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Chapter 3. Disturbing Reunion

InuYasha was frozen at the door as he gazed at the woman on the hospital bed, the woman who he had dreamed of meeting once again after all of these years. The past few years have been hell in his life. No matter what, however, he always had her in his thoughts and this stopped him from dating other women until the day he met Kikyo.

He remembered that day all to well… she had been dressed as she does now and his heart clenched at the thought of Kagome ever becoming a prostitute. He walked up to her and as he got closer his heart that had been stuck in his throat dropped to his stomach as he realized that she was a different woman. He was both disappointed and relieved as he had come to this realization. They had talked and ate dinner together, but the whole time he kept seeing Kagome and not the women before him. She asked him if they could meet again and he didn't think about his words before he had answered 'yes' and left the diner. After that they had went on these little meetings more often and each time InuYasha kept imagining she was Kagome and that they were going on dates together as a couple. Six months later, he asked Kikyo out and asked her to move in with him. He was feeling guilty that he was using her and she was nothing but nice and caring to him. He felt the least he could do was to return the feelings he thought she had for him and to this day he still feels that he needs to do this.

He hadn't expected to meet Kagome, but he never dreamed that they would meet again like this. 'Never like this…' he thought sadly as his gaze softened as he looked at her ghostly pale face. A commotion to his right caught his attention and he turned to see what was going on in his patience room. A man with deranged red eyes and wild deep brown hair was struggling against the guards that held him down. Miroku was being held back as he tried to attack the man with tears running down his face. The whole time he had been friends with Miroku, he had never seen the man cry besides to the times when he came to InuYasha while he was grieving his fathers death at the age of 6. He took a step forward to go pummel the guy for harming the girl that he loved, but a small whimper brought his attention back to her for a second before he glared at the man again with so much hatred and anger blazing in his sun kissed eyes The smell of blood hit his nose like a punch to the face and he turned to see a river of blood trailing down Kagome's arm.

Kagome had a hard time breathing and she felt an immense amount of pain coming from her ribs. She heard people shouting and a lot of moving around somewhere in the room and all of the shouting wasn't helping the current migraine she had pounding against her head. 'Where am I?' she thought faintly and gave a soft whimper as pain shot through her as she tried to open her eyes. 'Somebody… please, help me…' she thought before she had lost consciousness and her world became dark once again.

InuYasha panicked and called for the nurses to prepare her for surgery as he took off to the emergency room. As he ran down the white hallways he could feel his heart pounding against his chest at the thought of losing her after just seeing her again. A door with the sign E.R. shining red above it appeared as he turned a corner. He burst into the room to see that every thing was almost ready so he took off his coat and prepped for the surgery quickly. The nurses in charge of taking care of Kagome busted in with her and they worked quickly since she was loosing a lot of blood, fast. 'Why is she losing so much blood?' he thought to himself.

"It seems that she has been brutally beaten and its causing her to loose so much blood." one of the other doctors stated as if answering the question he had asked in his head. InuYasha quickly repaired the wound and the others that had reopened from moving her around.

As everyone began to clean up and leave the room, InuYasha sat there and stared at Kagome's bruised face. Both of her eyes were surrounded a blue-greenish coloring signaling that blood was bleeding underneath the skin. Her short hair was covered in the dried blood that had been pooling around her before she was brought to the hospital.

He remembered when he had first met her, she had been assigned as his lab partner in chemistry during sophomore year in high school. Kagome walked up to him and introduced herself with a genuine smile. They were inseparable the whole year until she had to move to another town and they had lost touch. He thought that he would never be able to see her again until she had returned senior year, but her personality had completely changed. Her hair no longer flowed down to her waist, it was cut all the way to just a little below her ears. Her clothes had become darker and her eyes that had shown so much emotion were cold and dead. She had let her grades drop and that's when he figured out that she was dating HIM. He had done something to her because she always turned away from him when he was trying to talk to her. When graduation came, Naraku had proposed to her and she accepted and InuYasha was invited to the wedding since by then they had a friendship but it wasn't like when they were sophomores. He went to the wedding and watched her go into the arms of another. He told himself that as long as she was happy that he would deal with his broken heart, but then decided that it would be best for the both of them if he left from her life and never return. After the reception, he never contacted her again and lived his life miserably.

