Title: Cry on My Shoulder

Author: devilishgiirl

Disclaimer: For this chapter, I must thank Little Miss A for giving me the permission to use the idea of her one-shot story. It really fits here a lot. Really thank you. s/4993014/1/ That's the story link if you are interested. I still don't own Ben 10 AF. Not in a million years.

So, here's another update. I must say I can't really update that often. Well, first, I always use about 3 days to complete a chapter. Second, I'm having a major exam this year. However, I will still be updating. Anyways, this chapter will be in Julie's point of view. I must agree with Little Miss A's opinion on Pet Project. I watched it and I love it. The Bwen scenes and the 'Okay, I'm really angry now'. Those really make my day.

Reasons why Pet Project is one of the best episode:

-When Julie says that Ben had said that he didn't want to have anything to do with ship and he denied, but when Gwen said he did. He shut up immediately. Get what I mean?

-Well, Benlie argued! Why can't they just fight and break off. No offence, but Julie is like a burden to Ben!

-The cute scene when Ben and Gwen were reading the newspaper.

-When Gwen got hurt, Ben said 'Okay, I'm really angry now" and he transformed.

-After Ben turned into Swampfire and wanted to hurt the being-controlled-Ship, Julie exclaimed, "No, Ben, no!" But the best part is, Kevin fired and said, "Now, Ben, now!" This made me cracked up.

-Not to forget the little KevinXJulie scene there when Kevin got hurt around the beginning.

That's all I could think of for now. I think it's time for the story to get started!

I stared as the Tennyson cousin shared the hug. Isn't it supposed to be me hugging Ben? Comforting him? I know they are family but I can feel the difference between a family hug and a boy-and-girl hug. If anyone was there, they could have sense it too. I turned and look at Kevin. He shrugged. Weird, isn't he supposed to be Gwen's boyfriend? Or do Ben and Gwen does this so often that Kevin got so used to it. I don't know and I don't want to think about it. But it just wouldn't get off my head. My thoughts just keep wondering about!

That scene, that stupid scene, it keep replaying in my mind, the scene where Gwen just took out a key and opened the door to Ben's house. Okay, I know they are cousins but so what!? I don't have a key to my cousins' house? And I don't see other people doing that. I know that they have known each other for like their whole life and they spent a whole summer risking their lives for each other. But I'm his girlfriend for 3 years, isn't he supposed to give me his keys too? His parents had met me before, they know me!

Talking about parents, I seriously don't like the way Gwen talked to his parents. From the way they talked, I could hear the informality between them and the close relationship they are sharing. Even though I've met Ben's parents for the past three years, we still talk to each other so formally. From an outsider view, they may even think that we're merely strangers who just met! URGH! Why am I thinking all this? Jealous? Of course I am!

Finally, they broke the hug. We are now heading home, I guess. But when I reached out my hand to open the back door, he interrupts me.

"No, Julie, let Gwen sit at the back."

Both Gwen and I turned to look at him, I could see that Gwen's a little big shocked and I'm not really happy with this, but none of us protest. I know that Ben need someone by his side now, but it isn't me. It's her, Gwen. I went to sit in the front. None of us talk. From the rear mirror, I could see Gwen's hand holding's Ben, comforting him. I guess both of them finally realized it. But I'm not giving up just like that. My mind went back to three years ago, when Ship got kidnapped.

It was that particular day when I found out Ben's secret. A secret that he himself doesn't even realize. He's so concerned about Gwen. He put her in front of everything. Yes, everything and that includes me. When I wanted to go along with them to save Ship, he protested. At first, I thought he said that because he's worried of my safety like what he said. Maybe he's concern about my safety that time but he didn't realized that the main reason why he doesn't want me to tag along is because he don't want to show me that he cares for Gwen, more than anything else. He may not know, but I noticed it. Both of them are risking their own life for each other. Gwen kept fighting to keep Ben and also Kevin safe. But it's mostly Ben.

There's one time when the power from the other side is too much for Gwen and she got hurt, it's was then when Ben showed his true feelings. Kevin rushed to her side. Ben was by my side and is still in his human form. He stood up immediately after Gwen got hurt, I could see the rage flaming in his eyes. He got so angry that he forgot that I was there and he just said "Okay, I'm really angry now" and then he transformed. To Swampfire? I couldn't remember. But I remember clearly how cold and hard his voice was. I knew at that time, nothing was in his eyes anymore except the injured Gwen and the enemies.

