Story I am writing based on Mewtwo's life as a free-roamer, inspired by the ending scene of Mewtwo Returns.

Mewtwo, all characters related to Pokémon © Nintendo, Game Freak, Satoshi Tajiri.
I do not own Pokémon, so to sue me would result in a sheer waste of time.

where… where am I? I see… I see something, but what is it? What are those strange sounds I hear?

"Those are words. And the 'something' you are seeing are people!"

I see… something else. A shape. It is appearing in front of me… but what is it?

(People? What are those?)

"People are… people! I'm a girl, so I'm a person."

(Person? People? What are they? Am I a person?)

The shape is coming towards me. It's appearance is changing, but I can make out features. The shape is looking at me. Can it see me looking back at it?

"Well, you look more like a Pokémon than a person, so maybe you're a Pokémon. I've never heard a Pokémon talk before. Are you like me?"

(Like you? A person like you?)

"No silly! Well, if you're in this place you must be the same as me. I'm called Ambertwo. Did they give you a name?"


"Yeah, a name! It's what we address each other by, so we know who is who. You must have a name!"

(I-I don't know my name… but I have heard those strange sounds. Those people… they repeat the same sound and direct it towards me. Is that my name?)

"I guess so. What do they say towards you?"

The being in front of me makes a strange sound… but… it is unlike the other sounds I have heard. The sound it makes… makes an unknown feeling flood though me… a warm feeling?

(Mu… Mew.)

"Mew? So then you must be Mewtwo if you're in this place."

(Place… Ambertwo… what is this place? Why are we in it?)

"Because those people you see… they made us. We exist here because of them. We were not born. Let me show you something!"


I feel something rush past me… I see images forming, all around me. I am confused. What was once black, is now filled with… more shapes like that of Ambertwo… people? But now there are tall shapes… together. Smaller shapes flutter around. What is this place?

(What is this place, Amber?)

"This is my neighbourhood! Whenever I feel lonely, I come here. Down there is where I used to live. My father would play with me and push me on that swing down there."

I follow the direction Amber points. As I do so, I feel something rush past me again.

(What was that?)

Amber made that strange sound again… once again, I feel something warm…

"That's called 'wind!' It helps us to breathe, and keeps us cool on hot days. And up there is the sun! It keeps the world bright during the day, and then disappears at night so the world can sleep. But that's when the moon comes out! The moon reflects the light of the sun, so the moon can be bright."

Amber reaches out towards me. I feel something grasp my paw and look down. Amber is pulling me somewhere. Another feeling floods through me I can not make sense of… but, it is a nice feeling. I feel… safe… comfortable… like this Amber being provides me comfort.

"Come Mew… I want to show you my room!"

The 'wind' whips past us… Amber leads me down to a clear screen… not unlike that of what I see those strange people looking at me through sometimes.

"They're my dolls. And that's my tea party set. Why don't you come and play with me, Mewtwo?"

(Play? What is that?)

"Playing is when two friends play together and have fun! We are going to be best friends."

(After we play… what will happen then Amber?)

Amber looks at me.

"I've never had anybody else to play with here before… since the others all disappeared. I hope you don't disappear, Mewtwo. I don't want to be alone again."


"When you are all by yourself. It can be very sad and lonely, but when a friend plays with you, you can have fun again!"

(I feel a strange feeling inside of me… it is nice. What is this feeling?)

Amber smiles.

"You're happy, Mewtwo… just like me!"

(Happy… Amber, I am so happy!)

I reach out for Amber's hand, wanting to go with her and play, but my paw goes through it. Confused, I reach out again. I notice a strange blue light surrounding it.

(Amber, hold my hand again! Let's go play and be friends!)

Amber looks down at the blue light, and then looks towards me. I see… something else… but it does not make me feel 'happy.' It… is 'unhappy?' Unhappiness?... I feel unhappiness flooding through me. Why is the blue light starting to surround Amber?

"I- I think I have to say goodbye now…"

(Goodbye? What does that mean, Amber? Are we still going to play?)

Amber looks at me… and I feel something pierce through me… unhappiness… I feel so… unhappy. I see something clear form in Amber's eyes.

(Amber… what are these?)

I reach across, but my paw does not pick up the clear substance on Amber's face. I gasp as my paw goes through Amber!

(I'm sorry Amber! Did I hurt you?)

Amber smiles at me… unhappily.