InuYasha sighed and shook the sad memories from his head. He stood up from the stool and began to wheel Kagome to her room so she could rest in there instead of the E.R. He hated the smell of hospitals, it smelled of the sick and the dead. However, he always loved helping people in his own way, almost like tough love except that he didn't love them. He just felt that he wanted to protect people and help save lives like he wish he could have with his mother.

The bland white hallways seemed never ending as he wheeled Kagome's bed to her room. His foot steps echoed through the halls and the irritating squeaking of the wheels weren't helping his anxiety. To make things worse, he caught the scent of Kikyo entering the building and steadily making her way towards him. He decided that he needed to get Kagome to her room quickly. He quickened his steps but he wasn't fast enough as he saw Kikyo rounding the corner and was slowly making her way towards him.

'Damn it! Why did the E.R. have to be on the first floor?'

"InuYasha!" she screeched once she stood next to him. "Why haven't you been answering your damn phone? I've been trying to call you for the past three hours!"

His face portrayed no emotion as he looked at her, but he was surprised that it took that long. 'What am I thinking? Of course an injury like that would take time to take care of properly.' He quickly pushed those thoughts away and took in Kikyo's outfit. 'Why did she come to a hospital dressed like that?'

Kikyo was wearing a lavender tube top that stopped right underneath her chest making it look more like a top of a bikini. Her white mini skirt did nothing to cover her properly and she had on white stilettos. 'Ugh! Why do I even bother with her anymore? She never listens to me when I tell her not to come to my work dressed like that.'

"I was in the E.R. Kikyo. How many times do I need to tell you? If you're going to come visit me during work, you need to wear something more appropriate." He rolled his eyes and folded his arms before preparing himself for her ranting.

"What do you mean appropriate? What's wrong with what I have on now?" she hissed at him and her cold eyes narrowed into slits with annoyance and anger.

InuYasha sighed. "Kikyo… what you are wearing covers next to nothing and we have families and elderly that come here. We don't need you causing trouble for us. We've already had to deal with a lot of complaints from your last visit." He explained tiredly. He turned and started to wheel Kagome's still body to her room again.

"InuYasha! Get back here, I'm not through talking to you!" Kikyo screeched as she stomped her white stilettos on the hospital tiles. He mumbled for her to keep quiet in the halls and just continued to walk down the white depressing hallways.

He strolled up to room 113 and quickly opened the door and rested her body on the bed prepared for her. The nurses that had been waiting for him, helped him insert the needles into her and get her comfortable. Just before he left the room, he gave one last look of longing to Kagome's motionless body then left to his office.

'Today has been too long and it's just the beginning of my shift.' He thought tiredly to himself. 'I bet no one would mind if I fell asleep for a little bit, right?' All thoughts quickly disappeared from his head as he felt his eyelids getting heavier by the second and his body became completely relaxed.

Dream Sequence:

InuYasha's POV-

I woke up in my bed and I felt something warm snuggle to my chest. It was so soft and the scent was addicting and familiar. I sat there for a minute before I realized that this wasn't my room and it whoever was sleeping next to me wasn't Kikyo, because she never sleeps in the same bed as me since I'm a 'filthy hanyou.' I snorted at that thought because if anyone was filthy it was her since she sleeps around so much I'm surprised that she hasn't caught anything yet. I tossed my thoughts aside as I felt the person move. I looked down to see bluish black hair but then the woman looked up at me and I was genuinely surprised to see Kagome in my arms.

"Good morning dog-boy" she purred before she gave me a quick peck on the lips. I didn't do anything since I was to shocked to say something back. She pulled back with a concerned look on her face before pouting cutely. "Oh, I see. Your still mad about me letting Suzume go out on a date with that boy behind your back, huh? Well, he was a complete gentlemen and returned her to us-before her curfew-safely."

