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Get Rogue,

Chapter Eleven

Logan's first reaction to the pair was a rather violent one, but as he had been doing quite a bit lately (more than he cared to admit) he restrained himself from doing anything too brash. Instead of unleashing his claws, he left his fists clenched tightly at his sides. He sniffed the air again to guarantee that they weren't imposters.

They weren't.

"Frost, Sage," he reluctantly greeted with a snarl. They both looked a little worse for the wear, but otherwise they were mostly unharmed.

Emma scoffed at the leader of the X-Men, before striding right past him. She paused at the mansion's huge double doors. "Well come along Logan dear, we have much to discuss. And I simply must get out of these drab garbs. Scrubs are just not my thing."

Logan growled deep in his throat, "Hold it there Frost. I wanna know how the hell you are here, especially since the last time I saw you, you were in a thousand pieces. And you," he pointed a claw at a quiet Sage (he couldn't help himself), "Have not been seen in years."

Xavier had never mentioned Sage after she had taken off one random night. He had not been at the mansion when she had left, and neither had he particularly cared. He hadn't known her that well, and she mainly had kept to herself in one of the lower level rooms that had housed her huge computer that Kitty had taken a liking to lately.

Emma made an annoyed little noise from the back of her throat. "I see you're still as crude as ever. But if we're going to talk, we can do so inside. Tessa and I have a lot to discuss. And call that team of yours. They are going to want to hear this too, especially Rogue."

At the mention of his daughter's name Logan's body stiffened. Emma caught on to his peculiar behavior and smirked wickedly at him.

"I take that your little Rogue has yet to come back. Can't say I blame her. This is her first time being able to touch in what, eight years. And she's with a man like Gambit; I doubt she's just going to let an opportunity like that go. I know I wouldn't." With that she walked through the mansion's doors, Logan hot on her heels demanding to know what she meant by that.

Tessa slowly trailed after them, her mouth quirked in a small, amused smile. It had been a long time since the last time she had done that.

The chain link connecting Rogue and Gambit's handcuffs had been successfully removed. But the cuffs still remained around their wrists, leaving them still powerless. Emil continued to tinker with the silver bands, attempting to get the bracelet completely off. But he only succeeded in shocking Gambit this time. At least Rogue got a laugh out of that.

"These damned things aren't coming off any time soon," the red head declared, dropping his tools on the work table with a loud 'clank'. "Only the key will get those damned things off."

Rogue scowled at his proclamation. She had been so ecstatic to see that the handcuffs were finally going to come off, but it seemed the fates were not on her side (like they ever were). At least one good thing came of it, and she was finally free of the swamp rat. She could finally go home to the mansion, and figure out all this trouble with Logan and the others.

"Ms. Rogue," Henri addressed her, sounding better mannered than his raucous younger brother, "My wife Mercy is upstairs. She's cookin' up a storm, and she brought a set of clean clothes for y'."

Rogue wearily nodded her head. Though it sounded like a generous offer, she could see his underlying intent in his blue eyes and hear it in his voice. He wanted her out of there. She didn't bother sparing any of the thieves another glance or a reply before she made her way back up the stairs. At least she did not have to bother looking for the thief's wife, as she was already waiting for her at the top of the stairs.

Like her husband she too had blond hair, only hers was brighter in color. She looked like your average girl next door with a small build, and blue eyes. Nothing about her screamed thief, but Rogue kept her guard up.

"Hi there, I'm Mercy, Henri's wife," the blond politely greeted her with an outstretched hand. Hesitantly, Rogue reached out her bare hand and shook hands with the other girl. "Now I'm still finishin up the food. Why don't y' go freshen up? I already put some clean clothes and towels for y' in the bathroom upstairs."

Rogue mumbled out a small "thanks," before taking the same flight of stairs back up she had taken earlier with Gambit. The bathroom was adjacent to the bedroom, and she felt a little weary about using the foreign shower. But one look in the mirror and Rogue decided it was necessary. There were bags under her eyes, and the little make-up she had been wearing was smudged. Her hair was a tangled mess, and the white scrubs she had been wearing looked like an ugly shade of grey. Sighing tiredly, she reached out and turned the hot water nozzle.

Before undressing, Rogue dug in Gambit's coat pockets and pulled out the sleek, black cell phone. Quickly she punched in the only number she had bothered to remember, the mansion's main land line.

Logan had hastily called the rest of the team to one of the lower level conference rooms that Emma had selected, after she had refused to elaborate anymore. All were surprised at the presence of both the White Queen and Sage, and each reacted differently. Thankfully none were hostile, but this was only half of the team, the half that could actually stand Emma's bitch persona. There would definitely be fireworks later.

"Alright, what the hell do you know Frost? And what was that part about Rogue and Gambit," Logan demanded to know.

