Ch. 22-Poor Mello

"Oh my god, I am so getting this!" Myss held up a necklace with silver teeth and fangs, putting it around her neck. "Cute," Yuki smiled, showing the short blonde a hot pink hood with cat ears. "What do you think about this?" She put it on and twirled, making Myss and Lace grin. "I like it," Lace decided, "What about you, Leila?"

"Hm? Oh, sorry, guys," Leila said distractedly, still looking out the front store window. "It's cute, I guess."

Yuki pouted, walking over behind the girl and crossing her arms. "It's cute, you guess? That's all I get? You didn't even turn around! What, are you still looking for Near?"

"Yuki, he's my boyfriend! What am I supposed to do?''

"Just forget about him and shop! He's eighteen, Leila, I think he can take care of himself." Lace said calmly, and Yuki frowned. "Leila, I think you're confused. He's my boyfriend." Both girls scowled at each other, and Lace casually stepped between them, holding up a cell phone. "Hey, brilliant ones, here's an idea-call him." she suggested, flipping the phone open and quickly punching in a number, before handing the phone to Leila.


Matt frowned at the two boys and Misa sitting uncomfortably on the benches around him, stubbornly glaring at L, who had found the children's play area full of rubber trees, mushrooms, and slides, and was currently perched precariously in his favorite way to sit on the roof of a tree house, all the children looking at him weirdly.

"Mister, get down! We wanna play too!" a little girl called out, and L in response merely took out a giant lollipop and started eating it, ignoring the pleas to move. "Oh, god," Light muttered as three men in blue shirts with glittering gold badges proudly pinned on their chests surrounded the world's top three detectives. "Excuse me, sir, would you mind vacating the mall?" one asked, his voice full of authority, and L glared daggers at the man.

Finishing off the lollipop, he carelessly threw the stick over his shoulder, accidently hitting one of the other cops, who crossed his arms. "Yes, I would mind that very much as I am currently comfortable right here."

In response, the police officer behind L quietly snuck up behind him and snapped handcuffs on his wrists. "Sir, you're coming with me for refusing to comply with our standards and, quite frankly, I don't like you. Multiple parents here in this children's play area have registered complaints about you scaring their children-" He stopped at this point, as L was nowhere to be seen; scanning the area, they saw him calmly walking toward the exit.

"What the hell?" the cop yelled, holding the empty handcuffs. "He got away..."

They immediatly dashed after L, who ran equally as fast away. The chase continued on throughout the mall, random shoppers getting crashed into, piles and tables of clothes being knocked over, until finally, the police officers ended back into the childrens' play area, out of breath and sweating.

"Is this who you're looking for?" A voice asked smoothly, and all the cops swivled around to see where it was coming from. An odd sight greeted them, L with a death glare on his face being led over by Beyond Birthday, both out of costume and looking disconcertingly similar.

The head police officer looked from Beyond, to L, and back to Beyond again. "Are you twins?" he asked confusedly, and Beyond shook his head, a well-placed shove in the middle of L's back sending him careening towards the huddle of law enforcement. "No sir," B started, his crimson eyes deceptively innocent.

"I realize that we look alike, but this man and I are in no way related."

The cop shrugged. "Works for me," he said, snapping two pairs of handcuffs this time onto L's boney wrists, then a pair of legcuffs around his ankles. "Sir, this time you really are coming with us, and now you're facing the charges for resisting arrest in addition to the earlier ones." L gritted his teeth, resisting his desire to use his preferred fighting style, caipoera, and slam these moron's faces in, starting with Beyond's. How dare he betray him? How dare he betray he, L, the world's top three detectives?

Raven-black hair obscured L's features, and he let out a snarl quite unlike his usual melencholy behaviour as they led him past his look-alike. "Just wait, Beyond," the detective promised, "you will regret this, I assure you."

The angelic smile on B's face gradually morphed into a sinister grin and his scarlet eyes danced. "I'll be waiting, Lawliet."


"You what?"

"I turned him in," Beyond repeated calmly, unruffled by the angry Lace standing before him.

"And why the hell would you do that?" she shrieked, and the van swerved. ''Damn, Lace, get a grip!" Matt shouted, getting the van back under control.

"I thought he'd like a challenge," B told her innocently. "Getting out of jail while being guarded by at least six people is undoubtedly something new to L."

Tires screeching, Lace pulled into the parking lot, turned off the ignition, and stalked out of the car into the hotel room.

"Hey, let's all get out of these costumes," Light suggested lamely, struggling to find something to get all the fighting to stop, and only received glares from the angered teens. "Okay, okay," he mumbled, holding his hands up. Much to his surprise, they actually did all make their way into their seperate rooms to put on normal clothes. Beyond was the first one changed, and he sauntered out of the boys' room and back to the girls', knocking on the door.

"Come in!" Misa's perky voice called, and he turned the knob, finding all of them fully clothed besides Misa. "Oh, sorry," he mumbled, casting his eyes down as she finished pulling her shirt over her his head. "It's okay! No problem," she giggled, shutting up when Lace rolled her eyes and confronted the crimson-eyed man.