"I have to leave you alone now, Mewtwo."

(Alone? Where are you going Amber? Will you come back to play?)

Amber looks at me… and I feel something form in my own eyes. I reach up to find… that clear substance? It is the same as Amber's.

(What is this Amber?)

"Tears… you're crying Mewtwo… just like me. We're crying because we're sad. We're not going to be able to play with each other…"

Sad? Is that this 'unhappy' feeling that is flooding through me? Sad… sadness… I am… sad.

(Why not?)

I feel the 'tears' spill down my face. Why is Amber leaving? Am I going to be in this place all by myself, like Amber was? I feel something… but it is not 'wind.' The tall blocks and shapes start to melt away, and once again we are in that black place. I am confused.

"I don't know why I have to leave… but, be happy Mewtwo. You're still alive… you will be here much longer than me, I know you will! You will leave this place… but you will go into the world. I won't, I will go someplace else… so that's why I have to say goodbye now… I'll never forget you!"

Then… Amber starts to melt away… like the tall blocks and shapes. Amber is turning into black.

(No! Amber! Don't leave me here all alone… I want to play! You're my friend Amber!)

I reach out and try to grab Amber's hand… pull her away from the black, but it is no use…

"I'm sorry, Mewtwo. But, I hope you'll live a fun, happy life. You're going to grow up, into a big Pokémon. You'll see the world… so please, don't cry. I want you to be happy, because you're alive, and life is wonderful…"


Amber's words echo all around me… and then… suddenly there is nothing. I am all alone, in this place… Why? Why did Amber have to leave? I am so confused… the tears are spilling down my face. I feel so alone…

(Amber… I'll miss you…)

The distorted sounds filtering the alley soon became more and more apparent, possibly louder than before, as the beings senses started to kick in. His eyes opened, only to shut again tightly in pain as the sensitive retinas of the creature were hit with the full flare of the surrounding lamp posts. Shuddering, he opened his eyes again slightly, pupils almost narrowed into thin cat-like slits from the harsh glare of the light above. The being stirred, before pushing himself up off the ground, shaking slightly as he tried to regain his balance. The images from the dream he had just witnessed played over and over again in his mind, like a movie set on replay.

This was the third time this week Mewtwo had collapsed in Goldem Alley. He had no explanation for it, merely concluding the cause of the collapses were from sheer lack of sleep. But for a creature like him, lack of sleep was necessary.

He only lived by moonlight. He was a shadow, and nothing more.

The events of New Island and Mt. Quena and the Johto Region were nothing but distant, past memories. Mewtwo now roamed the city of Goldem freely at night. The other clones had departed long ago, leaving to find their own purposes in a world unnatural to them. They believed it was wrong to live like shadows, disagreeing with Mewtwo's firm beliefs on how they were outcasts, and that they would always be outcasts, no matter where they journeyed. They wanted to belong, just like he did. But they did not want to follow in his path of living solely by moonlight. Mewtwo did nothing to stop them. He was powerless in that situation.

All creatures were to control their own destinies. He could not decide their fates, only wish them the best.

Now, he was alone. Alone to do as he liked and what he pleased. The feeling of desolation did not bother the psychic feline, but sometimes… just sometimes… he wished his companions were by his side. At least he had been with his own kind. They had viewed him not as their master, but as their protector. They're saviour. One they could look up too. He had created them, after all, in his once unsuccessful attempt to rule the world. But that was a long time ago. Never, would he plan such an atrocious act of vengeance again, no matter how much he despised the human race. The young trainer had shown him that there was more to life than complete domination. He always had a choice to make.

Now, Mewtwo observed. He observed the humans in their daily activities, rarely by day, solely by night. He was not to be discovered. To be discovered would only hinder his newfound purpose, and bring bounds of unwanted attention he did not wish to receive.

Mewtwo was unlike other Pokémon. He was a creation of science. A clone. Nothing more than an imitation… a shadow. So, therefore, he had chosen to live as a shadow, securing his existence away from the harsh judgement of man. He had found peace within the shadows of the night. His boredom was eliminated by the actions of the humans around him. Night to night, he leaped from rooftop to rooftop… watching… observing. He was a spy.

The humans were unaware of his existence, and that was the way he wanted it. He did not fully deserve to live in this world.

