Once Again, I apologise to all those waiting on updates, but some ideas HAVE to be posted or they get forgotten.

This work was inspired by Ice-Tea-1983's The Black Paw, a brilliant piece of fiction for all those that like Ranma crossovers.

That said, on with the show.

Hina Digger

Chapter 1.

Welcome to Hinata city, home of the prestigious Hinta-sou, once one of the finest inns in the country. Sadly, it's glory days have faded and has been recently converted into an all girls dormitory. Until recently, Hinata-city was a quiet area with little to attract tourism, in fact, with the fall of the inn; the area had almost become run down.

That changed when Toudai aspirant and 2nd year ronin Urashima Keitaro inherited the position of Kanrinin, and unknowingly, all the land around the inn from his, rather eccentric, grandmother.

Since that day, people would flock from far and wide simply to get a good spot to watch the fireworks, with many small restaurants now sporting verandas so as to provide a better view of the wonder that was the world's only 'surface-to-air human projectile'.

Needless to say, Keitaro got a lot of free drinks and clothing for reasons he didn't really understand but was grateful of either way, as quite frankly, his funds were in the crapper.

Speaking of our errant immortal, we find him currently soaring into the upper stratosphere, courtesy of a punch to the kisser from the perpetually PMSing object of his one-sided affections, Narusegawa Naru. Why you ask? Well it all comes down to the girl's negligence in reading a blatantly obvious sign and Keitaro carrying out his usual unappreciated duties (Read: Forced labor) of cleaning the onsen.

Now normally the immortal would land in one of a number of predetermined areas, usually with small crowds waiting to pat him on the back and offer a word of kindness or a pint depending on his mood/mental state, but fate, that ever sneaky bastard, had other plans for the teen this day.

The co-pilot of the Boeing 747 blinked, before rubbing his eyes in abject disbelief; when the image refused to vanish he turned to his superior with a nervous look on his face. "Just ignore it junior." The elder airman instructed calmly, as if the sight of a terrified, bespectacled man plastered against the nose of the airplane was normal, "He usually falls of around Okinawa."

"But sir!" the Co-pilot yelled, gazing at his superior in growing alarm "We're over the ocean! We left Japan behind ten minutes ago!"

The Captain blinked, before gazing over his shoulder at the radar, which showed they'd indeed left the shores of Japan behind long ago. "Guess we'll be arriving there ahead of schedule then." He muttered, breaking protocol and deciding to get the plane to its destination as soon as possible.

After all, his granddaughter would be devastated if the 'missile man' froze or fell to a painful death while on HIS plane.

"Naru-sempai?" a timid voice called out, the owner a blue haired girl by the name of Maehara Shinobu, resident chef and Jailbait of the Hinata sou "Dinner's ready." She looked around in confusion "Where's Keitaro-sempai?"

"Who cares?" Naru snapped, still peeved at the nerve of the bastard she knew as her landlord and apparent suitor as she made her way down the stairs from yet another private cram session "He can rot in hell for all I care!"

"Problems in paradise?" voiced Kitsune, resident swindler and boozehound of Hinata-sou, "Don't tell me he caught you in the bath again?"

Off to the side, Aoyama Motoko growled as she fingered the hilt of her sword. Keitaro would most certainly be having words with her later, and by words we mean running for his life for fear of death via castration.

"Ano…didn't you read the sign?" Shinobu asked confusedly, catching the elder tenants off guard, "Sempai asked me to put it up before he went in, it was still up when I came to get you."

Naru flushed, before turning to face the other way, "The baka obviously took it down when you left!" she insisted.

"Then who put it up again?" Kitsune asked, grinning as she teased her best friend mercilessly. If anything else watching the two Toudai hopefuls clash was better than a soap opera. "Guess Keitaro's in the right this time." She grinned and took a sip of Sake, 'Won't stop him from apologizing when he comes home though.' She muttered to herself in disappointment.

