Everyday feels like a life-age of men. For the past sixty-seven years I have wandered and pained on this dreadful earth. Yet, not a day goes by when I don't think of him, and watch the corners in the shadows as his golden eyes haunt my every cold immortal step.

It was meaningless, and useless. Over my many decades I have seen so many different and wonderful places. Egypt, Germany, Luxembourg, Africa, New Zealand, and so many others. In the end, it was all vain, and in the end it simply didn't matter.

Each face that I came across; Marble, beautiful, stunning, and immortal all just reminded me of him.

I must have been insane for my late state of conscious. Instead of attempting to cure and free what is left of my ever bleeding heart I decided to go back to the rainy and cloud covered little town where it had all began.

Such a very long time ago…