The Boys of Summer

Summary: Serena Kristen Thomas was always good at baseball. She knew all of the tricks and tactics. She has the skill, the power, the nerve, and never backs down. Find out what happens when boys go against girls in this battle of the sexes in a game called, The Boys of Summer, baseball.

Chapter 1: Meeting Kris

Serena Kristen Thomas was always good at baseball; she is the best pitcher on her team. She knows all the tricks and tactics. She has the skill, the power, the nerve, and is never sacred to face an opponent.

One day, four good-looking boys wearing jeans and red t-shirts with different logos walked into her dad's bar and grill.

The tallest of the boys had dark brown hair that was falling on his face near his eyes said, "We heard there is guy that can throw a killer fastball here that goes by the name of Chris."

Walking out in jeans and a t-shirt Kris, Serena's nickname, stands by the doorway her medium length hair in a ponytail. She held her baseball cap in her hand and listened to the discussion.

She heard he dad ask, "Where does this Chris go to school?" He knew they were talking about his daughter's alias, Kris.

"I think they said he goes to Bixby High School," he responded.

"What do you want with me?" Kris asked.

"Nothing from go play with your dolls or whatever you girls do?" said the boy on her left. He had brown hair that looks black in the dimly lighted room.

"What is your name?"

"Neil, this guy on my right is Darien, on my left is Mal, and next to him is Jed," he said indifferently.

"Well boys, how would like to meet Kris?" she asked.

"That's why we're here," Jed responded redundantly.

"He's right here," she said placing a baseball cap on her head hiding her blonde hair. "How do you like me now?"

"You gotta be kidding! You're a girl!" Mal exclaimed.

"So, are you scared to face me 'cause I'm a girl? Are you afraid I can beat you? Just like, I beat all the other boys," challenged Kris. "And just so know its Kris with a K as in Kristen."

The boys were in a slight state of shock.

"How about we put the money where your mouth is? Her vs. you four, if you strike out, no complaints and you can leave like this never happened. That way you can save your dignity, but if you win, she will stop playing baseball against boys like you. Deal?" said a person in the corner, named Sam.

"You're going down," Neil taunted.

"We'll see about that," Kris stated.

"Okay I'll referee. Three balls each; we play fair no fighting, what I say goes," said Sam.

Her friends and the people in the bar came out to cheer her on, "Okay, Kris you can do it."

"You go Kris."

"Who's up first?" asked Sam.

"I'll go," said Jed walking up to the plate.

"Here we go," said Sam, "Even if she loses, she still has major guts to take on boys like you."

She winds up and lets it fly throwing it with a whorl seeing only a white and red object spinning farther and farther from the pitcher's mound; Jed underestimates the speed so he swings his bat too soon.

"Strike one," called Sam.

"What the-"

Two more consecutive pitches like the one before were thrown, but remained untouched.

"Strike three and you're out of here. Next up," called Sam.

"I'll go," said Mal as he walked up to the plate, passing Jed.

"I'm not going easy on you, 'cause you're a girl," snarled Mal.

"That's what they all say and that's the way I like it," Kris replied.

"Now you're gonna see how a pro hits the ball," taunted Mal.

"I wouldn't underestimate her, if I were you. She's knows what she's doing."

'This is turning out to be a worthwhile match,' Sam said to himself.

She winds and flings it with such speed if you blinked you would have missed it.

"That's how you hit it?" Kris said chuckling.

"Strike, You're Out...She's better than you think," Sam whispered.

Neil's turn flew by just as quickly. As Darien got ready, she did a couple of stretches.

"Check out her form and her stance she knows this game by heart, it's in her blood. It's not likely you'll win," Sam said analyzing her.

"We'll see about that," Darien responded.

She wound up and threw the ball to the right; he hit the tip of the ball as it fell foul in front of third base.

"No matter where you throw it I'm gonna hit it," Darien said.

"This time..." catcher motions for Kris to pitch it over the outside part of the plate.

She aimed it to the left and he hit the ball, but it boomeranged backward and hit the fence behind the catcher.

"Foul," Sam replied.

"Are you scared to throw it down the middle," Darien taunted.

"Another ball," said Coach Ben, the catcher, as he motioned to the right again.

'Come on let coach let me throw it down the middle this time,' she thought in annoyed tone; she wound up and threw the ball down the middle at lightning speed.

Sam noticed Darien not only has good instincts, but he irritates the pitcher into doing the obvious.

"Come to papa," said Darien.

Darien hit the ball dead on, but had to put tremendous amounts of force behind the shot. With all the force applied against the ball, the bat snapped it half. The ball came whirling toward Kris, but as she caught it, she flipped backward and skidded on the ground.

Kris's friends ran over to make sure she was all right.

"Are you okay Kris?" asked one of her friends, Jim.

"Yeah I'm fine," she explained.

Sam came over and saw that she caught the ball.

"Out," Sam called.

"I can't believe your pitch broke my bat. Who are you?" asked Darien as he dropped his bat and walked toward her.

"Me," Kris asked trying to get up, "I'm just a girl that works," she fell and winced, "in a bar," she finished, looking up at him.

Reaching out his hand, Darien said, "Come on, give me your hand."

As she reluctantly reached out her hand, he lifted her onto his back.

"Wh... What are you doing? Put me down," Kris yelled.

"Go on guys I'll see you later," Darien called. "Nice catch."

"Thanks," Kris said warily.

While carrying her back to the restaurant she sourly responded, "Okay you proved you're strong, now let me down already!"

"Would you rather I carried you in my arms?"

"Why do you have to carry me at all?" Kris steamed.

"It's a debt of honor; I promised I'll carry you home if you got me out."

"And when did you make that?"

"The moment I lost."

"I think you've been hit in head too many times with a baseball," she muttered. Darien chuckled.

"Serena," her father said worriedly as he saw them approach.

"Hello Mr. Thompson. I'm Darien Simmons. I'm your daughter's new boyfriend," Darien said.

"Bb…boyfriend! Do you have rocks in your head! Dad don't believe him," jumping down and pushing Darien away.

"Here, take this," Darien said tossing her a handkerchief.

"What's this?" asked Kris.

"A handkerchief, you've got a cute little smudge right here beneath your eye."

"I don't believe this," she said covering her face with the handkerchief, as her face grew red.

"Goodnight my princess," he replied blowing her a kiss he rode off on his bike.

"Princess, you've got to be joking! I'm nobody's princess, especially not yours!" she yelled after him as he reached his friends.

"Why did you do that?" whispered Jed.

"Yeah what was that for?" Mal asked as they rode off.

"It was just because, I mean she's cute," said Darien shrugging his shoulders.

"Hey her dad said her name was Serena, and she goes to our school," said Neil.

'Hey could she be…' thought Darien.