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Ch. 1 Horrible Beginning

Where is my happily ever after?

A young woman, around her thirties, had chocolate brown eyes and jet black hair that has a tint of blue in it. Her hair went down to the middle of her back and was slightly curled on the ends. She wore a midnight blue t-shirt that had the words 'Bite me' on it and a little picture of a girl biting someone.

She ran down the streets of Tokyo trying desperately to reach her destination in a short amount of time. She was trying to get home before he gets home so she could make his dinner before he got angry with her again.

'Oh man! I'm so late! He's going to kill me! Literally' she panicked as she turned a corner. 'I wish I was young again so I don't have to worry about this stuff anymore.'

Something that all little girls dream of

"Please get off work late! Oh kami, if I've ever wanted anything then I never wanted anything more than I do now." She whined. When she turned the corner she saw a happy couple, but passed by them in a hurry. She admired them and felt jealously towards them and there happiness. When she ran in front of an alleyway, a pair of hands reached out and pulled her into the darkness.

"Aren't you a cutie" a raggedy man said huskily in her ear.

The man wore a baggy, dirty brown shirt that was torn in some places. His jean pants had rips and tears in many places. A horrible stench emitted off of him and his teeth were slightly yellow from recent lack of proper care. He had short, dark brown hair and dark blue eyes filled with desire. She shivered at the thought of what he might do.

"Please let me go! If I don't get home and make dinner, he'll be angry with me!" she pleaded.

"Don't worry it'll be over before you know it." He said as dragged her further in the dark of the alley.

"No! Please, stop! Stop it!" she cried.

I'll tell you where those dreams are,

"Hold still!" he yelled as he slapped her across the face.

"Please somebody help me!" she cried out, but no one heard because the streets were now empty. She began to cry.

They were blown away by harsh reality.

The man stood above the now naked form of her and put his shirt back on. He turned towards her and had an evil smile plastered on his face that turned into a frown.

No one cares for my happiness

"Don't call the police or else I'll do much worse next time, got it!" he demanded and left her in alley. She covered herself with her hands as best as she could and continued to cry to herself.

No body will be there if I fall,

People began to fill the streets again and ignored her sobs within the alleys.

'Of course people come around after I get raped!' she screamed in her mind. 'Gee! Aren't they kind-hearted people? Ignored somebody that's naked and crying in a dark alley way. Guess I really can't count on anybody but myself.' She cried angry and sad tears and they rapidly ran down her face.

Fall down a never ending pit of despair.

"Okay Kagome Onigumo- Higurashi," she said in a determined voice. "It's high time to stop feeling sorry for yourself and get your life back together."

I realized that I had to survive,

She got up and got dressed, then marched straight for her apartment. The look of determination slowly let her face as she neared her home and her horrible husband Naraku.

Survive and live on this planet.

'Time to have another chat with my darling husband' she thought ruefully. 'Why did he change? He was so kind to me while we were dating, but after the honeymoon it all went downhill."

"I should call Sango and Miroku, so I won't have to deal with him tonight…" she thought aloud. "No that will make Naraku angrier and Sango will call the police again. After the last call he has just been beating more as soon as he got out of jail."

Only letting select few into my heart.

She walked up the stairs of the apartment complex and her head was down, completely dreading the moment she reached her home. She knew that he'd be good and drunk enough to beat her for 1. Not having dinner ready by the time he got home and 2. Looking like she just slept with another man which might have caused reason 1.

"Why me?" she whined.

She pulled out her keys and was about to unlock the door when it flew open and revealed vicious blood red eyes and an angry, scowling face. Her husband had long chocolate brown hair that is always put up in a high pony tail. He was wearing a loose, white t-shirt and faded blue jeans that hung loosely around his waist. (A.N: I really didn't want to explain Naraku, but my friends say I should put more description so yeah.)

Where is my prince charming?

"Get inside now." He said in a dangerously low voice.

