Here's the Next story of my Pokemon Wars: Transformers series. Sorry for the wait, but it will be worth it. Oh and here's the disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon OR Beast Wars Transformers

Our story begins inside the Ship known as the Axalon, AKA the Maximal Base. There is no one inside at the moment, but the equipment is on. At that moment, the hatches that leads to outside open, and riding on the elevating platforms are the Maximals in their Robot modes, and with them are their new companions: Ash and Pikachu, Misty, Brock, Tracy, May and her brother Max, Gary and his grandfather, Professor Oak.

Optimus: Well everyone, welcome to the Axalon, our base of operations.

They exited the platform and began looking around in awe. It has been roughly two weeks since Optimus Primal and his Maximal team crash landed on earth, along with their enemies: Megatron and his Predacons. After the Bridge, where Optimus and the Former Predacon, Chari-Tron fought was destroyed, The Maximals had to find another way to their base. It took awhile, but the feat was achieved and they now have returned, along with their new friends. Aggronix walks over to the center table and places his hand over it.

Aggronix: It's not much, but we call it home. I mean, for now.

Max: Whoa... This is so incredible.

Before Max could get a closer look, Shockrat, grabbed him by his shirt.

Shockrat: Hey, look all ya want, but no touching! Ya got it?

Max: (sigh) Yes.

Shockrat: Alright then (lets him go).

Chari-Tron: Hmm... It's not much, but I would say it's an improvement to the Predacon Base. We crash-landed near a volcano and the heat melted most of the hull.

Shockrat: Oh, well thanks for letting us know, Chopper-face. Now we know how to slag youse when ya decide to be a Pred again.

Chari-Tron just growls at him.

Optimus: Ease off, Shockrat. Remember, he's one of us now.

Shockrat: Eh...whateva.

Optimus: you see here, this is the Axalon's bridge. We monitor the status of the ship and our crew here and those who are outside as well. Uh, over where Aggronix is you'll see the Holo-projector.

Aggronix types a command on the keyboard there and the table emits a hologram of the Maximal symbol. It then changes to a 1:8th scale image of their ship.

Ash: Cool.

Aggronix: This will display anything you wish. From the status of crew...

It now shows a hologram of Optimus with several statistics including an image of his Blastoise beast mode

Aggronix: a map of our surroundings.

Now we see the Axalon again along with the area it crash-landed.

Tracy: Impressive.

Aggronix: I take pride in what I do.

Misty: It's nice, but doesn't it seem a bit big for just the four of you?

Blaze-Hound: Well, it's not just the four of us. We were the skeleton crew while the rest went into hibernation in stasis pods.

Blaze-hound types in a command and the projector shows a single pod-like ship.

Max: Stasis pods?

Optimus: Yes, sometimes an exploration crew would need several members on it to have an efficient run. While there is the chance not all are needed, several crew members will enter these pods and revert to a Protoform stage, but when needed, we would activate them and if also necessary, scan a beast mode for them. If not in their pods, we would also use our C/R chambers.

Aggronix walks over to one of them and begins to turn it on.

Max: What does the C/R stand for?

Aggronix: C stands for "creation" and R stands for "restoration." Except using it to form our beast modes, it also allows to make more external prepares, just in case going into Beast Mode isn't enough.

Max: That's pretty cool.

Blaze-Hound: You think that's cool you should check out the training room. It's lets you do all kinds of things. Come on, I'll show you.

Blaze-Hound transforms to his beast mode and starts to run down the hall, with Max right behind him.

Shockrat: tch. Kids...

Ash: So, Optimus, if you guys had more members, why didn't you wake them up before meeting up with the Predacons.

Optimus: We would have, except during the battle that forced us down here, we had to jettison all the pods into orbit.

May: What? Why would you do that?

Aggronix: It's a standard-issue fail safe. If the pods were in here when we crashed, there would have had a less chance of surviving the trauma. With them in orbit, the pod can navigate to a safer landing once it reaches the atmosphere.

Shockrat: Of course, that leads to another problem. With da Preds on our skid-plates, those pods are easy Pickins' for 'em.

Optimus: He's right. If they ever reached one of them, they could easily reprogram the Maximal Protoform inside into a Predacon.

Gary: Whoa. Isn't that a bit extreme?

Prof. Oak: Not to mention unethical.

