Shingamis and Demons

Note: I don't own saiyuki or bleach and this happens when Aizen went to the fake Karakura Town


Aizen was staring at the little army of shinigami captains and vice-captains. On his right his former subordinate Gin Ichimaru was smiling his usual smile and was being very carefree. However on his left another one of his followers Tosen Kaname was posed to attack at any second. Tosen wasn't the only one feeling tense his subordinates the Espada and their fraccons were posed to attack, well except for his primera espada Stark who looked very sleepy and bored. Then the sou-taicho Yamamoto Genryusai was about unleashed his zanpaktou, the gate that separated the Hueco Mundo and the pseudo-Karakura Town opened. Out came the taichos and fuku-taichos for the fourth, sixth, eleventh, and twelfth divisions, as well as the substitute shinigami: Kurosaki Ichigo, the quincy: Ishida Uryu, the hollowed human: Yastadora Sado "Chad", the spiritually powered human girl: Inoue Orihime, the privaron trecera espada: Neliel Tu Oderschvank (in her baby form), the unseated shinigami from the thirteenth division: Kuchiki Rukia, the Cuatra espada: Ulquiorra Cifer, and finally the Decima espada: Yammy.

But before anyone could speak there was shouting. "WHERE THE HELL ARE WE?" shouted a young man with crimson hair like the fuku-taicho of the sixth division Abarai Renji. "I don't know, but I am hungry" complained a kid with brown hair and a gold headband. "WILL YOU TWO IDOTS SHUT UP!" shouted an angry looking young man with golden hair like the sun in monks clothing. "AHAHA, now, now everyone calm down, its seems we have company" stated a young man in Chinese attire. At that moment everyone looked up in interest.