Motoko sniffed and turned back to her food without another thought on the matter, for while the Kanrinin had escaped death at her hands this time, it still didn't mean she accepted him. Naru merely huffed and continued her meal, whilst Shinobu tried, without much success, to keep Su from devouring the table along with her food.

Keitaro moaned as he came to, wincing at the cold that engulfed his body as the harsh winds ripped at his already tattered clothes. He had fallen asleep sometime over the South Pacific, and was currently rather grateful of the G-forces pinning him in place, he doubted he'd have managed to hold on without them and didn't fancy his chances of swimming back to Japan, or even the mainland, even if he survived the collision with the water's surface from this height.

As it was, the errant immortal managed to take in the slight increase in temperature when, without warning, the plane jumped, dislodging the twenty-one year old just enough that the aforementioned G-forces finally succeeded in tearing him from his precarious perch on the nose, sending him hurtling to the ground below screaming at the top of his lungs.

"Damn turbulence!" the co-pilot cursed, bracing himself to steady the plane, only to blink as he noticed their impromptu hood ornament had been dislodged during the last jump in the flight plan "CAPTAIN!"

"Relax." The older man replied, the epitome of calm as he leant back in his chair "We're currently passing over South America, en route to Brazil, at the very least he'll land in some trees rather than the ocean."

"But sir! He'll be killed!" the co-pilot countered, only to blink as the navigator patted him on the shoulder.

"You're new right?" the man noted kindly, "Trust me, it'll take more than a fall to kill that guy." He nodded at the screen, where a green dot with Keitaro's chibified face was shown falling away from the plane, "Trust me, he's been through worse."

"We better not let the authorities in Brazil know." The captain cautioned, sitting up straight with a frown on his features as he watched the skies ahead for rough patches "They'd lock him up for experiments if we did."

"So what'll we do?" the Navigator asked, only for the captain to wave his hand dismissively.

"For starters, take over for a sec would ya?" he asked, getting to his feet with a weary grunt "I've been dying to take a piss since we passed the Atlantic."

'Why me?' Keitaro wondered, weeping humorously as he plummeted to earth like the world's most pathetic meteor, 'What did I ever do to deserve this? All I ever wanted was to get into Tokyo U, was that too much to ask?'

He wept as his life flashed before his eyes for what must have been the umpteenth time, all the torment he'd suffered, all the anguish he'd endured, just to be able to keep a promise he'd made to a little girl he couldn't for the life of him remember. Hell, even her voice was a fabrication, an angelic choir that haunted his waking dreams as he literally wore himself out trying to reach his lofty goal.

He winced as he recalled the first time he'd set foot at the inn since that day, how the girls, Naru and Motoko in particular, had done everything to have him thrown out on his ass. In the absence of said females, his severely battered masculine pride sparked slightly at the indignity. "JUST WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WAN'T FROM ME?!" he screamed into the air hysterically "HAVEN'T I SUFFERED ENOUGH? WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?!"

As if to answer his question, a missile flew out of practically nowhere and crashed into the hapless ronin, diverting his course by a few centimeters, sending him hurtling towards a particular patch of rainforest, trailing smoke as he did.

"Jinkies! Did you hear that?" a blonde American wondered, ducking her head as she waited for the dying echo of the explosion to fade away.

"Sounded like a direct hit." Her furry companion noted, gazing upwards, noting with relief that their escort was still airborne, though trailing smoke as he dodged the nasty people trying to shoot him out of the sky, "Probably hit one of their own guys."

"I hope so!" the blonde exclaimed, the duo waiting as the sound of copter engines died away, "Anyway, this is really unlike you Cheetah, normally I have to drag you along on these adventures, now you're all get up and go!"

The aptly named lycanthrope winced, and held up her hands embarrassedly, "Well to tell the truth," she admitted, "I'm about 60 thousand dollars over my credit card limit and this is the fastest way I know to make some major dinero."

'Without breaking the law that is…' she mentally added, though her adopted sister didn't need to know that, as it would NEVER happen…probably.

