The hallways are pitch black. I hold my breath as I walk towards the stairs.

'This isn't right. I know I shouldn't be doing this.' I thought to myself as a tear appeared in my eye. I blinked it away before it could even think of falling. No, I knew what was wrong with this picture, it was that there was an extra variable where it shouldn't be.

I reached the third floor corridor that held the room of requirement. As I walked past it's hiding place, one thought went through my mind.


An old double door appeared in the wall, and with a shaky hand, opened the door, and went in.

The room was cozy and warm. I fire burned brilliantly in an old-fasioned fireplace, and a full size bed with deep green bedding and a golden canopy on the far wall with a bed-side table next to it, holding a digital clock shining twelve-thirty-five. The smell of sandalwood and white sage flitted through the air ' I must be the first one this time'

Just then, a strong arm wrapped itself around my waist, a hand found it's way to cover my mouth and I was pulled backwards and against somebody. A deep chuckle rumbled behind me. My entire body stiffened in his grasp.

"Hello my little lioness." Draco said, trying to hold back laughing at my reaction.

I spun around, and my eyes immediately caught his. It was those eyes that first drew me to him. I had caught him staring at me in class, and when I had looked back, he hadn't had enough time to hide behind his facade of loathing. I saw the longing in his eyes. My body quickly molded into his. Feeling completely safe in his arms.

"You scared me half to death!" I teased. "I almost screamed and gave us away." I pouted.

"Now why would you want to do that?" He was grinning from ear to ear. Happiness danced playfully in his eyes. His grip around me loosened slightly, as he leaned down to kiss me. It was a sweet peck, but already my mind was going back to Ron, and how wrong this was. Draco must've seen this because he gently lifted my chin with his thumb and pointer finger, so I was looking straight into his eyes.

"It won't have to be like this for very much longer." He said, completely serious now.

It was true. We had been meeting like this since the middle of fifth year, and now it was almost time for graduation.

"I wish it didn't have to be like this at all." I nearly whispered as a tear fell from my eye.

Draco held me close, and rubbed my back. I wasn't really crying, it was just a few silent tears. It was pointless to cry anymore over it. We both knew whatever we had together had to remain a secret. Draco was a death-eater-in-training who was feeding the Order with information, and I was a part of the golden trio. We had to keep people believing that we still hated each other. The war was coming fast, and we couldn't be together just yet because of it.

"Just wait till graduation." Draco was saying. "There will be no more hiding, I promise. And you won't have to deal with Weasel ever again."

"It's not that I don't want to deal with him." I mumbled into his shirt. "He's my friend, and I just don't want to lie to him like this."

"I don't like doing this to Pansy either. She used to be my best friend back when we were kids. Yes, she's a whore now, but I still don't like using her. It goes against everything my mother taught me as a kid."

There was a pause. I laid my head on his chest, and tried to relax. Just breathing in his scent made me happy. I didn't get to be with him like this very often. We would sneak out of our rooms twice a month to come see each other, but every time we had to leave again, it hurt more and more. It was beginning to become unbearable.

"I know a way we can end this." He said suddenly

I moved away only slightly to glance up into his eyes. He looked vulnerable. Something I've only seen on him once, back when he admitted to 'not completely and totally hating, well, sorta kinda liking me'

"Hermione, do you love me?" he asked, looking straight in my eyes.

I felt my chest tighten, as if my heart folded in on itself and was pulling everything else in around it as a shield. We had never touched the subject of love in the two and a half years we'd been doing this. I thought it was for the best then, but now, with him staring into my eyes, looking like a little vulnerable child again, I had to face it. I closed my eyes, and asked myself the same question. 'Do I love Draco Malfoy?'

I opened my eyes, stared right into his, and held my breath for a moment. "Yes"

His smile made my stomach flutter, and my head felt all light and bubbly. I rose up on my tip-toes and kissed him. Very quickly the kiss deepened, and I showed him just how much I loved him in that kiss, and he showed me his love back.

When we broke apart, both of us were breathing hard. Draco pulled away slightly to reach into his pants pocket. "Hermione," he said, his voice still raw from the kiss.

I looked up into his cool gray eyes, that have turned into molten silver.

"I love you, and there is nobody else that I could ever feel this way for. Every night, my last thoughts are of you, and every morning, I get out of bed just so I can see you. You complete me in every way. What I lack, you have in abundance. There isn't anyone I can think of that I could ever see myself with. Every inch of my being, my heart, mind, body, and soul has been begging me to ask you this." he got down on one knee in front of me, and held out a velvet box out to me. "Hermione Granger, will you marry me?"

Draco opened the box, and inside was a diamond ring. Circling the diamond was a silver snake with an emerald eye, and a golden lioness with a ruby eye. The band was platinum and had the words "Love you eternally" engraved in the band.

A million thoughts were flying though my head at once. 'What's going to happen now? How are we going to explain this to people? What about the war? Will we be able to act like a normal couple?' but the most prominent thought in my head, I said out loud.

"Yes" I said in a hoarse voice.

Draco took the ring from the box, and slid it onto my finger (it fit like a glove). He got up, and swung me around the room, and we eventually landed on the bed. Our kisses were stopped short as Draco trailed across my jaw, and down my neck. I flung off my shirt, and he unclasped my bra. I unbuttoned his shirt, and wriggled out of my skirt.

"Are you sure?" he asked me when his delicious lips reached mine again. Although we had slept in the same bed every time we snuck out, he never pressured me to do anything like this before. He knew I was a virgin, and he respected my decision to wait until marriage.

"Yes" I said breathlessly. I had never been more sure of who I was going to give my virginity to than I was in that second.

With that, he took me. He took all of me. It hurt at first, but it was a good ache, and I wanted more of it. I don't remember when, or how, but I had gotten on top and was riding him the best I could. Working him to get more pleasure (and pain). I wanted it. I wanted him. This was right. There was one thought pulsing in my brain, keeping the rhythm of my motion. 'Draco' and that is what I screamed when I reached my climax. He reached his a second later, and we both collapsed in an entangled heap on the bed.

I woke up to a kiss on the forehead, and strong arms surrounding me. I opened my eyes and saw Draco smiling down at me.

"Good morning my beautiful fiancé`" he said.

The previous night came crashing down on me. "Draco! I'm not a virgin anymore!" I said stupidly. I mentally kicked myself for that one.

He just smiled at me like I was a little child who just pointed out an airplane in the sky. "I love you, you know that?" he said dreamily

I snapped back to reality right then. "Draco, how is this going to work? We can't come out about ourselves yet. We haven't even finished school. This doesn't make sense. We'll have everybody against us."

"Don't worry. We're going to make it through this. It's time we test to see who our real friends really are. Who will accept us, and who were never really our friends to begin with."