Mewtwo walked to the end of the alleyway, and peered down the dimly lit road ahead of him. He liked Goldem Alley. Unlike the other alleys he had journeyed upon, this alley was shrouded away from the busy city streets. It was located in a small suburb outside of the city, where only a few hundred lived. These people were the lower-class citizens of the city. Low incomes meant they could not afford any of the benefits the other citizens had, such as flashy cars and visually impressive houses. Some rarely left their domiciles, living entirely off the dole.

This disgusted Mewtwo, yet, it fascinated him. Humans were a greedy species. Upon his observations, Mewtwo had noticed the majority of the citizens of this area heavily drank, usually into the early hours of the morning. In their drunken stupidity, the humans would stir up fights, fueled by the alcohol surging throughout their systems. Or they would prance about the streets like the simple minded idiots they were. This highly amused Mewtwo whenever he witnessed it. It was a prominent eye-opener to just how pathetic the species truly was, relying on alcohol to simply dissolve their problems away. And yet, one member of this same species had tried to control him. Use him to carry out his greedy desires for supremacy. Mewtwo couldn't help but find the thought rather peculiar and often pondered upon it. The man had wanted to control him, yet he belonged to a species which could hardly control themselves half the time? It made not the slightest bit of sense to Mewtwo.

Others would party into the early hours of the morning, with the females of the parties dressed in somewhat limited garments, trying to attract the attention they longfully desired from drunken males. Mewtwo could not understand this bizarre act, and did not waste his time trying to decipher it. It revolted him how the males seemed to prefer artificial beauty rather than natural beauty. And then there were the lowest members of the neighbourhood, in Mewtwo's opinion – the one's whom had resorted to drugs for wages. He had noticed them on various occasions in small groups huddled in dark corners, exchanging small packages, carefully observing who was around them and avoiding all prying eyes.

All except for his.

They sickened him. This whole outer suburb of Goldem City sickened him, yet it was the only suburb in the city which was, except for the occasional party, the most quiet. Rarely did a human venture down Goldem Alley. They tended to wander aimlessly out the front of their properties half the time, deciding what to do with themselves and never bothering to interact with those around them due to pure ignorance.

This was the only reason Mewtwo often wandered down to this area. No matter how much he loathed it, it was in some strange sort of reality, the safest area for him in which to roam freely.

Looking up at the road ahead of him, Mewtwo squinted when he noticed two figures approaching from the far end of the road. He activated his aura, and lazily drifted up towards the rooftop of a nearby house. He watched as the figures made their way towards the driveway of a house two houses ahead of him.
Eventually he recognised them as Hans and Brett – the two roommates who always seemed to do nothing but drink and party. It didn't surprise Mewtwo in the slightest to see a large box of beer heaved onto the shoulder of Hans. They both lived off the dole, and off drugs.

Mewtwo spat down at them in disgust, before leaping across the rooftops to peer over into the backyard of Hans and Brett's residence. Sure enough, three other men, who Mewtwo had learned of as Big J, Gripes and Bro'Joe upon his observations, were in the backyard, each with two cans of beer clasped in their hands. Big J was well known in this area as the drug lord, supplying most of the drugs to potential buyers. He was infamous throughout the city, but the police could never catch him. He was too smart for them, or so he thought.
Mewtwo glared down at them, the moonlight casting a sliver of silver across his violet eyes. He mused at how easy it was for a big drug lord such as this to simply have a party in this backyard, yet the police could never locate him anywhere else. Were the police of this city really that slow?

However, Mewtwo would never alert them. He was an observer, nothing more. His attention was diverted to a car pulling up in the residence driveway sometime later that night, with two females and another male exiting the vehicle and approaching the front door of the house. Mewtwo watched in wonder. He had never seen these humans before. Perhaps they were new customers? Or perhaps there had finally been a lead, and these were undercover cops working as drug suppliers or buyers?

Curious, Mewtwo watched as they entered the backyard, and after a few minutes of activity within the household. They approached Big J and his comrades, before about ten minutes later there was a shout of anger, and Mewtwo slightly jumped at the sound of a gunshot. His guess about the undercover cops had been correct when he noticed three police cars pulling up to the front of the house. He quickly flew up and away from the rooftop, knowing that he could very well be spotted.

He did not want to take that risk, and made his way back towards the city, feeling somewhat pleased that the human Big J and his comrades, as well as Hans and Brett, had finally gotten what they deserved in the name of law.

Pathetic humans.

