Hey all,

So, due to my numerous stories that are unfinished, I have decided to put many on hiatus or abandon them. This message is only posted on stories that fall into those two categories since there are many in the two. Below is a list of my stories on hiatus or abandon.

Stories on HIATUS:

Wait For Rose – Until I finish my other three main House stories, this will be hiatus. This "chapter" will be taken down when I post the next chapter.

Hidden Secrets – See above note.

Crushed Promises – First-ever multi-chapter story I attempted, I also have the outlines for this story if I wanted to pick it up again.

The Heart's World – Since this was my first House MD fic, everyone was very OOC. But I am considering going back and reediting this a lot and continuing it.

Stories that are ABANDON:

Star Cross'd Lovers – Lost my main muse, but I do have the outline if I ever get my muse (Sophia Anya Lee) back.

What Wasn't Said – Storyline just did not interest me anymore.

Return to Hogwarts – Was my first "big" Harry Potter fic, not sure if I will ever finish it.

Fallen for Him – First Albus/Minerva and Tom/Moaning Myrtle fic – like "Star Cross'd Lovers", I still have the outline.

Current Stories that Are Being Continued:

Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop

One Thing

The Lonely Touch

If you want me to pick up a story or have any questions, just message me.


Katheryn Mae Wilson MD