Hello readers, Here's part 3 of my story

Ash looked at the new trainer and his pokemon...at least he hoped it was a real pokemon. The trainer, named Paul, just arrive at Professor Rowen's laboratory, challenging Ash to a pokemon battle. Brock, Misty, May and the others had worried looks in their eyes as they all wondered the same thing: was it a real Feraligatr or was it the Predacon leader Megatron in disguise? It was Megatron of course by they did not know, as the predacon hoped for. Paul spoke again.

"So Ash, what do you say? Do you accept my challenge?" Paul asked in a challenge tone. Ash took a small glance at Optimus; the Maximal leader looked just as concerned as he was. "What kind of battle are we talking about?"

"I've traveled through many regions and I've heard of your skill with pokemon training. As of right now, I have three pokemon, including my Feraligatr here." Paul said gesturing the Predacon leader in disguise, who roared "Feraligatr" and glared at Optimus, still in his Blastoise beast mode. Paul continued, "So I'm going for a three-on-three match. I'd like to see how I match up to this so called great pokemon trainer."

Ash looks over the trainer, he seemed truthful, but after dealing with the Predacons, and the sudden arrival him and the Feraligatr, he had to think twice before choosing. "Well, would it be all right if I talk with my friends for a moment?" Paul shrugged, "I don't see a problem" he smiles and added "if I were you, I'd see about trading my weaker pokemon with some of their more stronger ones if you want any hope of beating me."

The others were surprised by what the trainer said, but despite this, Ash had his friends, along with the Maximals huddle together, Dawn looked over this as she was holding onto the Piplup, the one she decided to be her starter pokemon "Well, this sure is lucky. I'll get a first hand look on how a pokemon battle goes." Piplup agreed in a soft tone. Ash and the others talk about what they were gonna do, they whispered softly so no one could hear.

"What do you guys think?" he asked "Well, its hard to say," Optimus said softly "If I could activate my scanners, I can tell if it's Megatron or not, but I don't want to risk revealing ourselves to Dawn and Professor Rowen, who knows what they'll do?"

"I say decline the challenge" Misty voted, "If that IS Megatron, then your pokemon won't stand a chance." Chari-Tron voiced his thought "Not exactly. If one of us pose as the boy's pokemon, the odds will be even."

"I like that idea" Max said nodding. "but what if it is a real Feraligatr" Ash wondered, "I wouldn't feel right using you guys."

"Ash, just say no to him. No one would think of you otherwise because of it." May said, but her Brother disagreed. "That guy would, Sis. You heard what he said about his skill, and thinking that he'd trade his pokemon with one of yours. This guy could give Ash a bad name if he declines."

"I agree with Max," Gary said, "Ash doesn't deserve his name sullied by this jerk."

"If Ash accepts, we can find out for sure if it is Megatron." Brock voiced, Ash sighed, "I wish Tracey was with us, he'd probably be sure. But since he's not here, we have to find our ourselves." He said, accepting the challenge. He then turns to Shockrat "you have type advantage, you can-" But Shockrat was already shaking his head "Forget it, Hat boy, I ain't fighting against Megatron."

"I'll do it," Optimus said. "I couldn't sent anyone else." But Misty kept shaking her head "No, we can't. Ash please reconsider. Decline the challenge" she begged Ash, but his eyes gave her the familiar look that meant his mind was made up "I'm sorry Misty, I have to do this." He turns to Optimus, who nods. The group breaks their tight huddle and as the two faced Paul.

"Ok, Paul, I accept your challenge. Three against three." Paul smiled, "Perfect." He then turns to Prof. Rowen, "I hope you will allow us to have our battle in your back yard" he asked. The Professor gave a nod "I don't see a problem with that."

Time passes as we see the group outside, just behind Professor Rowen's house and laboratory. The man had arranged a small battle field, around the meadow and by a lake. Paul and Megatron stood at one end, while Ash, Pikachu and Optimus Primal stood at the other. Ash's friends, Dawn with Piplup and the other Maximals stood in the sidelines.