"Flat broke again Hm?" the blonde sighed, shaking her head as she looked up at her adopted sibling in resigned understanding, she'd been in the same boat herself more than once in the past "Figures."

"So how're we gonna find this lost temple of gold?" Cheetah asked, only to blink as her right ear twitched, looking up in the air warily in case the attack choppers had decided to come back "You hear that Gina?"

"Hear what?" the shorter of the two asked, looking around nervously. As a were-cheetah, her adopted sibling had a vast variety of superior senses compared to her own, making it hard for the numerous nasties they encountered to sneak up on her. Even if they did, her lycanthrope status gave her the power, speed and resilience to take them out before they did, provided they weren't armed with magic or silver. Gina, being an ordinary, if intellectually gifted, human being did NOT posses such abilities, which was the reason the two were often adventure buddies.

"A high pitched wail." Cheetah muttered, looking around in confusion, "It's getting closer."

"You sure?" Gina asked, pulling one of her patented death rays out of her trusty backpack, much to her sibling's ire. "I can't hear-"


Gina shrieked as something dark and singed crashed through the canopy and collided with her sister, sending the startled lycanthrope to the floor in a tangle of limbs. She hesitated to point her blaster at them however; even if Cheetah COULD survive being vaporized it didn't mean she'd appreciated having to regenerate. Because of her hesitation she was granted a better view of the situation, and quickly had to suppress a giggle at the sight.

Keitaro moaned, his whole body felt like a Gundam had stepped it on, before being scraped off on a wall as the pilot realized he'd stepped in something nasty. He wondered just where in the hell he'd landed this time that the natives saw fit to target him with surface-to-air missiles, some small part dreading the possibility he had returned to Hinata-Sou, only to blink as his hand came into contact with a strange fuzzy mound. Confused, he gave it a squeeze, trying to determine what it was.

'The shape's familiar,' he reasoned, 'but this texture…feels like that old fur rug Haruka-Baachan has in her room.' He shivered as his senses came together, his last memory being of falling through the canopy on top of what appeared to be a person, and knowing how his luck worked, he was certain said person was female. He was even MORE certain that he'd landed in a precarious situation, which would mean he was currently feeling her up, meaning she would in turn be very mad.

He blinked dazedly as a low rumbling noise caught his attention, causing him to raise his head to reveal that yes, he HAD crashed into someone, yes she WAS indeed female, yes they WERE in a precarious position, his knee between her thighs and his hand on one of her ample, make that BOUNTIFUL breasts, and she was certainly very angry.

He barely had time to wonder why she was dressed as a cat-girl before a blow infinitely more powerful than the dreaded Naru-punch slammed into his face, sending him flying through a tree, leaving a trench behind him.

"Little perv!" Cheetah snapped, face red in mortification as she tried to fix her top from where said assailant had felt her up, a feeling of immense violation filling her being "I'm gonna rip 'im in two!"

"Easy Cheats!" Gina implored, though for the life of her she couldn't shake the look of abject disbelief from her face "Didn't you see the state he was in? And the way he fell like that COULDN'T have been planned! He probably didn't mean to do that!"

"The hell he didn't!" Cheetah snapped, trying to step around her sister, fangs elongating in her ire as she subconciously slipped into a more feral state "The little perv was feeling me up the whole time!"

"He'd just landed out of the blue and was confused!" Gina countered, though honestly surprised she was being so understanding, if it'd been her in her sister's place, she'd probably be reacting the same way "Didn't you see the look of fear on his face when he saw you?"

"He's about to see a lot worse!" Cheetah growled, though it was in a calmer tone, her ire having quickly burned out under her sister's argument.

"Just calm down." Gina instructed, used to her sibling's temper "Yes he felt you up, but you got even by punching him through the…tree…"

She trailed off, the two turning pale as they realized the same thing. Cheetah had the strength to reduce a boulder to pebbles or effortlessly hurl a Volkswagen through a stone wall, and while human enemies were more common than the monstrous types, Cheetah had always refrained from using full force to avoid fatalities.

