Chapter Four: Come As You Are

"387, 388, 389-"

She didn't know when the ear piercing ringing disappeared to deafening silence or when the room had stopped vibrating.

"394, 395, 396-"

She didn't even know when the single bulb in the room shattered from the force of activity around her outside the wards that protected her and kept her prisoner. And somewhere, while she counted the seconds to keep occupied and unafraid, she knew she should know because this was the chance she was looking for. This is where her plan succeeded and she would walk out of here and make her way back to her Momma.

"403, 404, 405-"

But she couldn't stop shaking. She couldn't lift her head from her knees. She couldn't stop praying for forgiveness for what she had brought upon this house and all inside it. Because through the ringing, through the rumble and creaking of the house, she could hear the screams of the vessels-could hear the bodies fall or not hear the bodies at all as they were destroyed utterly.

"408, 409, 410." The flutter of wings and soft heavy steps stopped outside the door, forcing her to stop counting and let out a shuddering breath and lift her head from her knees. Though it was dark in the room, she could see the light glow from under the door and see the shadows of the people outside.

They were waiting, perhaps listening for her and she wondered if she should be heard or if she should go to them. She shifted to her hands and knees, tucking Yuffie under one arm and slowly slid her way to the door, trying her hardest to make as little sound possible. She could hear them, in their silence and placed her hand around the doorknob-

Knock, knock, knock!

"Eep!" She jumped back from the door, her heart pounding and covered her mouth. Too late, the people on the other side of the door heard her. "Lily Angeal, come out now."

She waited, chewing on her lower lip. The angel's vessel had a nice voice, deep and soothing. She could imagine him having enjoyed speaking in front of people.

"Lily. We have come to take you."

Or maybe-he didn't. Angels, once inside their vessels, had a way of manipulating and changing their vessels actions and speech. A man who always smiled and had a glow of life in their eyes, were suddenly seen as grim and solemn, everything that made them human just gone as if it never existed. A once clean and neat appearance gone as the angel fought battles and searched for seals; without a care of how they looked so long as they achieved what they wanted.

"Lily, open the door."

She opened the door but remained inside the room as she came face to face with the angels in front of her. Two men in nicely pressed dark blue suits, one tall with a full head of dark hair, the other one short and bald and a older woman in a business dress stood before her with their hands crossed in front of them. They were at ease and patient as angels were, as if waiting for the world to catch up with them.

"You're here." she said, forcing her voice to be upbeat and light. "Did you send away the demons?"

They didn't answer, and Lily became nervous though she tried her best to hide it. She's never been around angels without Castiel with her. He said it was for her protection and that it was his responsibility to watch over her, no one else. And as the angels shared glances between them without acknowledging her, she was beginning to understand why. Her Papa has read her the Bible so she knew about angels and what they were. And for the last half year, she knew angels.

She stepped back which they noticed.

"Do not fear us." the taller angel said. His hair was smoothed back with gel.

"Did you send the demons away?" Lily repeated her question.

"Come with us. We will take you to safety." the woman angel put her hand out as close as the ward would let her. Her fingernails were piscine and shiny.

"Where is Castiel?" Lily took another step back. "Is he here?"

"Stop where you are. You are in danger here." the shorter angel said with force. He hadn't shaved in days and it wasn't a good look for him considering that he didn't have hair on his head.

"I know. But I trust that someone will come for me. I know they will."

"We are them. Trust us."

"I can't. It doesn't feel right." Lily was beyond their reach but she knew that already. They couldn't get pass the ward the demons made around her but she felt much better now that she had some space between them and her. "I'm sorry."

"You cannot remain here. Lilith is coming now."

Lily's breath caught in her throat as fear took hold. She took a few quick steps forward, almost reaching for the woman's hand. She didn't want to see what Lilith looked like, not truly. She wasn't sure if she could bear it. She had trouble enough seeing the demons that captured her without breaking down in tears every time. Even looking at angels made her insides feel funny and they were the good guys.

She stopped at the door suddenly, withdrawing her hand and looked down at Yuffie. "She is coming now now? Or later now?"


"Yuffie wants to know if Lilith is coming now now or later now. She wants to know because if Lilith is here now now, then you wouldn't be here, here." Lily looked up at the taller angel, reading him as she put one hand on the door, out of sight from the angels. "You would be there to stop her."

"She is coming now." the taller angel said with such straight forwardness that if she weren't watching him closely, she would have fallen for it. But she saw the ripple in his aura and shook her head at him, a whimper coming to her throat that she didn't hide.

"Liar. You're lying, I can see it. You're not supposed to do that!" Lily said, stomping her foot. "You can't do that, it's against the rules!"

"How dare you!"