Brock stands in the middle and speaks loud "I shall Referee this match. It will be a three-on-three pokemon Battle, no trainer is allowed any substitutions during a match, whoever wins best two out of three will be the winner." He turns to both As and Paul, "are both trainers ready?"

The two nodded, "I'm ready," Paul said. Ash added "So am I." "Then call out your first pokemon." Brock announced. Paul reaches in his pockets for a poke-ball. It grew to its larger size and he tosses it, "Standby, Chimchar!"

The ball opens, releasing the pokemon, a Chimchar, much like the one offered to Dawn. "Another Chimchar." the beginner trainer said, "I wonder what Ash will use?" she wondered.

Ash reaches for his belt and takes his own poke-ball out. "Aipom, I choose you!" he shouts, Ash throws it, releasing his pokemon, a small purple monkey pokemon, Aipom. Dawn opens her Pokedex to get better info about it, it spoke in a female synthesized voice.

"Aipom, the long tail pokemon. Aipom's tail ends in a hand-like appendage that can be cleverly manipulated. However, because the pokemon uses its tail so much, its real hands have become rather clumsy."

Brock raises his hands referee style "Begin!"

"Aipom, use Swift attack!" Ash ordered, the purple pokemon jumps as it swings its tail. Energy forms as it shot stars at Paul's Chimchar.

"Chimchar, use Ember." Paul Ordered. The Fire pokemon shot small flames at the attack, which cause an explosion on contact.

"Aipom, Focus punch!" Aipom nodded, the fist on its tail started to glow as it charged energy. But Paul acted fast. "Quick, before it can use it, Use Fire Wheel."

Chimchar Jumped and tucked into a ball, as it started to roll, fire consumed its body, it rolled right onto Aipom, striking it and canceling the charging process of its Focus Punch. Dawn looked surprised at this "What happened to Aipom's fist?" she asked, Prof. Rowen began to explain "Focus Punch needs time to charge up, but if the pokemon using it gets attacked, it gets canceled out."

"Come on Ash, you can do it!" Misty cheers, Ash gave a smile as he gave out new orders. "Aipom, use Double team!" The Pokemon jumps and soon, it starts creating energy copies of itself, Paul's Chimchar looked around, worried at which was the real Aipom.

Paul got annoyed at his Pokemon's actions, "Don't just stand there! Use Ember all around!" The little monkey spun around as it shot another small flame, it hits all the copies, which faded away, until the real Aipom was left.

"Scratch attack now!" Chimchar charged at Aipom and started clawing at it, delivering serious blows.

"Not good, not good at all." Max said worried, but May didn't show worry, "It's not over yet."

"Aipom, jump back and try another Focus Punch!" Ash ordered. Aipom manages to move away from Chimchar as its fist started glowing again. Paul looked unimpressed, "This again? Please. Chimchar, Fire Wheel again."

The fire monkey charges with another Fire Wheel, but just as it was about to hit. "JUMP AIPOM!" Ash shouted. Aipom does as he said and dodged the attack this time, its fist glowed brighter than ever, show that it was fully charged. Paul looked nervous as Ash Smiled "Now Aipom, Unleash it!"

The fist on the tail came crashing down on the little fire pokemon, it struck hard with a direct hit. Chimchar bounced a bit in recoil before it started to struggle back up. Paul growled "Come on, get up! Don't you dare go back down!" The others were surprised by Paul's tone. Chimchar was on his feet, but suddenly, it tripped, it couldn't stand up as it passed out.

Brock raised his hand over to Ash's side, "Chimchar is unable to battle, Aipom is the winner. Point goes to Ash." Ash cheered at his first victory, as did his friends, but Paul was furious as he recalled his pokemon. "Nice going, worthless pokemon." he said under his breath, the others heard him though and looked repulsed "What's with this guy? I've never heard anyone talk to their pokemon like that." Misty said. "I don't like it either." Dawn added. As they were talking, Ash recalled Aipom. "You did well, Aipom, rest for now." He turns to Paul, "Well, Paul, time for Round 2."