"C'mon!" the lycanthrope yelled, grabbing her sibling and dashing after along the trench the man had left "He went this way!"

Urashima Haruka's eyebrow rose as the chime above her door sounded, heralding not the overdue arrival of her seemingly immortal cousin, but an anxious looking, even more so than usual, Maehara Shinobu. "Haruka-san?" the resident chef queried nervously, looking up at the former dorm-mother hopefully "Have you seen sempai around?"

"Not today." The elder Urashima countered, exhaling a cloud of smoke as she shook her head, "Which is odd, he normally marches in here to mope around for a bit."

Shinobu began to fuss with her skirt, anxiety and concern for Keitaro lining her face as she tried to figure out what to do. The immortal Ronin had never disappeared for this long, save for the times he'd gone on trips, but even then he'd left some notice of his intentions in the form of overly dramatic letters or far too confusing phone calls which, of course, led to everyone going out to look for him to drag him back, sometimes trussed up like a turkey.

"Hey now." Haruka offered consolingly, ruffling the girl's hair "You know Keitaro, wouldn't die if you blasted him with a nuke." She winced at the image, making a mental note to forbid Su from testing it out for kicks. Her words did have the desired effect however, the meek girl smiling and nodding at the absolute certainty that if anything else, Keitaro was immortal and couldn't be killed by anything short of an act of God; who seemed to enjoy tormenting the poor Ronin far too much to just let him die peacefully.

'I'm dead.' Keitaro muttered, refusing to open his eyes, because he just knew that if he did there'd be a woman in some state of undress waiting to accuse him of being a pervert and make his thought a reality 'So this is it huh? Never got into Tokyo U, never had a girlfriend outside my dreams.' He winced as he imagined the faceless form of the adult promise girl waving at him, the receding image of Tokyo University vanishing along with her 'KUSO! IF I'D KNOWN THIS WOULD HAPPEN I'D HAVE AT LEAST GOTTEN LAID!'

He flinched as something cold was pressed on his head, wondering hysterically if he was about to be eaten, only to blink as a voice spoke out in amazement in a language he dimly recognized as English from his tutoring sessions with Haruka.

"Jinkies!" an excited, FEMALE voice exclaimed, "Can you believe this Cheetah? Even after everything he's been through he's unharmed!"

"Think he's another lycanthrope?" a second voice asked, sounding oddly interested, the Ronin's fractured memory of the language making him miss the last word. He cracked one eye open slightly, fighting the urge to let his eyes simply bug out at the proximity of the smaller woman's assets to his face. "Don't think so, otherwise that last blow would've killed him." she countered, looking up at the one he assumed was a cosplayer, before turning to look at him closely "Hey, I think he's awake."

Keitaro went very still, hoping, as most men do in these situations, that if he didn't move, speak or even breath, he'd simply disappear. From the look on his captors' faces not only was this failing, as always, but he was failing in a rather spectacular way. "Are you alright?" the shorter of the two asked, holding up a hand placatingly "Can you understand me?"

"A…little." Keitaro winced in broken English, his accent deplorable due to lack of practice. "Where…I am?"

The blonde frowned, before scrutinizing his features carefully for a few seconds and smiling. "Can you understand me now?" she asked in perfect Japanese, startling the other two.

"Y-yes." Keitaro stammered, shocked at hearing his own tongue spoken so well, not to mention mortally embarrassed at his own pathetic attempts at English. i mean he'd only been practicing with Seta for a few sessions, but first impressions were vital right?

"You had quite a spill." The blonde continued, looking him over carefully, as if checking him out for injuries "It's a miracle you're unhurt."

"Nah," Keitaro assured her, rubbing his head in embarrassment, "Happens all the time, I'm pretty resilient."

"Would you two stop speaking Swahili for a second and tell me what's going on?" the cosplayer growled in English, startling Keitaro, who shied away from her fearfully.

"We're not speaking Swahili Cheetah!" the blonde countered, switching back to English as she addressed her colleague "It's Japanese, he must be from Japan!"