"What?" I asked stupidly since I wasn't able to comprehend anything that was going on around me. I felt something like fatherly concern at the mentioning of Suzume and I got a closer look at Kagome and realized that she did look a little older than when I saw her in the hospital.

"When did you get out of the hospital and why am I here?" I asked her and she giggled softly behind her manicured hand.

"About 2 weeks ago. Remember? I had Takeshi and we are suppose to bring him home today." She tsk'd and shook her head gently. "Are you okay? Do you have a fever? You're acting so strange…"

"I'm fine…" I muttered to her and she nodded her head but looked at me suspiciously. Kagome told me that she would make breakfast then we would go down to the hospital to go get Takeshi. The whole time she talked to me I sat there thinking how all of it happened. I couldn't remember any fuckin' thing that led me to where my life is now. How did Kagome and I end up together with two kids?

After breakfast, we got ready to go to the hospital. Kagome and Suzume kept giggling and talking about how excited they were to get the infant home. Suzume was 15 years old and she had her mother's heart-shaped face, but that's where their similarities end. Her eyes, hair, ears, and personality were just like mine. I can't believe that I was on my way with my wife and daughter to go get my son. I have never felt so happy in my life. Is this what it's like being together with Kagome? I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

I didn't see the truck that ran the red light even though I should have, I didn't hear the screech of the tires and I should have. When the truck impacted with my car, the car that held both my wife and my only daughter, the car that held my happiness, my life, my joy, my wife, my family. The last thing that came to mind was the dazzling smile that belonged on my wife's heart shaped faced and my daughter's glaring stubborn eyes, at that moment, fear pierced my heart because if they don't make it I would no longer be able to see the amazing family i loved.

I awoke to an annoying loud beeping that seemed to be next to me. When I attempted to sit my body up, searing pain coursed through my body and I had to bite down the whimper that slowly crawled it's way up my throat.

Where am I? What happened? Where's Kagome and Suzume?

These were the first questions that came to mind before the crash flashed through my head and played out like a horror movie in my mind. Everything was in slow motion. The blood curdling screams, the screech of rubber against asphalt, the feeling of my bones in my ribs cracking. My eyes shot open then closed just as quick as they opened once the blinding white lights stung my eyes. This time I slowly opened them so they could readjust to the brightness of the room, then I to a look at my surroundings. The whole room was bleach white that reflected the light around the room, making it brighter than it seemed. To my left, there was a wall that had a window and three machines. There were many wires connecting me to them. The heart monitor beeped loudly in my ears which was beginning to give me a migraine.

I'm in the hospital. Where is my wife? My children?

With those questions, panic course through my veins and I struggled to get up. I ignored the numbing pain and ripped the wires from my body which caused some of my blood to spill onto the bed. I turned and set my feet on to the cool speckled teal blue tiled floor. When I stood, my legs felt like jelly and I immediately fell to the ground. The hospital gown didn't help me keep warm as I felt the icy cold air nip at my exposed flesh and caused a shiver to run down my spine. Just as I was about to try and stand once more, my small family busted through the door. I ran my eyes over them to see if they were hurt anywhere. Kagome had a few scratches here and there, while Suzume appeared to have no visible injuries. Both of their eyes widened as they stared at me on the cold tiled floor before they busted into tears and ran into the room.

"InuYasha!" "Dad!" They both yelled in relief and shock at seeing me out of the bed. Kagome set a car seat down before she ran into my awaiting arms and sobbed into my shoulder. Suzume tried to hold back her tears but I knew she would come crying into my other shoulder once she saw it was alright. I nodded to her and she rammed into me. I stood there shocked and in brief pain before my ears processed her crying. The room became filled with the salty smell of their tears

"Shh…" I whispered softly to them as I rubbed their backs soothingly. "I'm alright, see? I'm not gonna leave anytime soon."