"After you X-Men graciously left me in pieces on the streets, Sinister had his lackeys collect them, and over the last couple of months he slowly pieced me back together. I'm not too sure of the specifics of how exactly I am alive, but here I am," she explained, pacing back in forth in the front of the room, looking thoughtful. She knew there was no way Sinister could have had that type of technology, and she had to wonder just where exactly he had gotten it or rather from whom. The sound of the phone ringing bought her back to the present.

Kurt ignored the phone and asked, "What did he want with you?"

"I'm not too sure about that. He mentioned my telepathy but not much else," she answered, also ignoring the ringing.

"And what about you Sage? You have been gone quite a long time," Hank turned the focus to the other mutant.

Coolly she answered, "I've been working undercover these last few years. Xavier had me infiltrate Sinister's base. He suspected then that he was up to something big, and he wasn't wrong. He has been obsessing over something, and Rogue seems to be at the center of it."

"Rogue? But what does she have to do with what Sinister wants," Kurt asked. The phone was still ringing, and he was tempted to answer. But he needed to hear what she had to say.

"Unfortunately I was unable to find out. It was not even until Rogue was there that I learned she was the mutant he had been after."

"So pretty much you know about as much as we do," Storm stated with a sigh.

"Not necessarily. Before leaving with Emma, I managed to hack into Sinister's computer and get a copy of his hard drive thanks to the distraction that Rogue and Gambit caused with their escape," she replied, showing off a small thumb drive.

"Their escape? So Rogue is not with Sinister anymore," Beast asked, wanting a confirmation, starting to become annoyed with the phone.

"Wait, Rogue is with Gambit," Kurt added with a frown on his face as Logan growled in the background.

At that Emma started to laugh. She smirked wickedly. "Not only are the two together, but your little Rogue is handcuffed to Gambit without her powers. Though I daresay that may not be a bad thing. Gambit's not too bad on the eyes either. And he did seem particularly interested in getting to know Rogue in a more intimate sense. It was even cute how defended him."

The room fell silent, and the ringing had finally stopped.

"Now if you will excuse me darlings but I am in dire need of a shower." She brushed them off without another word. In the distance she could hear a rather loud and angry roar.

"Hello, you have reached Xaiver's Institute for Gifted Youngsters. Sorry no one was able to get to the phone at the moment so please leave your name, mutation, and number and we will get to you as soon as possible," Kitty's perky voice rang in Rogue's ear. Sighing, Rogue shut the cell phone, not bothering to leave a message. Placing the phone back into a pocket, she slid Gambit's coat off. She was all too happy to strip out of the scrubs she had been wearing. But before jumping into the hot water, she pulled out her hair ties.

Rogue let the steaming water wash away all the dirt and anxieties these last few days had caused. She felt the tension just meld away, and follow the dirt and soap down the drain. Reluctantly she turned the water off and stepped out of the shower.

There was a set of fluffy beige towels next to a neat pile of clean clothes, a roll of gauze, and a pair of plain white sneakers. She wrapped one of the towels around her dripping hair and toweled herself off. Quickly she dressed in the clothes Mercy had left for her. She slipped on the faded jeans first before hesitantly putting the shirt left behind for her. It was a simple purple tank top, nothing special about it but Rogue was weary nonetheless. She couldn't remember the last time she had shown so much skin or even the last time it had been safe enough to show off.

Grudgingly she grabbed Gambit's jacket, and placed it around her shoulders again, after wrapping her injured arm. She felt safer with it on. She threw the towel off her head and ran a quick comb through her hair. She needed to cut it; it was starting to grow longer. After swiftly putting on the sneakers, she decided to head back downstairs and grab a bite to eat before ditching the Cajuns. She hoped to get in contact with Logan by the end of the day.

The sweet smell of cornbread, black eyed peas, collard greens, fried okra, and catfish had Rogue suddenly glad that she had decided to stick around a bit longer. Mercy had already set out a plate for her. Besides her sat Lucas, he was working on his own plate of food. Politely she greeted her hostess before digging in after sending a nod in acknowledgment to the other mutant.

"Thanks for the clothes. And this food looks great," she commented as she took her fist bite. It had been too long since she had, had food like this and she savored the taste.

"No problem Rogue. Any friend of Remy's is a friend of mine," Mercy replied.

Rogue snorted rather unladylike at that. "Ah don't think you can quite call us friends."

"Now I'm not too sure about that. That boy risked a lot coming back here."

She didn't know how to respond to that. It wasn't her place to pry, so she didn't. He'd tell her if he wanted to. Instead she focused on finishing her food.

"Let's see," Rogue heard Mercy mumble to herself. "bill, bill, statement, letter for Henri, for Emil, for Rogue, bill, coupons, and more bills."