"I dare! You're supposed to be the good guys! And you-" Lily stopped and wiped at her tears angrily. "I don't want to see you anymore. You-you jerks!"

She finished her drawing on the door and slammed it shut, as the angels yelled in outrage as they were sent away rather forcibly. Her hand was bleeding again and as she looked down at it, she wondered if she would always be bleeding from her hands like those who experience the stigmata.

She leaned against the door, hitting it with her fists a few times before sliding down, so tired and alone and sad. She scratched at her right hand absently before closing it into a fist and let the blood that appeared to drip on the ward, effectively breaking the line that kept her cut off from everything else.

"Castiel. Help me."


"One more minute dad-" Dean murmured grumpily as he shifted in his seat, hiding his head farther in his arms, trying to block out the man's voice. "Just one more-"

"Dean. I am not your father John. I am an Angel of the Lord, Castiel." the gruff yet muffled voice said. Dean stirred, wincing at the sun shining down on his face. "You are needed."

He raised his hand and saw that it was Castiel talking to him outside his window. Castiel who had an urgent look in his eyes while appearing to be the picture perfect of calm. Dean sat up in his seat, quickly looking besides him to see that Sam was unconscious but alright. He nudged his brother with a jab in ribs, "Dude wake up!" before taking a look to see where they're at. They hadn't crashed into anything, always a plus, but were still outside town. It didn't look any different than before except the heavy rain clouds that had been over it had dissipated, showing a waning afternoon light.

"Ow. Ahh," Sam groaned as he shifted in his seat, pinching the bridge of his nose as he felt needles stab his eyes and an oncoming headache. "What the hell was that?"

"I don't know but," Dean started as he looked up at Castiel, quickly rolling down his window so he could speak to the angel. "I know someone who can tell us. Dude, what the-"

"Lily needs you." Castiel said abruptly, dodging Dean's question.

"She's alive?" Dean relieved that the angels hadn't smited (smitted? smote?) her off the face of the earth...along with the whole town and himself and Sam.

"Yes. But she is still in danger. Heaven has destroyed the demons holding her but more are coming and they are coming fast. You need to get to her before they do." Castiel warned them, stepping back from the car as Dean started up the engine.

"Why don't you get her?" Dean asked, shifting gears.

"I need to delay them from coming any closer until you get to her. Hurry, there isn't much time. In the middle of town, near the water tower, 5650 Pinehurst Drive." Castiel said to them before he turned his back to them.

"Alright." Dean said with a nod as Castiel took off on wings. He slammed his foot on the gas pedal and they sped off the gravel curb and onto the wet highway. They raced into town, seeing how empty and quiet it was, eerily so and so very wrong. Sam wondered what happened to all the people that were suppose to live here while Dean concentrated on driving so he wouldn't have to wonder. He had a pretty good idea what went down.

"Look, there's the water tower." Sam pointed to the tall silver tower surrounded by residential housing. Dean turned down the street that had a crooked sign that read, "Pinehurst Drive," and quickly slowed down. "And there is the house..." Sam swallowed hard as he saw the two story yellow house with white trimming...with all its windows blown out.

It stood like a victim of a terrible war, most of its shingles blown off the roof, its young saplings lying broken on the ground, its former windows spread upon the ground and street like glittering diamonds and the fire hydrant in front of it spewed water like a mini geyser. But the strange thing was the only one.

All the other houses looked fine, no damage to them at all.

Dean stopped the car, not even waiting for the engine to die before he jumped out of the car and went to the trunk to grab the guns. Sam was right behind him and together they loaded up on ammo and holy water before rushing to the house. They stopped at the door, their guns drawn with the safety off and counted to three as Dean slowly turned the handle and pushed open the door...only to have the door fall inwards and hit the floor with a loud crash.

Sam and Dean looked at each other, bewildered before shrugging it off and rushed in.

If the scene outside the house was bad then the inside of the house was worst. Tables were broken, large body sized holes in the walls and glass shattered on the ground. Sam and Dean expected to see were bodies littering the ground, but they found none...nothing at all. Just evidence that there were, once upon a time, people in the house. Food wrapping on the table, beer cans on the floor, discarded jackets...

"Looks like they threw a house party while the parents were away." Dean commented, lowering his gun.

"Yeah." Sam agreed, doing the same before turning to his brother. "We should split."

"Dude, not a good idea." Dean warned. "There could still be some demons hanging around." Sam raised an eyebrow and pointedly looked around the room they're in, the huge mess and the apparent lack of bodies. "Well you can never know!"

"Look Dean, Castiel said that there wasn't much time before the demons come back. Not to mention we do have a time limit to get Lily back to her Mom before the angels decide kill her." Sam argued, heading for the stairs against Dean's protests. "You check down here and I'll check upstairs. If anything happens, I'll yell." He took off upstairs before Dean could say anything.