"InuYasha…" Kagome sobbed. She pushed her head further into my shoulder and clung on to my gown tighter. "I was… so scared! Scared that you weren't going to make it!"

Before I could say anything to calm her, Suzume looked up at me with big teary amber eyes. "Please daddy…" she whispered softly that even with my enhanced hearing, I had to strain to hear her. "don't scare us like that again."

I gazed down at her softly. "Never again will I scare you. I promise."

"Lair." they both said.

"Feh!" I scoffed. "I'm alive ain't I? So you two can just quit your cryin'."

"We're not crying!" They wailed as they shook me.

"Okay then, babbling. You women get so emotional."

"Inuyasha! Even when your seriously injured, you're still the same arrogant jerk from elementary school." Her eyes were red and puffy from her current crying and I saw tears on the edges of her eyes, threatening to fall. Both Kagome and Suzume threw themselves away from me and turned their backs away from me.

I sighed and laid back down on my current bed. A whimper came from the car seat that Kagome had set down. One whiff and I knew that it was my son in there.

"Is someone going to bring me my son anytime soon?" I asked and Kagome gasped as she realized she forgotten about him. She ran over to the him and unfastened him from the restraints that were made to keep him in. She walked over to me with a small blue bundle in her arms then set him in my arms. I looked down to see his curious, wide opened hazel brown eyes staring up at me. He had a small nose and a little tuft of black hair on his head, next to his hair were two silver puppy ears that were alert to any and all noise. His nose began to twitch and I knew that he was scenting me because he realized that I was his father. He produced a large Kagome like smile except he didn't have any teeth just yet. My eyes softened as I watch him gazed back at me.

"InuYasha!" Kagome… no wait. That isn't Kagome's voice.

"InuYasha!" Is that Miroku? It is.

"InuYasha!" Where is he? Wait! Why is everyone disappearing? No. Stop! Come back!

End of Dream Sequence

Regular POV

"Hey InuYasha! You need to wake up." Miroku shook the hanyou's shoulder roughly. "This isn't the time to sleep. Did you forget that you're a doctor and have patients that check on?"

Said hanyou abruptly jerk upright in his seat. The sleepy haze in his eyes slowly faded and his brain processed what was being said.

"No, I…" He rubbed his right eye tiredly. "I'm just tired I guess. Besides I don't have any other appointments today." InuYasha Stood to his full height and walked around his paper-clad cherry oak desk. His office was simple. Cream colored walls, soft tan carpet, and two light brown chairs. There were a few plants in the room and all of his diplomas were set on the shelves of a small bookcase.

"I'm sorry you had to see her like this." Miroku sighed dejectedly. "He has been doing this to her for a while now. Sango and I…" Miroku paused to restrain himself from punching the wall. "We tried to help but she just ends up going back to him like he never did anything."

"Why?" InuYasha whispered so soft the question was barely heard.

"I don…." He said but he was interrupted by InuYasha.

"I'm not asking why she did it! I'm asking why you didn't tell me that this was happening? You know that I…"

"I know you would have done something that could have gotten you arrested InuYasha!" Miroku yelled harshly at him.

"Tch! I don't give a damn! The bastard deserves it! I gave her up because I wanted her to be happy Miroku, not spending the rest of her life in an endless amount of pain." His eyes softened but Miroku couldn't see them because InuYasha's head was looking at the ground and his bangs covered them. "I loved her Miroku and I still do. I would do anything to make her happy, no matter what happens to me."

"I know…" Miroku could only pray that his friends would find happiness somehow. He left InuYasha's office to go home and console his distraught wife.

As InuYasha heard the door close, he let a soft sigh escape from between his lips. A dull pounding formed in his head so he went to open one of his drawers in his desk to retrieve a bottle of aspirin. He was so focused on finding the bottle of medicine that he didn't hear the door open or the soft gasp from the person that had came in. Only when he had looked up with the aspirins in his hands did the scent of jasmine and lavender.



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