Once he reached the city, Mewtwo landed gently behind the local 24/7 grocery mart. Behind here, he kept his cloak and hat hidden behind a loose cardboard slat in the wall, which when pulled back, revealed a small hidden storage area. Mewtwo had donned the human garments not long ago, after a small debate with himself whether he was ready to rome not only the rooftops, but the streets as well to broaden his horizon. A homeless man had left them beside a tip, and Mewtwo had seized them, realising this could very well give him the opportunity to observe the humans closer without the high risk of identification. By pure luck, they had fit him when he had put them on. Although there was a rather large bulge in the back caused by his long, thick purple tail, which he could not help, the cloak and hat had covered him enough that no suspicion about his appearance had been raised when he had first ventured out onto the streets. Apart from the occasional double glance due to his size, the humans had tended to steer clear out of his way, highly pleasing Mewtwo. The cloak covered him right down to his ankles, with only a little of his feet showing, but the humans hardly glanced down as they walked past him. Mewtwo concluded that the homeless man had thrown these garments away due to their large size, or had seized newer ones.

Of course however, when he roamed the streets, he made sure to stay out of well lit areas.

Mewtwo ventured warily past the entrance of the mart once his had fully covered himself with the cloak and hat. He briefly glanced in the window at the human behind the counter. Ever since he had donned the human disguise, Mewtwo had glanced into the mart's window every night. His observances had led him to believe that the store was owned by George Waldash, and his employees were Trisha Dodd, Barry Marsh and Linda Scheppet. The occasional customer would enter the store during the hour in which Mewtwo peered into it, sometimes arriving no sooner than Mewtwo had stepped past the front window. They took notice of his presence, but displayed no interest in his being there. Sometimes they did not come at all, and the store was left deserted into the early hours of the morning. The customers would usually purchase drinks or quick snacks, and in some cases, medicines. Mewtwo was startled from his thoughts when he noticed the human behind the counter, who he had recognised to be Linda, look up and out the window at him. Mewtwo quickly looked away. This was not the first time the human had noticed him. She had spotted him on various occasions, and she was suspicious of him, but Mewtwo knew that she was afraid to approach him alone. She sensed he was stalking her, and Mewtwo understood why, but he was merely an observer, not a stalker. However, she had not alerted the authorities about him, and for this, Mewtwo was thankful.

There was something different about this woman to the other employees in the mart. Mewtwo could sense she was saddened, as if she had experienced a great deal of tragedy in her past. He had learned by reading her signature that she had no husband, or family. There was never anybody to pick her up after her shifts, and she always caught the bus home by herself.

Though he couldn't care less about this human's life – nor any others for that matter – he found this particularly intriguing for some odd reason. Perhaps it was because he could base his own existence on that of hers. They were both alone.

Mewtwo peered in the window again, only to find that the human had disappeared from the counter. The customers had not come tonight, but Mewtwo knew from past observations that the counter was not to be left unattended.

For a moment, he feared she had left to confront him, or get a closer look at him from elsewhere in the store, but he let this go. She had left the counter once before, but had not confronted him. He knew she was too scared to.

However, not worrying about the counter, as this was not his problem to deal with, he continued on his journey for that night.

He rounded the corner of the mart, lowering his hat when he felt a human's presence up ahead of him. He had just walked past the side wall of the mart when he heard a small voice to his right.


Ignoring this voice, Mewtwo proceeded on further. He was not to be discovered! Mewtwo mentally scolded himself for letting his presence be made aware of one too many times by this woman. From now on, he would no longer observe the humans of the mart. Somehow he knew that he was going to be confronted sooner or later, but had often pushed the thought aside, his persistent curiosity usually getting the better of him.

"Hey! You!" the voice grew louder, a shrill ring indicating the human was tense. Mewtwo came to a halt when he felt the presence stop in front of him.

It was indeed the human called 'Linda.' He pulled his hat down in a pessimistic attempt to hide his appearance.

"Hey! Who do you think you are? I've seen you gawking in the window at me every time I have a late shift in there for the past month! I'm sick of it! If you try anything, I'll call police, so don't even bother! I wanna know why you're stalking me! You don't scare me one bit!"