"Naraku please understand why I…" she began to explain, but was interrupted by him.

"I don't care about you pathetic excuses!" he roared. "Now get inside and wait 'til I'm done watching my game!"

"Y-y-yes d-dear." She stammered. "Right away."

As she rushed by him, she could've sworn that she heard him mutter something along the lines of 'stupid woman' and 'wait 'til I get through with her.' She shivered at the thought of what he might do to her tonight.

He's nothing but a slob,

'I never should have married a demon! Oh, why didn't listen to mama and ji-san.' She thought regretfully.

He sat down in their couch and turned the volume back up on the TV to watch his baseball game.

Sitting on the couch and watching TV.

"Get me my case now!" he bellowed. She jumped at the volume of his voice and scurried towards her small kitchen. The kitchen had baby blue tiled floors and red walls. The cabinets were made of oak wood and had black, stoned counters. Their refrigerator was an averaged size and was a white all over.

She reached inside the fridge and grabbed his case of beer, but slowly made the trip back to her dining/living room. It had cream colored walls and a tan, shaggy carpet floor. The entertainment center was small and beer cans practically covered it. They had one three- seated couch, one love bird couch, and one chair that all had a dirt brown color.

"Stand in front of me." He commanded in a calm voice as he reached for his beer case and opens a can. He closed his eyes as he took a couple of huge gulps. After he was through, he opened his eyes again.

"Naraku please let me explain." She pleaded.

"Fine lets hear what you have to say this time."

"I was on my way to make you dinner like you wanted me to, but some man pulled me into an alley… and… and…" she started to explain but began to cry as she remembered what had occurred earlier that day.

"And what?" he said, growing impatient and lifted a judging brow, clearly not believing her even though he knew she was telling the truth since he was the one who had hired the man to rape her. (A.N: I'll explain what his plans are a little bit later because I don't want to put why he did it just yet =D.)

"He raped and beat me!" she cried out then fell to the ground with her face in her hands as her body was violently shaking from the silent sobbing.

"Oh, you poor thing," He said with fake kindness in his voice. He got out of his place on the couch and put a comforting hand on her shoulder, but took it back as he noticed that she flinched at his touch. "Don't worry; I'm not going to hurt you."

"Y-you're not?" she asked disbelievingly.

"No, of course not." He said. As soon as she breathed a sigh of relief, he added. "I'm going to teach you lesson about lying to me again!"

"NO, NARAKU PLEA…" she screamed, but was interrupted by Naraku's fist connecting to her stomach. She doubled over in pain and soon felt a sting to her face after he had slapped her across her cheek that sent her flying across the room. Blood began to spill out the corner of her mouth and a cut she had received from the glass she landed on.

A bruise began to form on her right cheek.

He walked over to her limp body and picked her up by the collar of her shirt and socked her in the nose. She cried out from the pain that coursed through her, it felt like she was just hit with a metal baseball bat. He threw her body on the floor and grabbed his wooden stick and repeatedly struck her in the rib cage, legs, and arms. He grabbed her by the hair and tossed her against the wall, as she slipped down the wall a trail of blood was left behind.

After beating me.

After a couple more hours of getting punched, slapped, and being hit with a wooden stick. He moved away from her bruised and bloody body.

"Hurry up and get out of my sight and clean yourself up!" he ordered as he sat down to continue to watch TV, but added. "I can't believe you actually thought I would believe in that lie!" he laughed. "Just clean up the mess tomorrow cause I don't want to hear or see you right now."

She slowly got up, ignoring the pain that surged throughout her body and limped back to her own room. They had separate rooms after a year or two in their marriage. She sat in her old bed in the darkness of her room with no light but the moonlight shining through the window.

I'm sitting in my corner wondering why?

She lay on the bed and looked up at the ceiling, thinking back to when she saw that happy couple walking through the streets.

Why do I suffer, while others live happily?