Aggronix: Well, as we explained before, Megatron's attack was a surprise since there was peace on Cybertron. So the though of stasis pods with the danger of reprograming was not a large issue.

Optimus: But until one comes, our main concern is megatron.

Chari-Tron: Yes, and his destruction.

Optimus: We're not going to destroy him, we just need to keep him from succeeding his plan. At least long enough to contact Cybertron again.

Shockrat: Yeah, well...that doesn't mean we have to be gentle with him.

Optimus: Shut up, Shockrat.

Ash: Hey, is it cool that we let our pokemon out? I mean it's only right they should know their way around here as well.

Optimus: Hmm... uh, well, I suppose that wouldn't be a problem.

Ash: All right. Come on out guys.

Ash takes out his Poke-balls and releases his pokemon: Swellow, Corphish, Torkoal and Sceptile. The pokemon look in awe at the base and begin looking around the panels and things.

Shockrat: Eh...these guys are housebroken, right? (Aggronix smacks him) Hey!

Optimus: It's remarkable that there is such a variety of these creatures.

May: Well, if you like Ash's pokemon, check out mine.

May releases her pokemon: Bulbasaur, Skitty, Munchlax, Beautifly, Eevee and Blazeiken.

Misty: My turn.

Misty's pokemon are released next: Staryu, Goldeen, Azurill Corsola and Psyduck, which of course holds its head like it has a headache. The preverbal floodgate opened and soon, Brock, Tracy and Gary joined along. The Bridge got small as more pokemon filled the room: Brock's Sudowoodo, Forretress, Ludicolo, and Marshtomp. Tracy's Syther, Venonat and Marill and Gary's, Umbreon, Dodrio and...

Ash: hey, what Pokemon is that?

We focus more on Gary's new Pokemon, a Yellow one with black stripes standing on two legs and has two black tails.

Gary: Oh this guy? This is Electivire. I got him during my visit to the Sinnoh region.

The pokemon just smiled as it waved hello, saying only his name like any other pokemon.

Ash: Cool. Let me see...

He takes out his Pokedex and begins to use it, but before he could...

Shockrat: Hey, I've seen that thing before. May was using one when Optimus had his fight with Chopper-face here.

Ash: Oh this? It's my Pokedex.

Aggronix: Pokedex?

Prof. Oak: It's a hand held device pokemon trainers use as a pokemon encyclopedia. It can identify a pokemon just by pointing its camera at it. It can also analyze it's type and stats, what attacks it can use, it's level, where it originated and it can be used as the trainer's ID.

Optimus: So what you are saying is if it has anything to do with a pokemon, the Pokedex can tell you about it?

Prof. Oak: That's correct. It's also surprisingly indestructibly and can withstand extreme exposure to heat and cold, it's even waterproof.

Chari-Tron: Hmm...quite an ingenious invention.

Prof. Oak: Well, I should say so, I developed the first Pokedex.

Aggronix: So this is your work then?

Prof. Oak: Yes... but not directly. You see I developed the Pokedex of my region, Kanto. The Pokedex that Ash and May use are more updated and was developed by Professor Birch of the Hoenn region.

Shockrat: How many regions do you guys have?

Prof. Oak: if you can have your computer make a larger map, I can show you.

Aggronix starts typing on the keypad again and the Holo-projector now shows a much larger map of the earth. Professor Oak walks over and places his hand over an area.

Prof. Oak: This area is Kanto, where we are now. (moves to another area) Just beyond that is the Johto region, and passed that is Hoenn.

May: That's where Max and I are from.

Tracy: (points to area) And this over here is the Orange Archipelago, where I'm from.

Gary: And further over here is where I went to recently: Sinnoh. Where I got my Electivire.

As this was going on, Ash was working his Pokedex but every time he pointed it towards Electivire...

Ash's Pokedex: (female voice) Sorry, Pokemon Identity not found.

Ash: Ugh! I can't I get this to work.

Gary: Ash, that Pokedex isn't updated to include the pokemon from Sinnoh.

Optimus: Wait, so each Pokedex is only limited to the sector it came from?

Ash: Sector?

Optimus: Another word for region.

Ash: oh.

Gary: Sort of. I managed to have my Pokedex receive an upgrade to include Sinnoh Pokemon.

