"At least he said goodbye… sorta." Abby said to herself, sitting in her lab, alone.

The room was quite, except for the gentle humming of the machines and Abby's shallow breathing. Gibbs was on her mind. As if she could ever get it off of him. She sighed. He confused her so damn much sometimes! He'd always distance himself from her, but then she'd reel him back in. And just before they gave in to the intense sexual tension between them… he'd back off.

He wouldn't come to her lab for days. He'd send Tony or Ziva. Hell, he'd even sent Jimmy once, and that really pissed her off. It wasn't so much Jimmy, just the fact that Gibbs couldn't buck up and get his ass down here. Then, he'd saunter on in, acting as if nothing had happened. Abby would be ready to yell at him, but just seeing him… and she'd suddenly forget why she was mad at him in the first place. It was the same every single time. Until now.

A few weeks ago Gibbs and her had come to their tipping points. It was late. Gibbs was in Abby's lab, wondering why she was still here. He snuck up on her quietly, while she was staring at the computer screen, waiting on results from an AFIS search.

He leaned down softly, whispering in her ear, "Abigail."

She breathed in sharply, but didn't move. Her eyes fluttered as his lips grazed her pale flesh. Her body forgot how to breathe as he hovered there.

"Why are you still here?" He whispered, his lips still barely touching her skin.

"I… I was waiting on the… results." She said, distracted, not even remembering the search.

He'd would have kissed her. She could feel it coming. To bad AFIS found a match just at the wrong time. The computer beeped and he breathed out an unsatisfied sigh. Her stomach churned as he pulled away, leaving the room, not even bothering to stay for the print match. She knew that was it, he was backing off.

And back off he did. That was the closest they had gotten to each other, and the longest he'd stayed away. It wasn't until a week ago that he started turning up in her lab again and he still wasn't saying more than five word sentences to her. She was hurt. She thought that the last time was it.

"What am I thinking? It's Gibbs. He'd never actually… do something." She thought, wallowing in self-disgust and depression.

"Do what, Abs?" Gibbs asked, smiling, bringing in DNA samples of the victim, a cigarette butt found at the scene, and a single bullet pulled out of the body.

Abby looked up, not smiling, new anger at Gibbs found. She didn't even want to speak to him, let alone process evidence that HE had brought her.

"Nothing." She almost spat.

"Ouch. Did I do something wrong?"

"Of course not. You never do anything wrong." Abby replied spitefully, snatching the evidence from his hands, signing them all, and ripping one open.

"Abby, are you okay?"

"I'm fine. I'll have results for you… when I have them. But knowing you, you'll be here well before I'd have them and while you're just standing there the mass/spec will beep or the computer will find a match and you'll be a happy little person."

Gibbs' face looked completely confused as he said, "Um… okay, Abby. I'll be back."

"And I won't be waiting." She said, still seething.

Not only was Jethro confused as he stepped into the elevator, he was a little hurt. Just an hour ago, Abby was… happy. And now she's just plain angry at him. He hit the stop switch on the elevator, sighing. God, it was like having a wife again. No… no it wasn't. It was the complete opposite. Abby is everything his exes weren't. She's amazing, beautiful, perfect. He smiled to himself, thinking about how he always flirted with her without meaning to and she always flirted back.

His mood darkened, though, as he thought how sometimes their flirting went a little too far, especially a few weeks ago. Not that he wouldn't consider it too far now… but he did then. He'd almost kissed her. His lips were on her skin. And then he'd done the worst thing, he'd left. It took him a while to get over that, knowing that if he went down there, he'd be all over her in an instant. When Palmer came back with Caf-Pow all over himself, Gibbs took that as a sign he needed to apologize.

So he went down there, controlled himself as best as he could. He didn't say much, just wanted results. Things between them had been getting better, too. It was as if she was slowly pulling him back in. His hands ran over his face, knowing all he wanted was Abby. And now she hated him… well, she's pissed at him. What was he supposed to do? He flipped the switch again, turning the elevator back on, hoping that working might take his mind off of Abby. He knew it wouldn't, but he could sure as hell try.