'They looked so happy' she thought sorrowfully. 'That silvered haired hanyou and that girl looked totally wrong for each other. Funny, she sort of looked like me.'

Why do I get beaten and abused.

'He looked so alive and full of fire, why was he with someone that looked so cold and distant.' She thought. She began to remember how he had his arm wrapped securely around that girl's waist.

He wore loose black pants and a deep red button up shirt that was open to show the white wife beater underneath. The red shirt brought out his intense, golden eyes. His shoes were black and red Jordan and he had a rope like chain around his neck with a demonic dog symbol. A shiny Rolex that looked brand new was on his left wrist. His silver hair was in a low pony tail that went down to his waist. He was maybe three heads taller than her and was buff but doesn't have huge muscles.

While others receive more love.

The woman he held was about a couple inches taller than her. The woman had long, raven hair that reached down to her mid-thigh. Her eyes were deep voids of coal black. She wore a tight, yellow halter top that had a way too low of a v- cut. Her mini jean skirt only went a little bit above her mid-thigh.

'Ugh! She could've dressed a little bit more appropriately for public appearances. I'm just glad that there were no children out..' on that thought, Kagome remembered when she was pregnant six months after they were married. Tears of pain and sorrow formed in the back of her eyes as she thought back to when she was four months into her pregnancy.

Mostly, why am I stuck with this pain?

Flashback:(A.N This will not have the poem in it cuz I just don't want to waste it on a flashback. I worked really hard on it and I just want to see it work with the story during its present actions)

"Oh Sango!" a very four month pregnant Kagome exclaimed as she looked at café she just entered. She looked exceptionally well because she was wearing a baggy, grey sweatshirt with blue jeans. Her hair was put up in a sloppy ponytail, so a few strands of hair fell around her face. She didn't wear any make up just some chap stick on her lips. She was wearing her favorite pair white flats with light blue flowers on them.

Kagome and Sango were at a small café in town that had just opened then. They sat by the window and just watched people walk by, but then Kagome took a good look around the little café. There were about eight or nine other tables that were all small, white wooden tables that had unique designs on them. The walls were covered in vines with various types of flowers entangled with the white fencing. A chandelier was hanging from the sky painted ceiling.

"So Kagome, has the baby started to kick yet?" Her dear friend Sango asked.

"No," she sighed sadly. "I don't think that happens until my seventh month during pregnancy. I just can't believe I'm finally going to have the family of my dreams!"

"Are you sure the baby is going to be ok? I mean you have told me that Naraku has been getting more aggressive lately."

"Don't worry yourself Sango. I'm sure he'll be back to normal once the baby comes" she assured with a beautiful smile.

~~two hours later~~

"Bye Kagome!" Sango waved as she drove off in her green Mercedes.


Kagome got home twenty minutes later and started to cook dinner for her husband. She was humming to herself, so she didn't here the door open or the footsteps behind her until she felt a sharp pain go through her stomach. She looked down to see a dark, red patch around the belly area of her sweatshirt and noticed that it was growing bigger from the continual blood loss. Kagome fell to her knees and began to mourn for the loss of her baby.

"MY BABY!" she cried. The only thought that went through her mind was 'who could have done this?'

She turned around and looked into the eyes of her husband then the bloodied knife in his hands. He had an evil smile plastered upon his malicious-looking face. When all he had to say was 'Oops, sorry 'bout that.' She fainted and only awoke in the local hospital. Sango and Miroku were the only ones there when the doctor came in and announced that the baby died and they had to remove it from her body while she was out. That day Kagome went into depression and couldn't stop crying.

End Flashback

Where is my happiness?

She began to cry again but stopped short when a girl entered her room and she was halfway undressed. This gave Kagome a little bit of suspicions but instantly threw them out the window as the woman turned around and was looking at her with teary magenta eyes. The woman had long, dark brown hair that was tied up in a low pony tail with a white ribbon. Her yellow t-shirt was sliding off her shoulder in a ruffled manner and she had on black dress pants.