With that, Gary takes out his Pokedex, which was the same color as Ash's and looked slightly more cylindrical then Ash and May's. He opens it and points it at his Electivire.

Gary: This one allows voice changing.

Gary's Pokedex: (male) Electivire, the Thunderbolt Pokemon. This pokemon is the evolved form of Electabuzz. When it pushes the tips of its two tails against an opponent, it can let loose as much as 20,000 volts of electricity.

Optimus: Incredible.

Aggronix: You thinking what I'm thinking, Optimus?

Optimus: Yes I am. Gary, do you think we could borrow your Pokedex?

Gary: For what?

Aggronix: If we could understand how it works, I should be able to reverse engineer it into our own exo-structures. That way, we each would have our own Encyclopedia on the animals of this world.

Tracy: Is it Possible?

Aggronix: It shouldn't be too hard, all I need is time and Gary's Pokedex.

Gary: Well, I don't see the harm in doing so.

Meanwhile, we turn our attention to Max and Blaze-hound. They were in an empty room and Max hand in his hand Quazar gun like Blaze Hound.

Blaze-Hound: This is our training area, where we practice our aim and our battle skills. When you're on an exploration team, you'd never know when you need to defend yourself.

Max: That is so cool.

Blaze-Hound: So, how about a little race. (Charges gun) First to hit the most in a minute winds.

Max: You're on.

Blaze-Hound: Computer, begin targeting simulation 002.

At that moment, the entire area was coated with a green grid and appearing in a flash were tiny hovering robots.

Blaze-hound: Ready?

Max: As I'll ever be.

They soon begin firing at the drones. With each one hit, they disappear in an instant. Blaze-Hound was hitting quite a lot, but so was Max. it seemed like it was an even match.

Blaze-Hound: Hey, you're not that bad.

Max: It comes with playing video games.

Just when they started, the minute of play was done and all drones faded away.

Computer: (male) Unit Blaze-Hound: 10 points, Opponent Max: 10 points.

Max: Sounds like a tie. How about best two out of three? Unless of course you're chicken.

As he was saying this, he starts spinning the gun in his hand like a western cowboy. Unfortunately, as he was spinning it, the trigger was pulled and it fired another blast, this time it hits one of the above emergency red lights. Of course, once it was blasted off, the Alarms quickly started.

Max: Heh-heh ... oops...

Aggronix was about to begin his examination when the alarms reached the bridge.

Chari-Tron: Grrr... What the slagging inferno is going on?

The sudden alarm spooked most of the pokemon, causing them to run about in panic.

Shockrat: Whoa-hey! Calm down, you little-Yeow! OK, one of them burned my foot!

Optimus: Aggronix, shut the alarms, I'll find the source of it.

Optimus made his way to the lift and started it, taking him outside. Aggronix started to reach for the controls to override the alarm, but as he walked, his foot came down on one of Electivire's Tails. The pokemon howled in pain as the foot came down, when he pulled his foot back, Electivire cradled it's tail in pain, but the gave an angered look at Aggronix.

Aggronix: uh-oh...

Electivire: ELECTI... VIRE!

Before he knew it, Electivire charged up its tails with electricity. Knowing what was coming, Aggronix in a reflex, held his hands out in defense, unfortunately, his hand also had Gary's pokedex in it. Electivire send all 20,000 volts right at Aggronix, but what really got hit was the Pokedex. For a moment, it looked like it was holding its own, even after the attack was finished. Shockrat went over to the control and stopped the alarms, Aggronix opened his optics and looked at the Pokedex in his hand.

Aggronix: Hey...this is tough.

Suddenly, it started to smoke and the Pokedex exploded right in his hands and at his face.

Shockrat: Uh... I think you spoke to soon, big guy.

Gary: MY POKEDEX! Electivire!

The yellow and black pokemon looked at its master with an apologetic look in its eyes. At that moment, Max and Blaze-Hound returned to the bridge.

Max: Hey, is everyone all right in here?

Everyone in the bridge shot glares at the two.

Blaze-Hound: what?

May: I don't know how, but I'm sure this is your fault Max.

Max: What? What did I do?

Aggronix: (groans) it doesn't matter what they did, right now we have another problem. With Gary's Pokedex destroyed, there's no way for me to reverse engineer it so we could use it.

Max: You need a Pokedex? Why not use Ash or May's?

Aggronix: I would but working with a newer model would be more preferred.

