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Live And Let Die

Jak, despite his encounter with some old guy he couldn't remember the name off, and a little boy, Jak was glad to be out. He was also glad Daxter found him.

"So, That thing you did...Was it always there or..?" Daxter seemed a little hesitant as he spoke, but he started at Jak the whole time.

"No...It was the Baron that turned me into...this..."Jak growled venomously. Daxter nodded slowly, but brightened when he saw a blond standing a the far end of the Alley with a man, both sneering gently at the two. Jak frowned at the woman, but shrugged it off. Neither looked like the two he remembered, and hoped he'd meet them again. Poor Vanna would've healed over by now...

"Who are you?" The male elf asked, growling at Jak, knife dangerously close to his neck.

"We're looking for The Shadow..." Jak gently pushed the knife away from his neck, eyeing the man standing before him.
"I asked you a question..." He growled again, the female disappeared, yelping as she called for the man.

"Torn! The priestess gone! Hugh said she left a while ago..." She stopped mid sentence, Racing over past Jak and Daxter to a woman in a white robe with intricate blue tribal designs.

"Priestess...You know you shouldn't leave unless accompanied by someone." The woman waved her off, marching over to Jak, standing tall. Jak stiffened, the familiar scent washing over him.

"...Jak..." A soothing voice called, and Jak stared the woman down.

Almost immidently, the woman hit him with the staff she was holding onto.

"Ow! Precursers! Don't hit me woman!" Jak snapped, growling angrily.

"Huff. Thats what you get for worrying me and then getting taller then me." The woman took her hood off, revealing her braided white hair, and milky eyes glaring at him.

"And you've gotten shorter, Vanna."

Another whack from the staff.

"Ow! I mean it! Stop!"

"Not until you stop insulting me!"

"Your still shorter then my friend Daxter!"..."OW! What the hell?!" Jak now laying on the floor, cradling his knee, to which he brought the wrath of her staff to.

"Ch, Little boy, stop being ignorant. I hit you for calling me shorter then an Ottseal. I am not that short." Vanna Answered, smirking happily.

"Vanna! I'm not a little Boy!"

"Sure Sure little one." Vanna waved her hand, pulling her hood back up.

"Torn, I'm sure It'd be wise to allow Jak to prove himself worthy to meet The Shadow?" Vanna asked, smirking weakly at Torn, who frowned.

"Alright...If you think so." Torn sighed, shaking his head slowly, gently pulling Vanna over and handing her to the blonde girl.

"Tess, look after her. Jak, I want you and you..friend to go and steal the Barons flag from the dead town, just outside the city."

"Sounds easy..."Jak smirked softly, glancing to Daxter. "You up for it?"

"Of course I'm up for it! Lets get crackalacking!"

"...Dear lord..."Vanna whisperd, snorting as she walked away with Tess, whom also laughed at the two. Torn sighed and shook his head, watching the two leave.

"Why am I always stuck with the idiots...?"

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