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Chapter 2:- Money, Money, Money!

Turk had a look on his face that said he was probably going to lose this one, he knew in his gut, just yesterday he had that feeling and the patient had died on the table, nobody was going to die today though.

J.D. reached for the spinner and closed his eyes, he span it and it landed on 8, he moved down the track and claimed a payday of $100,000

Turk needed a big spin, try and get closer to J.D., the dial span furiously, and landed on 1, He was also now the father of fraternal twins, Elliot passed him 2 pegs, 1 pink 1 blue, and picked his 4th life card, J.D. was thinking ok this is clearly going to be close, but my 20 grand salary advantage is going to help here.

J.D. opened his next turn by purchasing a stock card for $50,000 "collect $10,000 from the bank anytime the number on the card is spun" the cards were numbered 1 through 9 and J.D. drew card number 7, then span a 3, collected a pay day and a life card.

Turk decided to get himself in the stocks and shares business, and also opened his next turn by buying a stock card for the $50,000 price tag, picked number 6, and then span a 6, collecting his first $10,000, he carried straight on, rather than take the left hand fork, and joined the investorettes picking up another stock free of charge, picking at random the card with the number 3.

It was J.D.'s turn and he landed on 6; Turk once again collected 10,000 dollars from the bank, J.D. read off the space "cause traffic accident while promoting street safety, $25,000 to the bank… Damn it!"

Turk then span a 3, collected his 3rd consecutive bonus of 10,000 80,000 dollars for another pay day

J.D. span a 5, and decided to sell the house, spins a 6 and sells for 80 thousand, Turk tried to lay claim to what he rightly saw as his 10,000 dollar prize, But J.D. Objected, Elliot checked the rules, " the rule book states anytime... so he's right" handing Turk the note he had claimed but J..D. didn't feel he was entitled to.

J.D. knew Turk would probably win now damn it,, but then the rules are the rules!

Elliot offered J.D. the deck of house cards and he drew out 2 "Flanders house or the wolfcastle wolf castle, oh what to do? Ok, I'm going to conserve the cash I have, and go with the cheaper option of the Flanders house for $120,000 AND insure it for another 30, total 150 grand" he said passing Elliot 2 $100,000 bills and getting his change… "Pleasure doing business with you"

He span again, yet another 6, 3 spaces along, takes the "lower fork" and another 3 spaces, and winds up with a payday and an orange space "settle Krusty's product liability suit, collect 80,000" with that Turk claimed yet another 10,000 Dollars more "that's 5 bonuses in a row, that was fast That pays for my investment, anything else is now profit"

Dr cox walked in and took a look at the board on the table, he was about to start shouting when Turk said "Izzy is asleep, wake her and Carla will kick your ass from here to New York, via Tokyo, Paris and London"

"Marge, tell Lisa here that she has a 6am start tomorrow as do you, we are short staffed again… oh and you Barbie, your also on at 6… don't be late…" with that he turned and left

Elliot sat there seething, her planned shoe shopping trip would have to wait, "think of the extra money" said Turk… "he's trying to score brownie points with the board, he's going to be chief 1 day, or so the rumours go"

"Fine", said elliot, "by the way its your go, Turk"

Turk crossed his fingers for a 3 or a 6, the spinner went round and just about went over the 4 and stopped at the 3,
he bagged a life tile, his 5th of the game, and collected another, $10,000

"Oh my lord" whispered J.D. "this is slightly freaky now"

J.D. finally broke the streak of sixes and threes with a 7, which resulted in a Pay-Day, a life card and 10,000 Dollar Bonus at last "in your face" he mouthed at Turk... that will come back and bite me on the ass...

Turk landed a spin of 9, collecting a double payday of $160,000 plus yet another life card, he now had 6 of them

J.D. still leading by quite a way, reached for the wheel, and span a 5, "payday & Mr Burns thinks you are his heir, collect $100,000, so that's $200,000 Elliot please"

Elliot handed him the money and that was that.

Turk proclaimed "come on… need a good number here" it was a 9, so he got a pay day of $80,000, decided to sell the house, to see what he would sell it for, he span the wheel, landed a 6, collected yet another $10,000 bonus, J.D. looked disgusted at this, but knew it was legit… turk looked at the card, "one hundred and ten thousand please" he requested of Elliot… she counted it out and passed it over… "And a new house?" she asked him "no, I'll keep the money safe, and return the house insurance slip, besides money in the bank is what counts…"

The game was reaching its closing stages and what would happen next?

J.D. reached for the spinner and span…

OK that's the end of chapter 2, and a cliff-hanger, as for chapter 3, wait and see folks, it will be when I write it and not before!