Claire sensed him approaching so she didn't flinch when his hands came to rest lightly on her shoulders. Her wide green eyes remained focused on the marble headstone and a sob caught in her throat as she whispered, 'I miss him so much'.

'I know', her companion intoned gently, 'So do I'. The tall man kneaded her shoulders softly and bent to kiss the top of her blond head. Sobs convulsed her small body and he spun her around until she was facing him. Her face told the story of their grief as he enveloped her in his arms, holding her close to his body.

It hurts so much. Its breaking my heart' she gasped out between sobs. The man's own heart was breaking as his dark eyes read the simple words engraved on the smooth marble.

Noah Gray


Beloved Son

Sylar buries his face in Claire's hair and squeezed his eyes shut, trying to block out the mental images of his small son dying in his arms. Little Noah had been born immune to the healing capacities of his mother's blood. When he had contracted a virus which attacked his nervous system his parents could only watch as doctors tried desperately to save the small boy. Their efforts had been in vain. Sylar and Claire had never felt more powerless.

Sylar pulled Claire still closer to his body. He was broken but knew he had to be strong for her, the love of his life, his reason for being.

'Claire, it'll be okay' he urged. 'We'll feel him with us every time we think of his beaming smile, his bedtime tantrums, his love of Pokemon…'Sylar trailed off and smiled as he thought of his son. He looked down at Claire who was gazing up at him and smiling softly through her tears as she added, 'and his singing in the bath.'

Sylar and Claire gazed into each other's eyes and in that blinding flash where brown met green they both knew that they would be okay. They had each other. They would trust their memories and love of their son would keep his spirit with them.