Dean continued to curse and cuss every word he knows as he searched the first floor. The kitchen was a mess; demons didn't know how throw out trash or wash dishes before moving on to the long dark hallway, with light from the living room shining brightly on the other side. He didn't want to walk down the creepy dark and hazardous to his health hallway but they needed to find that girl. He thought about just calling her name, as he could hear Sam yelling upstairs but decided not to. She could be gagged or drugged or locked somewhere screaming...

Dean huffed at his own dark thoughts before he headed down the hall, his gun poised to shoot anything that came at him. He checked the first door; saw the coats, boxes and various knick knacks before moving on. The second door is more like a hideaway for the washer/dryer set so he went to the third door and found the bathroom, with a young woman on the ground her neck bent in the wrong angle. She isn't who they're looking for so after closing her eyes he stopped at the last door at the end of the hallway. Light from the living room bleeds into the dark hallway, offering much needed light.

As he reached for the handle, the door opened slightly and he put both hands on his gun, ready to shoot. But nothing happens and after a minute of waiting for his heartbeat to return to normal, he reached for the door. He grabbed the handle slowly and quietly before listening for any sign of danger. He let out a breath and pushed open the door all the way. The light spread out in the dark room and he yelled out, "Sam, I found her!"

He rushed in and fell to his knees, reaching for Lily and just praying that she wasn't dead. The first touch of warm flesh assured him as he rolled her over to her back, pulling her from her curled position and noted that she was holding tightly to a toy that had its stuffing poking out of its soft body. It was covered with something dark and dry, falling off easily in flakes.

Lily had her eyes closed, her face slack yet full color. Dean pulled her up slightly and checked the rest of her, feeling her pulse and temperature before he spotted her hands. With a soft curse, he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a bandanna. He ripped it with his teeth and set about wrapping her hands when she stirred.

She barely opened her eyes, looking at him through half lidded eyes. "Who are you?"

"I'm Dean. I came to get you. Your mom sent me."

"You know momma?"

"Yeah, sorta."

"Oh." Lily said, looking up at him with lost eyes. "Okay then." She frowns for a moment but it faded away as she sat up, holding her toy in one arm and looked down at it. "You hear that Yuffie, he knows Momma." she looks up at Dean, her eyes wide. "Momma is okay?"

"Yeah. She's fine...just worried about you." Lily burst into tears to Dean's shock and he patted her back awkwardly, unsure what he said to make her cry. "Hey, um, it's okay, really. We're going to get you home safe and sound."

"We?" Lily hiccupped as she wiped away her tears with her arm.

"Dean!" Sam burst through the door making Lily cry just a little bit harder in surprise. "Dean? What did you do?" he asked slowly.

Dean looked offended and glared at his brother. "I didn't do anything. We said a few words and then, she started crying."

"I'm-I'm sorry. Sorry." Lily cried, her words muffled against Yuffie's head. "I'm sorry."

"Don't-it's okay, really. Don't cry anymore kid." Dean said, rubbing her back in small circles. He remembered Sam liked to have his back rubbed when he cried or was sick.

"Lily!" she corrected, her voice high pitched to no fault of her own. "It's Lily."

"Ok. Lily...let's get you out of here and back to your mom." Sam said softly, bending down to help her up but when he got close to her, she shied away from him, moving closer to Dean. A hurt expression came over his face but he quickly pushed it down when she put her arms around Dean's shoulders.

"Sam, you take point." Dean said, shifting Lily's weight so that if he had to, he could still shoot. "You're a better shot anyways." A lie, but anything to get that expression off Sam's face.

Sam nodded and headed for the door that had shut slightly when he came running in. Lily could be heard sniffing behind him as Dean spoke some words of encouragement to her in hopes of calming her down. With his gun in hand, he reached for the door when it slammed open in a gust of wind.

Lily screamed and hid her face in Dean's neck when Sam fired twice in surprise at the newcomer. Dean looked wide eyed as Castiel stood in the hallway with two new bullet holes in his chest. Sam's mouth dropped open as he lowered in gun, "Oh god! Castiel, I'm sorry. I didn't-"

"It is fine Samuel." Castiel said, brushing his shirt off before fixing his jacket.

"Dude, Cas are you ok?" Dean asked when Lily raised her head. A look of awe and joy came over her face as Castiel spotted Lily and walked straight towards her.

"Lily." he greeted.

"Castiel! You came!" Though still in Dean's arms, she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around Castiel's neck, hiding her face in the spot where his neck and shoulder met.

"I said I would. I always will." Castiel said, accepting Lily's hug, his arms at his side and his chin tucked over her shoulder.

"Castiel, they were all so mean to me. They're not at all like you." she said against his neck.