"It sure is!" the Lavender haired trainer said as he takes out another poke-ball. "Elekid, Standby!"

Paul calls out another pokemon, his Elekid, who sparked its plug-like horns in preparedness. Dawn looks into her Pokedex for this pokemon as well.

"Elekid, the Electric Pokemon. Elekid stores electricity in its body. If it touches metal and accidentally discharges all its built-up electricity, this pokemon begins swinging its arms in circles to recharge itself."

"An Electric type huh?" Ash gave a smile to his long time pokemon companion "Well looks like you're up Pikachu. I choose you." Pikachu jumps off of Ash's shoulders and entered the battle zone. Brock raised his hands again "Begin the battle."

"Pikachu, Thunderbolt!" Ash ordered. Pikachu's cheeks start sparking as it released a powerful thunderbolt, but being an electric type too, the attack had little effect, Elekid even absorbed some of it. "Ha! What a rookie move." Paul said with a grin "Elekid, counter with Thunder." Elekid spun its arms around, generating electricity. Its horns shot the bolt right at Pikachu, who took the attack, but it had little damage as well and the mouse pokemon manages to land perfectly.

"Ok, Pikachu. Agility!" Pikachu begins running around, its speed increasing with each run. Elekid tries using its thunderbolt but it missed its mark, That's when Ash said, "Quick attack now!"

Pikachu charged at Elekid and just plowed right into it, sending the Electric pokemon back a bit. As this was going on, Megatron kept a close eye on the match. 'The boy is good, his skill with controlling his creatures is very good indeed. Yess...' he thought to himself 'but the fool doesn't realize that he's lost.' he adds as he looks over to the Laboratory.

Inside Professor Rowen's Laboratory, we see movement. One of the air vents pops open and we see an Ariados crawl its way in. As it crawls, The Turtwig and Chimchar saw it and began to confront the spider pokemon, but then it shot a web at the two, trapping them. The two pokemon struggle but they get shocked by the web and passed out. "I'll come back for you two later, I can use a snack " The Ariados spoke with a laugh, revealing that its the Predacon Ariadox. He crawled and made his way into Professor Rowen's laboratory, he stops right in front of the several computers.

"Ah, this looks like what we're looking for. Ariadox: Terrorize!" He shouts as he transforms into Robot mode and approaches the computers. "Now, while Those pathetic humans have their battle, I'll Extract all information on these computers. The Predacons...as well as myself, will have all the info on every pokemon in existence."

He reaches into his compartment and pulls out a visor, he places it on and plugs in into the computer. "Begin infiltration subroutines" he ordered his internal computer, which responded "Acknowledge" in a female voice. The visor glows as he begin to enter the system. He laughs maniacally as he hacks his way in.

Outside, back at the battle, Elekid performs a Thunder Punch, but misses with Pikachu's Agility still active. "Now Pikachu, use Volt-Tackle!" ash ordered. Pikachu starts charging at the Elekid, electricity forming around the little mouse pokemon. Paul looked surprised at this "a Volt tackle..." he said to himself, his eyes narrowed "Elekid dodge" but Elekid was too late as Pikachu struck the Pokemon with a lightning charged tackle, sending Elekid flying.

"No! Get up!" he shouts. Elekid looked hurt but it wasn't backing down. "Nice job Pikachu, another Volt tackle should finish this!" Ash cheered. Pikachu took some distance and began another Volt Tackle. Paul gave a smile "not this time. Elekid, use Protect!" He ordered, Elekid crossed its arms as a force field generated around the pokemon. Pikachu made contact, only to hit the barrier and get sent flying. "No! Pikachu!" Ash shouted in worry as Pikachu landed hard.

