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As I walked up to the gym door for my training with Dimitri, I began to get nervous. Like I was expecting one of Dimitri's lectures, which I was probably going to get. I opened the door and walked in expecting to hear "Hello Rose" from Dimitri but I didn't hear anything.

Dimitri wasn't there.

I sat down on the floor and stretched for a while. Five minutes past, then ten minutes and finally when it was clear that Dimitri wasn't coming I stood up and left.

I decided to go to Dimitri's room to see what was up with him. Maybe he was too angry at me to even show up to training. I reached his room door and knocked softy. He opened the door the second I knocked just as if he had been waiting on the other side.

He had a hard look on his face, like he was really angry.

"Dimitri?" I asked, but he didn't reply. He moved from the doorway as a sign for me to come in. He went to sit on the edge of the bed and I followed him. I took a seat next to him and looked at his face. It looked like a mixture of hurt, pain, sadness and anger. I didn't know what to say, so I had there and took his hand in mine. He didn't wear his hair in its usual pony tail, today it framed his face.

"Roza..." He said, turning his head to face mine. "I don't ever want to lose you." Pulling me close to kiss him. I pulled away. It wasn't the time to make moves on each other. No matter how much I wanted to kiss him.

"Dimitri what's wrong?" I asked, seriously concerned. He never acted like this. No matter what!

"It's my sister..." He started, before his stone face hit. Dimitri didn't cry. But I knew this face! This was the guardian mask that we wore when something was upsetting him. "...She's dead."

My eyes widened. "Oh Dimitri," I said, putting my arms around him.

"She was coming to the academy to see me, on the way a group of Strigoi got her." He said, never taking his gaze off me.

"W-was she a guardian too?" I asked him, scared that any second he would snap.

"Yes." He said, putting his head into his hands. I tightened my hands around him. I didn't want to let him go.

"I Love you Roza, I always will and I don't ever want anything to happen to you. I couldn't stand to lose you too." He said gazing at me intently. I didn't know what to say. Dimitri had never said anything like this to me before. I didn't know how to take it.

"I love you too" I said giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Dimitri wanted more than that, he grabbed my face in his hands and kissed me with so much passion I felt dizzy. The minute our lips connected it felt right. He stroked my cheek with his thumb, softly.

"We can't get too carried away, it's dangerous" He said, kissing me again.

It was nice that he was making the moves on me, instead of vice versa. We were in the middle of a passionate kiss, when there was a knock on the door. Dimitri froze. He pulled away from me, and looked out the peek hole of his door.

"It's Alberta, get under the bed. Now!" He hissed.

My heart instantly sped up. One million things ran through my head as I flew under the bed, as fast as my body would take me. What happened if she caught us? What would happen to Dimitri? This would all be my fault.

I heard Dimitri greet Alberta and she came in and sat on the couch. She spoke for ages. My back was beginning to hurt. She gave her condolences about his sister, and arranged to take my training while he went back to Russia for the funeral. He would only be gone for a week, and then he would fly back.

Just as she was about to leave, I felt a tickling sensation in my nose. Fuck I was going to sneeze. I watched her feet as they turned to walk out the door. I couldn't hold my sneeze any longer. The sneeze rushed out and made a loud A-choo! Alberta snapped around. I heard Dimitri fake another girly sneeze. I almost started laughing.

"Sorry, threes so much...dust in this room" Dimitri said.

"Hmm..." Alberta said, and with that she turned and walked out, shutting the door behind her.

I climbed out from under the bed and looked at Dimitri expecting him to go off his brain at me for almost exposing us.

Instead he burst out laughing. That was very rare for him. He hardly even smiled. Before you know it, I was laughing to. Then we were kissing. I was the one to pull away.

"I better go, I have to go with Christian to class" I said, not wanting to leave.

"I love you my Roza" He said, giving me a kiss on the forehead and sending me out of his room.

As I walked back to Christian's room I bumped into Lissa. I glared at her, and at once all my rage came back. I walked straight past her, not wanting to even talk to her.

I got to Christians room and found that he wasn't there. He must have gone down to have breakfast. I pulled out some clothes and changed into them. As I walked out of the dorm and down to the cafeteria I saw Jesse and Ralph picking on some poor Moroi. I shook my head and realised, it was just another day at St Vladimir's Academy.

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