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Chapter 2 recap:-

The game was reaching its closing stages and what would happen next nobody knew…

J.D. reached for the spinner and span…

Chapter 3:- If I had a million dollars

J.D. reached for the spinner and when the wheel has stopped spinning it was pointing at the 9, he was reaching for his car counter when Turk asked him "and what do you think your doing on my go?"

J.D looked at the board then consulted the rulebook; yes the rules said spin again for the space Turk was sitting on…

"OK" he said to Turk "you want to take that 9 or re-spin it? I'll take the re-spin thanks" reaching for the dial… he span a 5 and collected a pay day of $80,000, J.D. had not been counting the cash but he was fairly certain he was still comfortably ahead…

"Now it's your turn" said Elliot to J.D. as she handed Turk his money for the payday he had taken…

I better apologise to Turk… it's one of those easier mistakes to make, and besides unlike grey's anatomy… nobody is going to die cause of it

"O.K., and Turk?" he said, Turk Pre-empted him "your sorry, right?… Don't be its one of those easy mistakes to make, nobody died like in grey's anatomy… so its fine"

That's pretty much what I was going to say… lets see if it works on Elliot

Go get me a beer…

"Get yourself a beer, J.D." said Elliot…

OK, that's freaking me out a little here…I better spin this dial now…

He span the wheel, and landed on 2… "Block all long distance calls to Australia, pay $30,000, hang on that's my symbol… no need, your go Brown Bear"

Turk then went all out on the wheel and it went round and round and round… landing up on a 2, "taxes due…" he checked his card, and passed Elliot the requisite $35,000

J.D. smiled inwardly, he was thinking to himself good, but there is still time for him to come back and win this… got to hope I don't make a stupid mistake here…he span a 3, this meant Turk collected yet another $10,000, but he collected a $100,000 payday… firmly in control but It could all change in the blink of an eye..

Turk then span a second consecutive 3… "played for and got… 10 grand bonus and another life card please Elliot…"

These life cards, he's got 7 of them now, minimum of 10 grand each up to 50 grand for 3 of them… that could cost me the win at the end

J.D. then went for a big number and wound up with a 7 "10 grand bonus, he moved the car along the spaces, and counted them off… six, seven, pay day please… so that's a hundred and ten Thousand"

Turk:- Damn, I think he's going to win... un-cool!

Turk then span a 1, "bank error in your favour, wrong game, but still collect $95,000!, J.D. you whanna say it now or wait till I kick your ass at the end?"

"wait and see… I am ahead on the track and ahead on cash I reckon… so you may have to say it…"

Carla walked in "oh Heya guys, Izzy asleep?" "Yeah, I checked her half an hour ago" said Turk… Carla went to check… she came back and announced "lucky for you she's still asleep… or you'd be in trouble, ok I just came back on my break to check on Izzy, grab some gloves and then head back to the hospital… oh and Turk?"

"Yeah?" asked Turk, she lent down to whisper in Turks ear "never say I'm Puerto Rican again to Elliot… I'm Dominican and don't you forget it…" Turk looked shocked "I was testing Elliot…" Carla did not look amused… "Since we are married, I know you love me… so I'll let it slide… this time… ok" With that she took the gloves off the kitchen counter and left…

Elliot simply "yeah I texted her and told her… anyways by my reckoning it's J.D.'s go"

J.D. Span and once again came up with a 7, pay day plus a $10,000 bonus for the 2nd turn running, so that's another hundred and ten Thousand"

Turk knew the game was up… but he was going to be a good sport and finish it, as it should be…

"nine.." he counted off the spaces "payday… eight, nine… Block all long distance calls to Australia, pay $30,000" he said then thought about it "ok, I owe J.D., so give me the 50 and hand JD the rest of my salary"

Elliot obliged and then J.D. took his next go, 1, "taxes due… damn it that's a whole 45 grand…" he said gloomily as he handed Elliot a green $50,000 and took his change "ah, but your only fifteen down on the deal… with the thirty you just made from me" pointed out Turk… "true but that's still D-A, which is one third of a damn it…"

Turk then span a 3 "pay day plus a bonus is 90 Thousand"… still 10 grand short of my 100 grand salary… he will have to admit to being my bi-atch at the end at this rate

J.D. then span a 6, picked up a pay day of 100 Thousand, Turk collected another $10,000 bonus on the spin (the 2 stock cards were paying off big style… did he have a chance?)