Max: Newer model?

Gary: The Pokedex he had was the one I got from the Sinnoh region.

Ash: Wait, I have an idea. Why not go to the Sinnoh Region and get another Pokedex from where you first got it from.

Gary: That would be from Professor Rowan of Sandgem town, but Sinnoh is very far from here. It took me three days to get back to Pallet. I think that would be out of the question to try to go there.

Aggronix: Actually...there might be a way.

Misty: What do you mean?

Shockrat: Your talking about the ship's Warp-gate, aren't you?

Aggronix: That I am. (to the humans) our ship has a device that allows teleportation from great distances on a planet, a transwarp gate. With it, we can upload the coordinates to where Gary got his Pokedex and arrive there in a flash.

Blaze-Hound: But the gate got damaged in the crash.

Aggronix: Not completely. I should have it fixed in about a Mega-Cycle or two.

May: Which is how long in earth time?

Shockrat: an hour.

May: Oh...that's good.

Suddenly, we hear Optimus's voice coming from the speakers inside.

Optimus: Maximals, we have a problem.

Aggronix: (rushes to a console) What's going on, Optimus?

Optimus: My scanners just picked up something flying away from the base, something small.

Ash: Maybe it was a Pidgey, they're common around here.

Optimus: I don't think so. At the time I scanned it, it gave of an energy signature.

Aggronix: You think it was the Predacons?

Chari-Tron: Hmm... It must be Scizornex's. He is equipped with small flying camera drones, Cyber-bees. Which means Megatron now knows what we are up to.

Blaze-Hound: could have just arrived and decided to cheese it when Optimus showed up.

Chari-Tron: Highly unlikely.

Aggronix: Either way, I better get my gears started and fix the Warp-gate.

Meanwhile, at a much further area, in a large meadow we see a Feraligatr, a Scizor, a Aerodactyl and a Beedrill were making their way towards a lake. A closer look shows that it is the Predacons in their beast modes: Aerosaur, Bee-Driller, Scizornex and their leader Megatron.

Megatron: Ahh...such a beautiful lake, and what a lovely view too. I believe that this will make a grand location for a second Predacon Base. Yess...

Scizornex: Yes, oh great Megatron. It is a perfect location.

Bee-Driller: Ooh, Bee-Driller agrees.

Aerosaur:'s all right, I guess. I still say we should set it up closer to the volcano.

Megatron: While that would have been good, Aerosaur, the volcano's lava would have made it as dangerous for us as it would the Maximals. As much as I loved to see them in pain, I would prefer not to join along with them. Noo...

At that moment, the inside of Scizornex started to make a beep noise.

Scizornex: Huh?

Aerosaur: What's wrong, Scizornex, your "check engine" light's on?

Scizornex: It's my beacon. One of my Cyber-bees found something. Scizornex: Terrorize!

He transforms to Robot mode and we see that it's his Predacon symbol beeping. In the air we see a a small black and red robot bug, which was indeed Scizornex's Cyber-bee. The Bee comes closer and lands on Scizornex's claw hand.

Megatron: Allow me to examen it, Scizornex. Megatron, Terrorize!

Now Megatron transforms to robot mode, he takes the Cyber-bee with his free hand and pulls out a wire on it. He plugs the other end into his head and his optics turn white.

Megatron: found the Maximal base. Interesting, the Humans are there as well. Wait...what's this... A Pokedex? Able to-(Gasp).

Scizornex: (worried) Megatron?

Megatron: (pulls out plug) Predacons, we must return to our base. There is something the Maximals have discovered.

Aerosaur: Wait, rewind, discovered what?

Megatron: Don't Argue with me, just go! I'll explain when we return. Beast Mode!

Megatron Transforms back into his pokemon beast form, as does Scizornex. They all begin rushing back where they came from, back to their ship they are using as a base.

Megatron: (thinking) So, Maximals, you think you can gain an advantage on the great Megatron? You will learn just yet. Yess...

And there goes chapter one of my next Pokemon Wars fic. I'm really sorry for taking so long. Lets face it, writers block really got the better of me before. But now I've got my juices flowing and soon I'll be back to my other fics. To my devoted fans, thanks for waiting so long.
Now, what will Megatron do to Stop Optimus Primal and his Maximals from achieving their goal? Keep reading to find out.