"Oh no, that didn't look good at all" Dawn said. "No it didn't" Prof. Rowen added "a Pokemon using Volt Tackle is expected to injure itself when attacking...but by using protect, Paul saved his pokemon from a fatal blow." "This trainer is quite clever" Prof Oak said.

Aggronix, Blaze Hound, Shockrat and Chari-Tron were looking on in interest of the battle, Chari-Tron mostly focusing on the Feraligatr Megatron. they whispered among themselves as Blaze-hound said 'this is intense" "eh...it's no gladiator battle back on cybertron, but this is pretty good too" Shockrat added "they fight with great honor...it almost makes me wish I was fighting" Chari-Tron added. however, as they focused on the fight, Shockrat's ears picked up a strange sound...coming from back in the laboratory. making sure everyone was focused on the fighting, Shockrat slipped out and followed the sound.

Back in the Battle, Paul taunted "are we done?" Pikachu answered by getting back up, injured but still filled with fight. "you still up for more?" Ash asked, pikachu nodded, but Paul just smirked "please, this fight is over." "Not yet it isn't. Pikachu, Iron Tail!" Ash ordered. Pikachu jumped, it's tail charging with energy as it let loose an Iron Tail strike "Brick Break Elekid!" Paul shouted, his Pokemon charged its fits as it grappled with Pikachu's Iron tail "impressive, but Elekid still has another arm. Use Thunder Punch!" Paul shouted, Elekid's free arm charges with electricity.

"Pikachu, watch out!" Ash shouted, Pikachu jumped and dodged the thunder punch, flipped and delivered its iron tail strike, sending Elekid back "quick, Brick Break again!" Elekid sends another punch Pikachu's way, this one striking and sending the mouse back "Pikachu" ash called out worried, Pikachu stumbled a bit but it wasn't going down. "I have to say, for a little pokemon, your Pikachu is strong" Paul said "but my Elekid is stronger. Finish it, Elekid! Thunder punch!" Paul ordered, Elekid charged its fist one more time "pikachu, Quick attack!" Ash ordered and pikachu ran to Elekid, both attacked collided with one another, sending sparks flying. Everyone took cover as the strike raised the dirt into a cloud. Everyone looked on as the smoke cleared, they look in surprise as both Pikachu and Elekid are on the ground unconscious

Brock raised both hands "both pokemon are unable to battle. This round ends in a draw!" He shouts. Ash rushes to Pikachu's side and lifts the mouse up "are you ok, Pikachu?" he asked. The pokemon woke up, and let out a weary "pika" it was hurt but still all right "you fought well...you deserve a rest." Paul recalled Elekid into his poke-ball "couldn't handle it, could you?" He asked bitterly, then noticed Ash's behavior "aren't you gonna put yours in its ball?" he asked. Ash gave a glare "Pikachu hates being in its poke-ball." Paul laughed "do you always spoil your pokemon like that? Maybe that's why it couldn't win" he taunted.

Ash gave a low growl, but it was Misty who fought back "hey! Your Elekid didn't win either, so I wouldn't be boasting if I were you!" Paul glared at her, then turned to Ash "you might want to keep your girlfriend in check, otherwise she might get herself in trouble" "What did you just say, Punk?!" Misty shouted, May and Max had to hold her down "easy Misty, he's just trying to get you mad" May said, "well it's working" Misty said back. "hey, leave her out of this" Ash said, "You're battling me, now let's get the third round going" Ash handed Pikachu to Gary and went back to his position "and for the Record, she is not my girlfriend."

"like I care" Paul said, then looked at Megatron "Feraligatr, Standby." He ordered, Megatron stomped towards the center of the field. Ash looked over at Optimus, who nods. "Alight. Blastoise, I choose you." He says, Optimus walks over to the field. Brock looked nervous but waived his arms "begin!"