J.D. looked at the situation "well I think that not buying a house cost you big time, Turk… but we will see" Turk just looked at him and said "its on, and I will beat you"

Turk then went for broke, landing on a 7, this gave J.D. a stock card bonus, but he closed the gap a bit with $80,000 in a pay packet… even so he knew if he landed on a trade salary card space with J.D., that was his 1 chance at winning the game…

J.D. kept up his run of paydays with a 5… another 100 Thousand… enough for victory? Who knew?

Elliot's phone bleeped "text… from Dr Cox…"

"R U still playing that stupid game Barbie? Who's going to win?"

She responded… "Almost finished, and "BETTY" is in the lead, I think she may win"

"Hey only Dr Cox does that to me…" protested J.D.

"Well I just deputised for him Gladys" Said Elliot Dryly

Turk span a 4 "spin again if not in the lead" he obliged got a 5, "payday and once again, spin again if not in the lead" he did so, span for 9 and picked up his 8th life card….

J.D. then span a 5 and picked up a life card, "finally I get my 3rd life card back… took long enough"

Turk was 11 spaces from the finish and hoping for a good number, got a 10… "Double pay day of 160 Thousand plus I get to drain the social security system, 20 Thousand dollars multiplied by the spin…" he span, landed on 9 and took the system for $180,000… "That's a big three hundred and forty grand right there" said Elliot "and you may as well not spin on your next go, its only 1 space… "He spins" Said J.D., pointing to his stock card… "Fine" said Turk "I'll spin it"

J.D. Span and got an 8, more than enough to retire… he went to burn's manor so he was in contention for the 4 life cards… he then sold the house a spin of 9 and picked up 150 Thousand that's that now to count up the cash

Turk knew the spin was pointless, but he made the last spin just so J.D. would be happy… it stopped "Seven, 10 grand please Elliot"… Turk didn't argue, he just moved his car to burn's manor

"Right, now what?" asked J.D. Elliot read the rules "you count up the cash, who ever has more takes the 4 life cards, a tie and you take 2 each, then you add up cash plus all your life cards and whoever has the bigger grand total wins

J.D. and Turk sifted through the piles of game money in front of them and removed the insurance slips, stock cards, salary and Career cards...

Elliot went to get a piece of paper and a pen from the drawer of the sideboard, while J.D. and Turk counted up the cash…

Turk was first to declare his "One Million, Five hundred and Ninety Five Thousand Dollars…"

Elliot scribbled down the figure and waited for J.D. and 10 seconds later he started smiling "One Million… Six Hundred and Sixty Thousand" he proclaimed… "my bonus I think" he said scooping the tiles up and putting them separately from the rest

of his life tiles…

Turk turned over his life tiles one by one

They comprised a pretty healthy list

Perfect self tapping dance shoes: - $40,000

Survive a soap box derby: - $10,000

Catch general Sherman the catfish: - $10,000

Develop non-tipping chair: - $10,000

Have an earthbound comet named for you: - $10,000

Find rare coin in kwik-e-mart change: - $10,000

Design the homer automobile: - $20,000

Paint a portrait of your boss in the buff: - $20,000

Total = $130,000

Elliot added it up "One Million, Seven Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand"

J.D. had also turned over his life tiles, all 7 of them

3 from the game:-

Become little Miss Springfield: - $30,000

Concoct herbal love tonic: - $40,000

Throw heavyweight title fight: - $50,000

total = :- $120,000

And the 4 from burn's manor:-

Create the flaming Moe :- $20,000

Write top 40 hit insulting Ned Flanders :- $50,000

Patent moon waffles :- $30,000

Become cartoon voice-over actor :- $50,000

total = :- $150,000

Elliot took a minute to add it up and then double checked her maths… just to be sure…. "J.D. wins" she announced… "One point nine three million grand total…

"are you sure?" asked Turk in a tone of non belief…

"oh I am sure" said Elliot.. check the math yourself… Turk Did so and she was bang on…

J.D. Just looked at his best friend and said "just say it man… you knew i'd win one some day…"

"I'm your Bitch, just this once J.D. and i will get you back in a re-match…" he said… "But not tonight… I need to go check on Izzy then go to bed…

"Any time your ready, I'll be waiting"… said J.D.

"You still want that ride home J.D.? after all you've had a couple of beers" queried Elliot…

"yeah, just give me a couple of minutes to pack this away" Responded J.D. still smiling from the victory

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