"I could care less if he's from Mars." The furry one countered, arms crossed as she took in the trembling form before her concernedly, honestly a little guilty concerning her reaction from earlier "Just ask what he's doing here."

"I was just about to!" the shorter one countered, before sighing and turning back to the Ronin, "Sorry about my sister, you gave her quite a scare earlier."

"I'm sure." Keitaro replied with a wince, bowing his head at the taller woman apologetically, "Sumimasen."

"He said sorry." Gina translated, before turning to take in the figure before her analytically. He had a light, scrawny build that most definitely wrote him out of her book of hunks, if anything he looked like he'd been stuck behind a desk all his life. His clothes, what was left of them anyways, consisted of a pair of shorts, sandals and a T-shirt, which had obviously seen better days.

On the plus side, he had absolutely adorable chocolate brown eyes, albeit hidden behind the dorkiest glasses she'd ever laid eyes on. And from what she'd determined from her prior 'examinations' he had a pretty nice tush.

That being said, his face looked WAY to young for her, probably only just finishing high school, something the 23 year-old didn't really think was dating material. "So how'd you get here?" she asked kindly "I mean, people falling from the sky isn't something you see every day."

"You've never been to Hinata city have you?" the man chuckled, wincing as his spine popped at the movement,patting it tenderly with his fist "It's a regular occurrence over there…unfortunately."

"Is that where you're from?" Gina asked, "Is it in Japan?" at the nod she blinked in confusion "Then how did you manage to get to Peru?" she asked, honest intrigue on her face as the man started to chuckle.

"Caught a plane." The man joked weakly, only to blink as Gina's words sunk in, his eyes widening and face paling slightly as he turned to lok at her"Wait a sec…Peru? Isn't that in South America?"

"Erm, yes?" Gina replied, only to blink as the spectacled man slumped limply, a funeral tone sounding above his head.

"Great, just when I thought things couldn't get any worse." He muttered, gripping his head in both hands as he shook it from side to side, a picture of utter dejection "I'll never get into Tokyo U. like this."

"Tokyo U?" Gina repeated, looking the man up and down "You're already trying for college at your age?"

"I'm 21!" the man exclaimed, embarrassed at his baby-face for the umpteenth time, causing Gina to blush in embarrassment as she realised her mistake.

"Sorry!" she exclaimed, holding up her hands apologetically "you just look so, well…young!"

"I get that a lot." The man sighed, though it was with an air of geniality as he looked her in the eyes, flicking between her and Brittany, who was standing silently behind her "So who are you two?"

"I'm Gina Diggers." Gina greeted with a kind smile, before gesturing up at her adoptive sibling with her hand, "The walking shag carpet is my little sister, Brittany 'Cheetah' Diggers."

"Little sister?" the man repeated, sweat dropping at the nearly seven-foot form of finely toned muscle and fur towering over him. It didn't take a genius to understand the confusion on his face.

"Long story." Gina replied, not willing to go into the details just yet, it was Brittany's story after all, promptly holding out a hand for him to shake "And your name?"

"Urashima Keitaro." Keitaro replied, smiling and shaking her hand carefully, earning a smile in return.

"So lemme get this straight." Brittany muttered, as Keitaro sat across from them, legs crossed and hands on his feet. "He's the manager of an all girls dormitory who failed to get into this big time university back in Japan twice now?"

"That's what he said," Gina replied, sitting cross-legged on a fallen tree-trunk as she spoke, her hands on her knees "Apparently his grandma appointed him as manager so she could tour the world."

"And the reason he fell on me like a perverted cruise missile is because one of said lodgers punched him into the path of a passing jumbo jet en-route to Brazil?" Brittany continued, looking more skeptical by the minute, "I dunno Gina, something about this seems fishy, there's no way it can be true."

"People still say the exact same thing about lycanthropes," Gina pointed out, looking her sibling up and down "and anyway, it's not like we haven't heard of people that strong before, you for one, and mom…"

"Okay I get it." Brittany muttered, rubbing her head stubbornly before looking over at Keitaro, who promptly blushed as she met his gaze and quickly looked the other way "What's his problem?"

