it down a notch would you? I didn't get much sleep last night."

"Ohhh, reeeaallly." Angela teased hoping that was due to making love with the sexy G-Man all night long.

"No, Ang – it was nothing like that. Get your mind out of the gutter, it's too early in the morning for those kinds of thoughts." But her smile that was ear to ear, gave away her true thoughts more so than anything she could have verbally stated. Angela decided to accept that she knew something had happened and wait for a future opportunity to find out more.

"Okay Bren, I'll let you off the hook for now." she said with heavy emphasis on the last two words. "So - Agent Perotta stopped by late yesterday just before we all left for the day. She wanted to drop you off a copy of Booth's full report. The one that she had taken via tape recorder at the hospital and later transcribed into the hard copy format. You might want to be nice and call to thank her, she didn't have to do that you know." Angela suggested, knowing her friend still had trouble accepting the pretty blond Agent.

"I kept it in my office because I didn't want anyone to see it before you did. Here -" she grabbed the file from underneath her arm and handed it to Brennan. "I'll leave you alone so you can read through it, and I am closing your office door on my way out so you won't be disturbed!" she exclaimed firmly.

Once Angela had disappeared Brennan laid the folder in front of her on the desk, and just stared at it, almost afraid to open it and find out exactly what her friend and now almost - boyfriend, had gone through in the 24 hours that they had been apart. She wasn't sure she was ready to handle knowing this sensitive and most likely disturbing information.

She opened it with a slightly shaking hand, reading word for gruesome word of Booth's clear and precise rendition of his plight.

TBC . . .

Please let me know what you all think so far since I talked about this Sequel for months! Haha – I just hope I delivered what you expected so far!