I'll tell you where…

"Sango…" Kagome whispered in shock that her friend was here and the fact that she was in tears made in instantly forget her own injuries and become concerned for her friend. She instantly got up and ran to her frightened friend and embraced her in a calming hug. "Sango, what happened to you? Who did this?"

"It was…" Sango hesitated but then got a good look at the bruise on Kagome's arm and instantly became angered. "What happened to me?! Kagome, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU?!"

"It's… nothing. Look I'm more worried about you right now Sango." Kagome attempted to get the attention off herself and focus on what had Sango crying when she first entered the room.

"MY ASS IT'S NOTHING! KAGOME, LOOK AT YOUR ARM!" Sango then flipped the light switch to get a better look at the bruise, but once the lights came on she got a better look at the ALL damage that had been done to Kagome. "What the hell?! Kagome what happened to you?!"

Down the drain of lost dreams

"I… I fell… down the… stairs…" she lied


"Sango, it was an accident! Don't call the police!"

"Is this way sometimes you don't go anywhere for long periods of times?"


"Fine, you don't want me to tell then ill just make sure that Naraku has an 'accident'"

"No your just gonna make him angry!"

"He's making me angry!"

"Please Sango- chan!"

Dreams I had as a child

"Fine, but only 'cause you used my childhood name that one guy gave me. Kagome you have to do something about this! It's starting to get out of hand!"

"I will." She assured. "By the way, what was that guy's name? I remember him slightly and remembered we used to be good friends 'til I married Naraku."

"I don't know, but I'll ask Miroku since he still talks to him even though it's every once in a while because he's always busy with his career and girlfriend." She explained thoughtfully. 'Oh Kagome, I just hope you can get yourself out of this before you get in too deep.'

'Sorry Sango, but I still love him. Even after all this, I can't just simply get up and leave him 'til I know some else cares for me.' Kagome thought sorrowfully.

Never to be found again

~.~one hour later~. ~

Sango left after chatting for a little bit, but would never mention what had her crying earlier so she wouldn't worry Kagome anymore than she already. Once Sango was gone, Kagome began to walk back to her room until she heard her husband's door open and she froze in her spot as she felt his heated gaze bore into her head.

"What the hell do you think you're doing out of your room?" he asked in a menacing voice and each word dripping in more and more venom.

"I-I-I was just walking my friend to the front door dear" she answered fearfully.

"Why the hell did you let her in and see you?! Didn't I tell you to stay in fucking room anyways?!"

"I-I-I didn't let her in, I guess she opened the door herself and came to my room without my consent. I didn't mean for her to see me honestly!"

"You're just trying to provoke me aren't you?" he replied in a sickly voice.

Happily ever after aren't true,

"N-n-no! I'm not I swear! She yelled as she began to take off in a mad dash to her bedroom, but was stopped by Naraku when he grabbed her wrist tightly. "NO! LET GO OF ME!"

"Oh I see someone has forgotten her place. Here let me remind you!" he said as he pulled his fist back then punched her face with all of his inhuman strength. She tried to push him off of her but that only made him more aggressive with his punches. After a while, he began to hit her with a metal stick saying that her blood was too dirty to be on his hands.

Once she thought he was done, she tried to crawl towards the front door to make an escape and get some help. Naraku saw her attempt and grabbed her arm roughly and twisted it behind her back until the sound of a loud and sickly pop in the air followed by a cry of pain afterwards. That wasn't enough so he began to kick her in the ribs getting high off her screams of pain and anguish.

It's an idea given to us by movies.

Even through all this, Kagome began to think back to when she was young and blind to the cruel world. A time when she watch princess movies and kept saying that one day she would be married to the prince of her dreams. At that thought, a harsh and empty laugh escaped her lips and made the blows to her body harsher. She was limp as he lifted her body off the ground, and then threw her across the room like she was a ragged doll. Her body slammed hard against the wall and left a dent in it along with her blood.

