Slight Sasunaru or it can be just friendship

Disclaimer… I do not own Naruto or else Sasuke and Naruto would have kissed in every chapter, and they would already have their own apartment together XD… Oh and the drawings would be super crappy XD

"Sasuke, what kind of weather do you like best?" An orange wearing blond haired ninja asked the quiet, stoic, and brunette ninja.

"Why do you want to know?" Sasuke spat out.

"Geez I'm just curious, if you tell me yours then I'll tell you mine." The blond suggested.

"Whatever Naruto… I like it when it snows." Sasuke told him. He'd calmed down, and made himself sound more pleasant.

"I like the rain. But why do you like snow?" Naruto asked. Sasuke didn't really mind opening up to the blond bag of energy, but he was curious why the blond wanted to know his favorite season, and why the two of them weren't fighting.

"The snow is just…mysterious. You don't know when it's going to go away. Or if it ever will. It's cold but calming. "Sasuke explained his thoughts, while having other things on his mind. "So what do you like about the rain?"

"Well… It too is calming. The rain comes in different amounts. It can either drench you and make you soaked. Or it can just sprinkle and make and make the day look… well you know what I mean" Naruto said, not knowing what else to say. He looked over to look at Sasuke, and noticed that he was nodding his head showing he understood. Naruto grinned as he and the brunette boy started walking to their destinations.

"Naruto, the rain and snow have one thing in common," Sasuke looked over to see that Naruto stopped walking to look at him.

"Yeah, and what is it? That they're both made out of water?" The blond asked.

"No not only that," Sasuke reached out to grab Naruto's hand to start walking again. "But that once it stops raining, or the snow melts away. You'd get to see a nice, beautiful day with all your friends." Sasuke told him smiling, a real smile. Naruto smiled as he noticed that it was the first time he saw him smile a real smile.

"Thank you, Sasuke" Naruto whispered under his breath.