Gina turned to the Ronin and asked him something in Japanese, only to blink and giggle at the man's reply. "He says your cosplay outfit's very lifelike." She teased, earning a look of confusion from the lycanthrope.

"Cosplay?" she repeated, looking affronted "This ain't no costume!" she countered, posing for emphasis "I'm all real!"

Keitaro flushed and averted his eyes, earning a giggle from Gina at how adorable he looked. "Give it a rest Brit, I think he's embarrassed."

"Probably never seen a real woman before." Brittany noted, smirking as she leant against the tree. Back in Japan, several women sneezed violently, two blaming it on the errant Ronin, two cursing as their sake/cigarette needed replacing, one passing out in a dead faint, another two scolding their respective pets, who either cooed or hissed at the unjust accusation. "So what do we do with him?" Brittany asked, titling her head towards the Ronin for emphasis "Can't just leave him here."

"We can bring him with us." Gina replied, smiling up at her adopted sibling "He can help carry stuff out of the temple for us! That, and I want to see just how he managed to recover like that."

"He isn't a guinea pig you know." Brittany pointed out, only to sigh as her sister started rambling on about 'healing factors' and 'nano-tech' and all sorts of technological mumbo jumbo, Keitaro staring between them confusedly, only catching the odd word out.

Back in Hinata, in a rather impressive building at the town center, the City council was having a meeting. Now normally such matters wouldn't be of much interest, since everyone knew the tax payers money would just be wasted on the numerous repairs and improvements the city needed.

However, this meeting has great relevance to the story, as it concerned a certain errant immortal Kanrinin.

"It's been 24 hours and no sign of him anywhere." Someone pointed out, "Now I'll admit normally there's a lull between appearances but at the very least we should have seen some sign of him returning from the last one."

"Indeed," another pointed out, "all KLS (Keitaro Landing Sites) have reported no trace of him, and the patented KFT (Keitaro Flight Trajectory) Systems can't seem to provide any guesses either."

"You think perhaps someone moved him?" a third suggested aloud, earning a round of mutters from the group.

"Unlikely." The first countered, "At the very least, if he landed in a new area he'd have raised a fuss, the police and ambulances would have been contacted and the media alerted." He held his hands up, "Gentlemen, I fear we may have to face one of two dilemmas, either an outside party got to Keitaro-san before the authorities…or he quite simply didn't survive this time."

The hall fell silent, nobody liking the idea of Hinata's greatest tourist attraction being snuffed out. Many floundering businesses had begun to make a profit providing views of his flight paths, there were even discussions of producing a range of 'Missile Man' toys and collectables to sell to tourists, with Keitaro receiving a modest, if secretive, cut of course.

"We cannot think about such things." An elderly voice cut in, everyone turning to address the mayor of Hinata as he sat in the chair at the head of the table, flanked by one of his attendants. "We are to investigate the disappearance of Urashima Keitaro-kun with everything we have."

Keitaro sneezed suddenly, looking around in confusion as he wiped his nose. 'Someone must be talking about me.' He reasoned, shivering in fear at the thought. He kept looking over his shoulder, as if expecting Naru to come lunging out of the woods, dressed in fatigues and wielding a bloody machete as she threatened to kill him for flirting.

"You okay?" Brittany asked, to which he nodded after a moment. The Ronin still couldn't believe he was walking alongside an actual lycanthrope, some small part of him wondering if he was still pressed to the nose of the plane, slowly going insane as his brain was denied oxygen.

"So why are you trying to get into Tokyo university?" Gina asked curiously, drawing the Ronin's attention back to herself "I mean, you must have a reason for trying again after failing three times."

"You'll probably laugh," Keitaro muttered, only to sigh as her blue eyes urged him to go on, "you see, when I was a little kid, I made this promise with a girl…that we'd go to Tokyo U. together." He chuckled, scratching his head in embarrassment, "Sounds stupid huh?"