"You realize that you're gonna be the one bailing him out," she snapped at B, placing her hands on her hips and stomping her foot, her mouth still twisted in a frown, and Beyond chuckled. "Lace, silly little girl. You honestly think that I'd pay the money to have our dear Lawliet bailed out of-"

He was cut off suddenly by the small girl's hand slapping him in the face. "Shut up! Just get him out!" Lace snarled. "You. Will. Pay. The. Money. Or we'll take it from you," she threatened, squeezing his chin hard, until her hand was suddenly yanked away. "I'll handle this," Misa sighed, slapping Beyond just as Lace had seconds ago.

"BEYOND, YOU IDIOT, YOU BETTER GET L OUT OF JAIL OR ELSE...OR ELSE..." Misa hesitated in her yelling, trying to come up with something that would scare B into paying the bail, and drew a complete blank. Nothing scared Beyond. Except... "OR ELSE I'LL TAKE ALL YOUR JAM!" She finished, watching smugly as his lips trembled slightly at such a thought.

"You...wouldn't," he whispered, his eyes narrowing as he folded his arms over his chest. "Try me," she repiled haughtily, flipping her hair over one skinny shoulder and fixing him with her piercing glare, and Beyond felt an involuntary shiver run down his spine. How could this tiny blonde intimidate him so much? Rolling his shoulders back from his usual L-like hunch to stand up straight, he towered over Misa. "If you so much as even think about touching my jam again, you'll regret it." he promised, his voice dangerously soft.

She returned his threat by sticking out her tongue, and the crimson-eyed teen rolled his eyes in exasperation. "Just don't touch it." he ordered, and she turned and walked off. "Stupid bitch," he mumbled to himself, heading off towards his room to make sure his jam was alright.


"Well, what the fuck do you want me to do about it?" Mello snapped as he lounged on the bed, one hand playing with Matt's scarlet hair as the gamer busied himself with the newest addition to his ridiculously huge video game collection. Lace and Misa both exhaled sharply and glared at the blonde, identical expressions on their faces. "I don't honestly care," Lace snarled at her ex-boyfriend, "just make sure B pays the money to get L out of jail-"

"-no matter what it takes." Misa finished, and Lace nodded. "Why the hell should I help you?" Mello asked without looking at his ex-girlfriend. "We're not dating anymore. I don't have to fix your problems."

Tears started in Lace's eyes. "Mello, just because we broke up doesn't mean we can't be friends, and I-I just need you to do this for me-please, Mello..." Misa put her arm around Lace and tried to comfort her, while Mello stared coldly up at the ceiling. "Oh, I get it-now you're in love with stupid Lawliet and you want me to go get him out of jail for you so you two can just run off-"

"Mello, no-It's not like that all, you have to believe me." Lace sobbed, shaking the little blonde off and running out of the room. Misa threw a disdainful look at Mello before walking out after Lace.

"Damn, I hate girls," Mello groaned, burying his face in a pillow. Matt was quiet, immersed in his game. "Well, say something," Mello said, irritated. "I don't have anything to say," the redhead murmured. "Can't say I do hate girls, cause I don't." Mello let out a short, hard laugh. "What, you mean just because of one girl, you like them all? Myss really isn't even that hot."

Matt ground his teeth together as he shut off the game. Mello didn't seem to take the hint; he kept going on. "Yeah, I mean, first of all, she hangs out with Lace, the bitch. And she's so short-"

"Mello, I highly advise you to shut the fuck up."

"-and she acts like a damn bitch, always obsessing over her hair and her clothes, and-wait, Matt! No! What are you doing?" the chocoloholic yelped as Matt advanced towards him with a pair of scissors, yanking up a handful of Mello's prized blonde hair and giving it a sharp tug, emitting another whimper from his friend as he held the sharp blade up.

Near looked up from toying with his new white teddy bear-strangely dressed much like L, complete with the spiky disarray of hair, black eyes, white shirt, and jeans- "Matt, if your going to kill him, please make sure not to get any blood on the carpet." he said quietly.


Immediatly, an earsplitting screech filled the room. "No, Matt, no!" Mello screamed, wailing and struggling to get away as the pissed-off redhead continued to cut. When he was finished, he stepped back and looked at his handiwork. Mello sat there in shock, and Near, being the evil little sadist that he was, picked up a small hand mirror and helpfully handed it to the blonde, who numbly accepted it and held it up to his face before bursting into tears.

"My hair!" he sobbed, bringing a hand up to the top of his head where all of his beautiful golden hair had been chopped by Matt into a short crew cut, perfectly even despite all the squirming Mello had done. "No, no, no, no, no, no, no..." he mumbled, his lower lip trembling as he fumbled around for a bar of chocolate without taking his eyes off of his reflection. Suddenly, he turned to Matt with a vicious expression on his face, and his eyes seemed to glow red.

"You bitch!" he screeched, clawing at the gamer's face. Matt nimbly jumbed back, smirking at Mello's hair as he stepped into the hall and shut the door. Then he turned around and ran as fast as he could.

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