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"Starting today I'm not gonna worry about tomorrow
I'll wash away all this fear that's left me feeling hollow
Cause you made me want to try"

-Staring Over, Natalie Imbruglia

Thump! Thump! Thump!

"Geeze Seth give me a minute." I scream at the door.

Stupid twerp takes longer in here than I do.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"Damn it Seth!" I scream throwing the door open. Only it's not my dweeb brother that's been banging on the bathroom door it's my stupid Alpha.

"Jake? What. The. Hell. Why are you banging on my bathroom door—wait what the fuck are you doing here?" I sneer, "Shouldn't you be doting on your precious freak baby right now instead of bothering me at home?"

"Bathroom. Move. Now." Jacob barks, maneuvering around me and somehow closing the bathroom door in my face.

"Ugh! This. Is. My. House!" I scream. "Why don't you go and use one of the thousand bathrooms at the leeches' house? Better yet why don't you go back your own house! You could've pissed outside for all I care! Now GET THE HELL OUT OF MY BATHROOM!" I shriek into the door.

"Leah, why are you screaming?" Seth questions walking out of his room.

"Jacob kicked me out of the bathroom, because he had to take a piss, and couldn't whip it out outside like any other sane boy would do because he was afraid all the other boys would laugh at him."

"I can hear you. And don't lie I've seen you staring at me." Jacob quips opening the door.

"Finally! Now get the hell out of my way, I only have 15 minutes and I have to somehow manage to look like a girl tonight!"

"What are you talking about? Where are you—?" Jacob starts then he finally gets a good look at me. "Whoa. Leah, you look… hot."

"Thanks kid, Tell me something I don't know." I say rolling my eyes.

"Where are you going?" Jacob asks curiously.

"Out. I've got a date. Take that fleeting femininity!" I say as laughing as I spray myself with some perfume, at least I'll smell good tonight.

"A what?"

"With who?"

"What are you my mother?" I turn to glare at them. "Yes boys, you heard me, Leah Clearwater is dating. I refuse to be pitied anymore. I'm awesome, and it's time the rest of the world knew it. Now run along and get out of my way." I say as I look in the mirror one last time.

It's not perfect, but it will have to do. I almost look like my old self. Pre-Imprinting. Except for that smirk. It'll have to go, at least for tonight. A new leaf, it's a start. With one last glance at my reflection I walk to my room to look for my shoes.

I finally find them in the back of my closet. As I sit on my bed slipping my shoes on a voice interrupts my thoughts.

"So you're dating? My, my I never thought I'd see that day. Has hell finally frozen over?" Jacob asks smiling as he takes a seat next to me on my bed.

Normally I would think this was awkward but it's just Jake.

Reliable, thick headed Jake. Now that he's sat down no way in hell I can pretend to ignore him.

"Do you think I'm an idiot?" I whisper quietly looking at the floor, the uncertainty slowly creeping into my voice.

I'm the person that calls Jake out on his crap, Seth always agrees with him without a second thought, and Quil and Embry, aka dumb and dumber don't have an intelligent thought in their combined heads so a part of me expects that he'd do the same for me.

He grabs my chin forcing me to look up at him and says, "No. I think it's really great. You of all people deserve to be happy and I want that for you more than anything else. Just so you know I'm on to you Leah, underneath your tough exterior you're a big marshmallow." Jacob chuckles releasing my face.

I smile not really sure what to say.

"Thanks. It's just—"

"Leah!" Seth screamed "someone's at the door for you."

"Damn it. I'm not ready. Jake will you go keep David company so Seth doesn't say something stupid, I'll be out there in two minutes."

"Sure, sure." Jake says getting up from my bed.

"Wait, Jake? Uhh...Thank you." I say hugging him. What'd I tell you, a new leaf.

"Holy crap, hell has frozen over if you're hugging me!" Jacob laughs as he heads to the door.

But as he gets to my door frame he stops and looks at me one last time and says, "By the way you look absolutely beautiful." and walks out the door.

Beautiful. That adjective hasn't been used to describe me in a while. I feel a smile creep to my lips. It's definitely a new leaf.

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