"Feraligatr, Hydro-Pump!" Paul ordered. Megatron roared "Feraligatr" before opening his mouth to fire a blast of pressured water. "Withdraw Blastoise!" Ash called out. Optimus entered his shell, the water hits and pushes him back. Inside the shell, Optimus worried. He only knows three pokemon moves, Hydro-Pump and Withdraw from his fight with Chari-Tron, and the fluke of using Skull-bash with Megatron in the Energon Mountain. He gets an idea and activates his communicator "Optimus to base. Come in, Aggronix."

Back at the Axiom, we see Aggronix and Tracey monitoring when they received the call. "Optimus to base. Come in, Aggronix."

"Optimus? What's going on, are you in Danger?" Aggronix asked "Somewhat. I'm in a battle with what I believe is Megatron. He seems to have allied himself with a human." Optimus explained through the coms. "I'm not too familiar with Pokemon attacks and I have a feeling Ash might forget that during the fight, this human is really getting to him. Tracey, they say you're more familiar with pokemon. I'll need you to describe the way the attack works when Ash calls them out. I have to stay in cover until I can prove it really is Megatron."

"Okay, Optimus" Tracey said, "I'll talk you through it."

Megatron finished his Hydro-Pump and waits to see what will happen next. Optimus emerges from his shell and glares. "ok, Blastoise, use Skull-Bash" Ash called out. Optimus knew this attack, he ran right at Megatron, His skull glowing as it charged. "Quick, use Iron Tail!" Paul shouted. Megatron smacks his tail on the ground, it charges with energy as well. Optimus didn't hear the attack, nor the sound of Ash trying to stop him, his skull-bash was too focused. Megatron waits for the right moment and swings, striking Optimus just as he came, sending him flying. "NO!" Ash called out. Optimus activates his internal stabilizers, allowing him to land on the ground on his feet.

"Are you all right?" Ash asked. Optimus gave a nod saying, "Blastoise."

"Your Blastoise is pretty strong. Since you're from the Kanto Region, I'm guessing that's your starter." Paul said with a guess. "Not quite" Ash started to say, "That Honor belongs to Pikachu." Paul looked surprised at this "You started with a Pikachu? Hah, your fame must have all been dumb luck. Pikachus are very hard to train with. No wonder you let it stay out of its ball" the trainer sneered, making Ash glare at him "well, at least I don't call my pokemon worthless, unlike you. Makes me wonder if your skills are even that good." He gave a smile, proud of the little jab he gave, Paul looked fuming mad at that, "Feraligatr, Hyper-Beam!" he ordered. Megatron groaned and opens its mouth again, this time, energy starts forming into an orb.

Ash gasped at the sudden attack coming, "Blastoise, use your own Hyper-Beam!" He shouted. Optimus looked nervous, but just then, he hears Tracy in his communicator "Optimus, load the Hydro-Cannons, you have to focus on building energy" He said, then Aggronix added "Think of it as a Plasma charge"

Knowing what to do now, Optimus loads his Cannons out, both pop from his shell and charge much like Megatron. He takes to the air the moment he is fully charged, it fires into two beams, then combined into one. Megatron releases his own Hyper-Beam, both blast come together, forming a violent explosion, creating a large dust cloud. Everyone had to cover their eyes when the dust rose, after a moment, the dust cleared and both Megatron and Optimus stood glaring, both breathing heavy as the drain from the Hyper-Beam started to take its toll. Both trainers waited for then to regain their strength to attack again.

As all of this was going on before, Shockrat followed the noise he heard right into Prof. Rowen's Laboratory. Sneaking in through the window, he lets out a light gasp as he saw the Turtwig and Chimchar left behind struggling to fight off the web that held them in place. "Something fishy is going on here." Shockrat said to himself. He tip-toed throughout the house and closer to the central laboratory. That's when he saw it.

Ariadox, the Predacon's scientist, was downloading files from Prof. Rowens computers. Shockrat looked surprised then frowned "looks like I owe Chopper-face 20 credits" he whispered. He steps back a bit then, "Shockrat: Maximize" he transforms into his robot mode and draws his rifle.