Only to be hopelessly lost,

After the impact, she slowly began to lose consciousness and smiled at the thought that she would finally get some peace if she died. Unluckily for her, she was slapped across the face and came back to the world and was looking in the eyes of her husband, whom had an enraged look upon his face. 'Why can't he just let me die?' she thought ruefully. As if reading her thoughts he answered.

"You can't die now Kagome. Not when I'm just getting started." He then slammed her head into the nearest table, giving a satisfied smirk as he saw her blood drip down from her face.

By the cruel world,

The last thing she heard him say was…

"You will never amount to anything"

Naraku threw her out the front door and began to clean up the apartment before he called the hospital to come and get his pitiful wife. 'What was that man thinking when he married her?!' he thought. (A.N: There's a hint for you guys about why he's acting like this.)

After about thirty minutes of cleaning all the blood, he began to call the hospital, making up a fake story about how he found his wife beaten up badly when he got home. Like always they believed him seeing how they had nothing to prove him wrong otherwise, but they were still very suspicious of him.

Once were on our own.

Naraku watched as they took Kagome to the ambulance on a carrier with a breathing mask on her face. 'Soon my sweet, very soon we will be together.' He thought as an image of a woman very similar looking to his wife came to mind, but to him she was much more beautiful to him. They only met once, but he fell in love with her the instant he saw her.

~.~with Sango and Miroku~.~

"Hey Babe" A man with short, black hair that was pulled into a small pony tail at the back of his neck. He had charming, violet eyes that also held so much wisdom. He wore a dark, violet t-shirt and baggy black jeans. He kissed Sango as she walked into their house, but she didn't respond which instantly put him on edge thinking that he might have forgotten about something important.

"Miroku… I'm worried about Kagome." Sango confessed.

"Why?" He quirked a curios eyebrow. He had been worried about her long disappearenced.

"Well… I figured out that the reason why she has been disappearing for long periods of times is because Naraku has been hitting her but she doesn't want me to say anything. I really want to help her but I can't unless she wants it. Oh Miroku! What am I supposed to do?!" she explained all in one breath then began to sob on his shoulder.

"Shhhh, its ok I'm sure we'll find someway to help her." He reassured. In truth, he was very angry and wanted to punch in Naraku smug face for laying a hand on Kagome, but controlled himself and comforted Sango.

About ten minutes later after Sango had explained what had happened to Kagome the house phone rang, so Miroku got up and went to answer it.

"Hello, Houshi residence, how may I be of service?"

Happiness can never be real,

"Hello, this is the Shikon Hospital. We are calling to let you know that a Kagome Onigumo- Higurashi has been brought in for surgery. We need you to inform any close family members or friends and immediately come to the hospital for further information." The receptionist hung up after that. Miroku stood there letting the information sink in before rushing himself and Sango out the door.

"Miroku! What's wrong with you?!" Sango yelled as he pulled her towards the car in the parking lot.

"Kagome is in the hospital and is in surgery, but that's all they told me." He gave a brief explanation. Sango just quietly cried to herself the whole ride there.

~.~In the hospital~. ~

Kagome awoke for a little bit, but closed her eyes as soon as she opened them due to the bright light shinning in her eyes. She took in her surroundings and realized that she was in a hospital room, but she couldn't move an inch. All of a sudden, she heard the door open and saw her husband walk in and instantly her fear began to take over her whole body.

"Well, well, well," he started. "Looks like the little wench survived." He sneered at her and pulled a knife out from behind his back. "Let's see you survive this!"

At least for me that is...

With that said he ran and just right when he was about to stab her in the heart, Miroku came running in the room which distracted him. Kagome then felt a searing pain in her side and she knew that she had been stabbed in her ribs.

"KAGOME!" was all she heard before she blacked out again.

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