Wings of Shattered Glass

Summary: A young girl who may or may not be a one of the 66 seals is kidnapped by demons and its up to Dean and Sam to rescue her before she is sacrificed. With the angel Castiel guiding them, are they prepared for the secrets and surprises waiting for them?

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or any of its characters.


A demon's roar cut through the chilled night air as a battered, muddy Chevy skidded around a turn, its headlights bright like morning light through the cloud of dust it kicked up. Its seen better nights, its back window fractured with a jagged hole right behind the driver's side and the front grill bent in from having hit something very large and nasty. Large scratches could be seen trailing from across the caved in hood, off to the passenger's side before disappearing near the back tires.

"Damn, damn, damn it all to hell and back!" the petite driver cursed, as the truck bounced roughly over the uneven dirt road. A yelp could be heard coming from the floor and the driver glanced down. "Hold tight angel doll, and keep your head down! We're almost there!"

"Yes madam." came a soft voice.

"Its momma, angel face." the woman said, giving the young girl hidden on the floor of the cab a faint smile which the girl returned, clutching her stuffed toy to her chest. She was a brave girl, always doing what she was told without question because she didn't know of the danger chasing them or because she didn't understand.

Lorna Angeal had done everything she could for her little girl, to prepare her for the dark world she lived in. And who could blame her? Her Lily had golden bronze curls, bright hazel eyes and a smile that could melt any heart followed by a kindness few had ever seen. And it was because of that, she trained Lily to know when to fight and when to run if she ever came up against any monsters. Not just the human ones but the skulking in the dark night monsters and hell's darkest demons.

She grimaced, biting her lower lip as they went over another rough patch of road, jarring her wounded shoulder. She pressed on the wound, moving the quickly applied patch over to where she still bled. "Sonofabitch!" she bit out before returning her hand to the wheel.

She took a glance at her rear view mirror and gasped. The road behind her seemed to have disappeared in the blackness of smoke. She pressed her foot harder on the gas pedal, knowing in her gut that she was pushing her luck already by going 80 down a dirt road.

"Its okay Yuffie, its okay, don't be scared-" Lily cooed to her toy, petting its soft green fur. "We'll be alright."

'Yes we will.' Lorna agreed silently as she spied the rundown house farther up the road, an incredibly large oak tree sprouted at the very front of yard. 'We will be.'

"Lily, get ready. When I stop, I want you to run into the house, don't look back okay, no matter what, you run and hide." She said. "No matter what. You understand?"

"Yes momma." Lily said, climbing up from the floor. She scooted to her momma and kissed her on the check. "I love you."

"Love you too Lil." Lorna said, regretting that she couldn't hug her baby girl close and say that it was going to be all right. God, she wished that she could say that and mean it but the life of a hunter didn't offer that chance. John had told her that much. "Get ready."

Lily nodded and moved back to the passenger's door, her arm braced on the handle and her toy held tight under her other arm. The truck sped pass the tree and slid to a stop, the passenger's door near the entrance of the house. Both doors flew open and out came Lily and her momma, one running for the house and the other brandishing a shot gun full of rock salt and an iron crow bar, walking bravely towards the smoke cloud of demons that had been chasing them since night fell.

Lily ran towards the house, tripping up the stairs as she heard her momma scream at the demons, "Come on you mother-" Blam! "I'll take you all down!" Blam! "You're not taking my little angel away from-" Blam, Blam!

Lily finally reached the door, and pushed it open, falling through the door and looked back to see the demons surround her momma. She screamed out, tears falling down her face as the door slammed shut, cutting her off from the only family she had left. She curled into a ball and cried while outside her momma screamed.

"Don't cry." a soft serene voice said. Lily looked up in surprise, her hand moving to her toy where she had a blessed knife hidden. A precaution, her momma had said. A young woman with dark hair and a smile sat on the dining room table, her legs crossed. "It makes me upset to see you so sad."

"Y-you can't be h-here." Lily said with effort. "It's Forb-b-idden."

The woman continued to smile as she stood up and walked towards Lily. Lily climbed to her feet and back away, holding her knife in front of her. "That won't work on me angel face."

"Don't call me that!" Lily yelled. "No one can call me that except momma!"

"Yes, well, your momma won't be around to call you at all-" the woman's smile turned evil as her eyes went pitch black. Lily's back hit the door and she quickly moved to run when she was grabbed around the neck and pushed up the wall, kicking her legs."-will she?"

Outside in the swarm of unformed demons, Lorna fought her way towards her house, taking the feeble hits the demons could lay on her. They couldn't seriously harm her nor could they possess her because of the protection given to her by her husband. But it didn't mean that they couldn't delay her. She grunted and groaned as she was tripped up and thrown as she crawled and stumbled to her house, watching in disbelief and fear as bright white lights flashed from the windows.

"Lily!" she screamed over and over again as she made her way to the house. She pushed against the door, meeting resistance. She was sobbing now as she heard her girl scream inside. "LILY!"

The door caved in and she fell through. She looked up and saw nothing. Outside, the storm of demons faded, filling the air with a cold emptiness. Nothing could be heard except her harsh sobs and the engine of the truck outside. A minute later, the rustle of wings and the slow heavy steps of an angel.

"You-you were supposed to protect her!" Lorna angrily sobbed, clutching the edge of the tan long coat of the angel in front of her. "You promised that nothing would happen to her here!"

"Castiel." the angel in question tilt his head towards the angel that called him. "The girl is gone."

The angel, Castiel nodded solemnly. He kneeled down and helped the woman to her knees, clasping her cold bloodied hands in his own. "You must be tended to. Call the first two names in your book. They will help you."

"What about my angel?" Lorna asked softly, her dark hair falling over her tear drenched eyes. "What about my Lily?"

"There is nothing you can do. It's in God's hands now." he replied, releasing her. 'And mine.'