"No they are not." he replied. She pulled back from him so she was face to face with him, her honey eyes searching for something in his blue ones.

"Are they good people?" she asked.

"They are good people. You will be safe with—" Suddenly, they both looked to the side and Lily pulled back from Castiel. Her eyes widen and she pulled back into Dean, holding on to him with tight fists.

"You must leave." Castiel said, turning back to the brothers and Lily. "Now."

"What why?" Dean demanded as he followed Castiel and Sam out of the room and into the living room.

"Demons are coming again." Lily said softly, her eyes wide in fear. She was chewing her bottom lip, her hands shaking as she toyed with Yuffie. "A whole bunch of them...coming fast."

"Lily is correct." Castiel agreed as the brothers looked at Lily in surprise. "There are too many demons here for it to be safe for Lily. Heaven will stop them but you all must be gone before they arrive...before the battle begins."

Castiel led the way out with Sam ready with his gun, walking out before them to assure that it's safe. Dean followed after them, saying nothing as he hurried after Castiel and Sam to his car. Sam was already behind the wheel, looking in concern as it got darker and darker. Castiel opened the back door and guided Lily inside as Dean slid over the hood and pulled open the passenger door, slamming it shut.


Dean turned around to see Lily buckled up, her hands pressed against the window where Castiel stood, looking down at her with a grave face before stepping back.

"Cas come on!" Dean yelled at the angel, his heart pounding. He looked up at the sky and saw that it wasn't clouds heading their way.

"He can't come." Lily said softly, her eyes bright. "He has to stay and hold them off until I'm safe. We have to leave."

"No. We're not leaving him!" Dean shouted, reaching for the door handle. The locks went down, locking the doors and the car started without Sam turning the key. "Sam, don't!"

"It's not me!" Sam said, gripping the wheel as the car shifted into gear. "It's not me, I swear."

"We have to leave." Lily repeated, hugging Yuffie close. "Drive and we might see him again."

"No way. No freakin way!" Dean wrestled with the door before the car sped forward, jerking them back in their seats as the car raced away, leaving Castiel standing alone to face the oncoming demon horde. Dean slammed his palm against the window, fighting to break free before turning to see Castiel walk towards the demons, his coat billowing behind him before being enveloped by the smoke.

As they neared the edge of town, Dean looked back as bright white lights lit up the smoke like lighting as more angels appeared to fight off the demon horde. Lily was watching as well, saying nothing until the town was a mere black spot on the horizon.

"Close your eyes!" she yelled, ducking down in the backseat. Sam slammed his foot on the brakes and Dean covered his eyes as a bright flash, very much like the one before, took over the sky. A minute later, the skies were clear and Sam put the car in gear and they raced down the highway.

They drove for hours, lost in their own thoughts. Lily had been quiet most of the drive, hiding under Sam's jacket as if she were painfully shy. At least that's what the brothers hoped, not wanting to think about the demons that kidnapped her. Eventually she had fallen asleep with Yuffie clutched close to her chest and snoring lightly even through the loud music Dean was playing.

It was nearing midnight when Sam suggested that they stop for the night. Dean agreed hesitantly even though his eyes were red from lack of sleep. They pulled into a tacky motel that wasn't full and Sam went to get a room for the three of them. When he came back out of the office, Dean had Lily in his arms, still sleeping, and carried her to one of the beds.

He pulled off her shoes, noting that they were more like mini boots before covering her with the blanket and tucked Sam's jacket, which she refused to let go of, around her shoulders. Sam offered to share the other queen sized bed but Dean shook his head.

"No dude, go ahead. I need to think for a while." he said.

Sam looked at him with a frown and debated on arguing with Dean but a large yawn dispelled that notion. It was better if at least one of them got enough sleep for the both of them. He said his goodnight's to Dean and climbed in bed, keeping his eye on Dean until he couldn't anymore.

Dean sat at the small table in their room, flipping through the basic cable channels like a madman, unable to find anything that would hold his interest. He thought about buying a porn movie but quickly dismissed it since they had a kid with them.

He looked over at Lily troubled.

She was just a little girl, okay not so little but just a girl who shouldn't be hunted by demons or guarded by angels because of who she was….whatever she was. He didn't believe Ruby—didn't trust her to tell the truth about anything much less about Lily. And Cas…

Well Cas didn't tell him anything before he went to face the demon horde.

He could be dead.

He groaned, tossing the TV remote on the table with a clatter and ran his fingers over hiss short hair in frustration. This whole thing was a mess of secrets and unknowns and if anything, he hated not knowing what he was getting himself into. And what was worst, his Dad had something to do with this!

That was another puzzle and as soon as he got Lily back wither mom, they were going to have a nice chat about John and his relationship with Lorna and her family.

Lily started whimpering in her sleep an hour later.