"How romantic!" Gina squealed, inadvertently switching to English as she did so, startling Brittany, who stumbled into the path of a tree.

"What is?" the lycanthrope asked, looking over her shoulder in annoyance as Gina beckoned her closer, only to join her sibling in hysterics as Gina filled her in, "Who'd a thought a geek like him had a heart huh?"

"That isn't nice." Gina countered, turning back to Keitaro, who had been standing there watching them gush with trepidation, feeling a little put on "So I guess things haven't been going that well huh?"

"Actually, I sort of passed the test the first time." Keitaro admitted, "But my answer sheet was so messed up they wouldn't accept it. The second time I forgot half the answers and the third, well…" he lowered his head as a cloud formed over it, "I daydreamed through the whole thing and only had five minutes left to write my answers."

The Diggers sisters sweatdropped at the sight, looking at each other warily, Gina shaking her head in a 'you don't wanna know' manner, before patting the Ronin on the back. "There, there." She assured him, a gentle smile on her face as she broke him out of his thoughts "It can't be that bad."

"You're right, it's worse." Keitaro muttered, "On top of everything, every time I try to make life easier at the dorms, something happens that makes me out to look like a pervert!" he threw his hands in the air, "I practically kill myself to make them happy, but from the get go all Motoko does is threaten me with that stupid katana of hers, Kitsune steals my savings and flirts with me in front of everyone to get me in trouble, Su's a kid so she has an excuse, but Naru!"

He trailed off, holding his head in his hands as he tried to sort himself out. Gina blinked, patting the man on the back comfortingly while Brittany looked on in confusion.

"I really do try." Keitaro stated sadly after a moment "But every time I do I either trip over my own damn feet or walk in without knocking! Heck! One time I got beat up for BREATHING too loudly!" He removed his damaged specs and wiped his eyes, before replacing them carefully on his face. "And I bet the girl's gone already.' He muttered, "probably forgot all about me and graduated with some other guy."

Gina didn't know what to say, one minute the teen had been ranting on about how unfair everything was and now he looked like he was about to break down. She reached out, putting a hand on his shoulder to get his attention, smiling at him cheerfully. "Aw c'mon Keitaro! Buck up!" she put her arm around his shoulder, grinning at the flush that rose to his face, noting also the involuntary flinch he made at the sudden contact, "So life's thrown you a few lemons, just make juice out of them!" She grinned at the teen and pinched his cheeks, "So what if she graduated? Her loss I say!" she looked him up and down, "You know with a tan and a change of specs…"

"I know THAT look." Brittany muttered with a deadpan expression, earning a look from her sister as she nodded towards Keitaro "I'd watch out if I were you Keitaro, she's likely to jump ya in your sleep."

"I am not!" Gina countered, red in the face, Keitaro looking between them in confusion. The two were so engrossed in their argument that they didn't notice the figure rising up behind Cheetah from the brush. Keitaro however DID, his danger senses, highly toned by the trials of Hinata-Sou, setting off a warning klaxon as the beast reared itself out of the foliage.

"ABANAI!" the immortal Kanrinin yelled out, leaping forwards in a surprising show of bravery, pushing Gina out of the way of the shadowy figure. As luck would have it however, the karmic cycle of the universe had once again run its course, the petty Gods of discord demanding their daily slapstick intake.

And so it was that Keitaro somehow tripped over a root that hadn't been there five seconds ago, stumbling forward with his arms flailing, grabbing a hold of something he realized in horror was most definitely NOT plant life and pulling it down to the earth with him.

Silence reigned for a good minute, before two high-pitched screams filled the air.

And so it begins...This work of fiction was, again, Inspired by Ice-Tea-1983's Black Paw, combining Gold Digger with Manga/Anime goodness.

In My case, I picked Love Hina, Why? Cause Keitaro doesn't get enough love.

Expect several cameos from other series' in this work, but the main influences will be Gold Digger & Gold Digger...with references to two other series to be revealed later.

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