Rogue nearly choked o her drink when she heard her name. Curiously she watched as Mercy went back through the letters. Maybe there was a thief around here who also went by Rogue. The blond stopped at the aforementioned letter and stared intently at it. Rogue watched from the corner of her eyes as the thief stated to frown before handing the letter to her.

"It's for y'."

Rogue tentatively took it. She could feel both of their suspicious gazes on her, and she swallowed back a lump. She knew it should've been impossible for her to get anything here, but somehow she had known from the moment her name left Mercy's lips that the letter belonged to her. She read the name on the front. There was no return address, but the writing seemed vaguely familiar. Slowly she opened the envelope and pulled out the letter.

Anna Marie,

Rogue felt her heartbeat pick up at her given name.

Yes you Anna, or Rogue as you like to be called these days. No doubt you have a lot of questions right about now, and you are probably skeptical about this whole letter as very well you should be. But I assure you this is no hoax or trap. This letter has nothing to do with Sinister, Deathstrike, or Deadpool yet everything to do with them.

It's time you face your past Anna. Now in a few seconds after reading this, the club will be under attack. It's surrounded by Assassins. Take the tunnel entrance out, and head to the old mansion on the outskirts of town. Your blond thief friend should know the way.

Oh and you might want to duck dear.

Rogue did not even think about it, and acted on pure instinct. She jumped over the bar counter and stuffed the letter in her pants pocket, Mercy and Lucas quickly followed her, thinking she was up to something. Rogue hastily grabbed both of their arms, and dragged them down so that the bar wall successfully hid them. Before either had a chance to question her sanity, gunfire ran through the bar. After the first few rounds had finished firing, Lucas got to his feet and surveyed the damage, his hands started powering up.

"We need to get out of here. We need to take the tunnels out of here," Rogue spoke.

"How do y' know…" she started to speak before Rogue cut her off. "There's no time for that. Ah'll explain everything later. We need to get out of here now."

Mercy hesitated for a moment, but she nodded her head in understanding. She reached up and pulled one of the beer taps down and a secret entrance at their feet suddenly opened up beneath them.

"Well c'mon," Mercy called as she led Bishop and Rogue down them. The moment they were in, the opening immediately closed behind them.

The tunnel seemed to stretch on for miles. There was no light and Rogue kept close to Mercy as to not get lost. She could feel Lucas close behind her. It made her feel slightly uneasy but she ignored the feeling. Not before long, Mercy came to a stop. She didn't bother saying anything and simply pushed her shoulder into the wall in front of them. Instantly the wall opened up, and the three were greeted with the cool evening light, and a small breeze caressed their skin.

She should have been prepared for what happened next, but the truth was she had let her guard down. Lucas had acted swiftly and had her trapped in a bear hug. She struggled in his grasp, while Mercy watched her with cold, calculating eyes.

"Let me go," Rogue growled.

"Non, not until we get some answers," Mercy replied, crossing her arms. "Now how did you know about that attack? Are y' with the Assassins?"

"The who," Rogue briefly questioned before snapping, "Listen Cajun, ah don't know who these Assassins are, and frankly ah don't care. Ah know this is weird, but that letter ah got told me that was going to happen."

"Like we're just going to believe that. Now I don't know how you ended up with Remy but if you're working with the Boudreaux's…" the blond started only for Rogue to blow up at her.

"Ah don't give a fuck who the Boudreaux's are lady! Ah'm not working with them, and the only reason ah am in this mess is because of Gambit."

At that point Lucas' grip on her slackened, and Rogue took her chance. She stomped on his foot, and when his arm moved over her shoulder, she jumped and used the momentum to tug on his arm, and flip him over her shoulder. But before she could make a break for it, more rounds of gunfire started to go off. Acting quickly, she pushed Mercy out of the way, barely dodging a few bullets.

Lucas fired a few blasts at the approaching Assassins. Rogue helped Mercy back on her feet. Together, the three used the distraction to flee the site.

Jean, Scotty, Kitty, and Shiro suddenly appeared in front of the mansion's gates in a blinding pink flash. Blink had teleported them there so they would not have to wait for the Blackbird (that and the Scarlet Witch wanted them and their problems off of Genosha). Bobby had opted to stick around awhile, just in case something came up. They had also decided that it was best that Sam, and the younger mutants were safer there for the time being, and Wanda had reluctantly agreed to watch over them.

The four made the long trek to the mansion's front doors as fast as they could. Logan had called them on their communicators not too long ago with some urgent news, but would not elaborate until they were back.

The door opened before they could open it, and the woman standing on the opposite side was someone who they had definitely not been expecting.

A sultry smirk on her lips, Emma greeted the four of them though her gaze was focused only on Scott, "Hello darling, miss me?"


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