He didn't even listen to me! He wanted to harm the under-control-Ship. It's Ship we are talking about! Ship is somehow like a memorial to our first date but because of Gwen, he wanted to hurt him. I remember myself trying to stop him.

"No, Ben, no!" He hesistated awhile but Kevin ruin it.

"Now, Ben, now!" Kevin exclaimed. Kevin is angry too. He and Gwen had something going on at that time. It was then Ben set a ring of circle blocking Ship.

From that day onwards, I knew that Gwen meant a lot to Ben.

Not to forget, Ben listens to Gwen. I remember we had a small fight over Ship got kidnapped. I said that he once said that he wants nothing to do with Ship and he denied. Gwen heard our argument and said to Ben, "Yes, you did." Ben wanted to protest at first but he didn't, he kept his mouth shut after that. Gwen has such effect on him. I'm his girlfriend, but he didn't listen to me. Gwen's merely a cousin and he listens to her everything. I know they are family but…

"Kevin, can we not go home?" Gwen's voice interrupt my thoughts, she continued, "Let's go to the Rustbucket."

Rustbucket? What's that? I turned my head a little and saw Gwen gave Ben a comforting smile and Ben returned a small smile. He still seem so expressionless, the only person he will show some feelings to is Gwen only. What exactly happen to him? I don't know. And suddenly, I thought of Ben's parents' words, "I think we would leave the why part for Ben to explain it to you."They are talking to Gwen only. Kevin and I aren't included in the 'you'.

I guess the days for me to have a place in Ben's heart are nearly gone. Gwen was so worried about him. It was all written on her face. She was so worried about Ben. I could see that. I said before that I won't give any hints to Ben about his subconscious love for Gwen because I want him to be mine a little longer. But I guess three years were more than enough for the two of them to realize this.

The car stopped. We got out of the car. I notice a van standing in front of us. I guess that's the Rustbucket? We went in; I can see that people can actually live in here. Everything needed- beds, cutlery, tables etc are all nearly here. Ben sat on the lower bunk of the bed. He's been really quiet since we've found him. Both Gwen and Kevin had tried to make him talk but failed. Gwen went to sit next to him.

"You still remember the summer 8 years ago? We hated each other to the core. And I remember that I used to sleep on this lower bunk of the bed and you the upper bunk. Right, Ben?" Gwen asked but Ben's still not opening his mouth. No wonder Gwen chose to come here instead of going home. It's the place where everything between them started.

"Ben, we used to hate each other, but we still help and care for each other. You always tell me all your problems, no matter what. You can do the same now too. Please, tell us what exactly had happen." Still, no reply. Gwen lifted her head and look at us. Kevin looks worried but shrugged, she look at me. I just merely stare back. She sighed. Gwen keeps trying all types of method to make Ben talk with Kevin and I standing one side, silently. I guess Kevin knows that it isn't a good time to open his mouth. However to me, I think that the voice that Ben wants to hear is Gwen's only. For the next 10 to 15 minutes, the Rustbucket is only filled with Gwen's voice. Nobody else talk. Finally, Gwen flared up.

"Benjamin Tennyson! If you are going to keep doing this, I am so going to leave you alone. I know you are hurt by something, but you can't always stay quiet and not say it out! I'm here by your side you idiot, why can't you lift up you head and see! I'm here to share all the burdens with you! We've been doing that since we are 10. Ben, say something." Gwen cried, shaking Ben slightly. I noticed that she had forgotten about Kevin and I. Her whole speech only contains of 'I' and 'You'.

Kevin had tried to calm her down but she pushed him away. But her flaring up wasn't in vain, Ben finally lift up his head. He's crying. I could see it, Kevin could see it and of course Gwen could see it too. She was stunned for a moment. However, she regained herself and helps him wipe away his tears. I look as Gwen hug Ben for the second time of the day.

"Ben, please, tells me what happened. I want to know what had made my Ben like this." She had used the words, "my Ben", unconsciously. Ben slowly returned the hug and finally said something. But it's something that hurts me a lot.

"Gwen, I want to talk to you and you only."

It was then, I realized, I don't want to look or hear anymore.

To be continued…

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28th April 2009