Ariadox continues analyzing the data when he hear the cocking sound of a rifle. "Hands up, right where I can see them, Predacon." Shockrat threatened, arming his Rifle at the predacon's head. Ariadox did as he said and held his claw hands up

"That's more Like it" he said, then he activates his internal com "Shockrat to Optimus, we've got a situation"

Back in the Battle, Optimus and Megatron were getting ready to fight again as their energy came back. That's when Optimus' Com came on "Hey, you reading me, Boss Turtle? We got Problems" Shockrat asked, luckily Optimus had it set that only he could hear him. Without another word, he entered his shell. "huh, guess your pokemon play by their own rules, some trainer you are." Paul said with a sneer Feraligatr, Iron Tail!" Megatron charges at the Withdrawn Optimus.

In his shell, Optimus began speaking "That is Megatron?" he asked, Shockrat replied "Yeah, and I caught his spider scientist, he was downloading files...pokemon Data. but I stopped him. You're gonna have to make Megs transform to expose him, that way you and the others can 86 the piece of slag" he finished.

Megatron's tail glowing with energy. as he jumps, his tail ready to strike, but suddenly, the shell jumps away and Optimus comes out from it. The Iron Tail misses and hits the ground.

"Are you all right?" Ash asked, Optimus raised a thumb, signalizing that he's ok. "Ok, let's show him we're not done yet. Another Skull Bash!"

Optimus Charges at Megatron, his Skull glowing as he strikes him down, making him hit a tree. "Oh...that's gotta hurt" Max said looking at it. "Come on, Get up!" Paul Order "I am not losing this match!" Megatron started to get up, but stumbled a bit, that blow must have did more damage than anticipated. "Use Mega-Punch" Paul ordered. Megatron began charging at Optimus, his fist glowing with energy "Withdraw Again, Blastoise, and use Rapid Spin" Ash said, Optimus entered his Shell again. He didn't need to ask Tracy, he had a pretty good idea on what to do. Megatron struck only the shell with his Mega-punch, but suddenly, the shell began spinning, it spun around Megatron before it went for him like a Koopa Shell, striking hard and fast, making him fall on his back.

Optimus got out of his shell but his head looked dizzy, he soon shook it off. Megatron got back up, looking more angry than ever. Optimus charges at him, Megatron got ready and grabbed his arms, putting Optimus in a Grapple "Come on, force him off!" Paul said "Keep it up, Blastoise, you got this" Ash called out. The two continued their grip on one another, making sure only Megatron would hear, Optimus began speaking.

"I know its you Megatron, and you're already defeated" Megatron looked surprised "Shockrat has Ariadox at blaster point, pulling the plug on your plan" Optimus finished with a smile. He waited for his reaction, hoping that his plan would work.

His plan was to make Megatron angry, both at his Pokemon Battling Prowess and revealing that he knows his plan. With this Knowledge, he knew that Megatron would take more drastic measures to win...I.E. Transforming

"Use another Hyper Beam, Feraligatr" Paul Ordered "Do it!" "NO!" Megatron Shouts, exposing himself, making Everyone gasp "Did...did that pokemon just talk?" Dawn asked. Megatron forces himself out of the grapple, taking a few steps back. "Its time to end this charade. Megatron: TERRORIZE!"

Megatron Transforms into his Robot Mode, surprising everyone, especially Dawn "That...that's a Robot!" she shouted. "He's not the only one" Ash said, before she could ask, Optimus broke cover as Well "Optimus Primal: Maximize!" He transforms into his Robot Mode, his sword folding out. "We had a Deal, Megatron!" Paul said, "Circumstances has changed, Paul" Megatron answered "I will not go down so easily, We settle this like Transformers!" he said. Optimus takes a stance, Smiling "That's sounds Prime to me, Megatron." The two stood, ready to attack one another, this time, as Maximal and Predacon

God, it's been over a year, I am so sorry everyone. Things kept coming up and I've been busy. But after having some time, I finally finished this damn chapter. Thank you to those who have been patient. I'm still gonna work on this baby