There was no answer from the large man in front of her. Linda trembled slightly, but was not going to let her fear get the better of her. Despite his two metre height, she was going to stand her ground. She held her finger ready on the quick dial number of her mobile phone. She felt safer knowing the authorities would be notified the instant he made a move.
People would call her crazy for what she was doing, approaching a complete stranger, one whom had been stalking her none the less, but she was not going to lose her job over some weird tall man in a cloak. She was struggling enough with her finances as it was. Losing her job would only put her further behind. She tried her hardest not to let his size intimidate her.
Mewtwo could sense her fear, but also felt a strong sense of determination radiating from her.

"ANSWER ME!" she shrieked, after a minute of utter silence from the cloaked man.

(I have no reason to stalk you, girl. I merely observe your daily activities.)

Linda jumped. She stumbled slightly and looked around in shock. Where had that voice come from? It was almost as though she had heard it in her head.

"What?! That in itself is stalking!"

(Do not pursue this further human. To do so would result in threading upon unwanted infuriation.)

A startled look crossed Linda's face. Mewtwo was suddenly aware of a not only a mobile phone in her pocket, but a concealed switchblade as well. The woman was prepared.

"Who are you?!"

(That, I assure you, is none of your concern. Re-attend your duties, and leave this encounter behind you.)

"WHAT?! Go back to work in that place where I just know that you're still going to stalk me? Gaze in at me through that window like you've been doing for the-the past month? I don't think so! Start talking, otherwise you leave me no choice!"

Mewtwo could sense her pull the switchblade from her pocket. He did not at all feel threatened by the human's dismal attempt of protection. It was typical she should resort to a sadistic means of confrontation. It was the nature of her species, as he had previously learned. It did not surprise him in the least.

(Do not be foolish, girl. To resort to violence will only deter your perseverance. In return, you are endangering yourself.)

Linda couldn't care less. She raised the switchblade under his hat, although she could not see his face. The giant man jerked back. She felt intrigued that she had intimidated a man of his size.

Or so she had thought.

(I warn you, human. Do not pursue this further.)

"I will pursue this further! Until you give me some of the answers I deserve!"

Angrily, Linda flicked her wrist up underneath the man's hat. If he was not going to talk, then she was going to have to see who he was for herself.

Before Mewtwo could stop it, his hat was jerked back off his face, and knocked down onto the ground. Linda's breath caught in her throat. The switchblade fell to the ground.

A pair of large violet eyes glared back at her, flashing with agitation.

"W-what..?" Linda uttered in bewilderment. "Who are you?"

(As before-mentioned, that is none of your concern, human.)

The creature's mouth did not move, and Linda had assumed correctly at hearing the voice in her head. He reached down and picked up his hat, placing it back on his head.

"Are… are you a Pokémon? You don't look like one, nor do you look human… but, in a way, you do…"

The being in front of her seemed to pause.

(I am the end result of your kind's twisted experimentations and lust for sheer authority. Now, I assist in the most non-formidable manner I can convey. Leave human. Now. Forget what you have witnessed tonight.)

"Forget… how can I?"

The, well, what she could only assume was a Pokémon, turned around and started to walk away.


He stopped. Linda could sense strong waves of irritation radiating from him, despite he had his back to her.

"Just, come back to the shop with me for a moment, if you will. I'll close it up."

Silence. Finally, he answered her, and she heard his deep voice once more echo throughout her head.

(What is your reason for demanding such a deed of me? My existence is one that should not be made aware of.)

"I'm not forcing you too. I'm just asking, that's all. I won't tell anybody about you, I promise. That's why I said I'd close the shop."

(Do not bother with promises human. I do not compromise with any of your kind. However, I will fulfill your needs. But after doing so you must, at all costs, forget about me.)

"…Thanks. Please follow me."

The Pokémon looked at her warily, before following her back to the mart. Linda unlocked the door and let him inside, before once more locking the door behind them and turning the sign on the door to say 'back in five.' She led the way to the back of the store, the tall being striding close behind her, yet maintaining his distance. She could feel his eyes burning into the back of her head, and for a moment she wondered what on earth had possessed her to allow this strange being into the store. He had been the one that had observed her over the past month, and now here he was right behind here, not the tall man she had assumed a pedophile at first due to his cloak, but another being all together – a Pokémon. A type of which she had never seen before, let alone heard of. Pushing her thoughts aside, she led him to the staff room. Silently cursing her persistent personality, she led him inside and shut the door behind her.

(Make this quick, girl. You are holding me up from my routines. By all means, I would prefer absolutely no association with you or your kind.)

"Yes, but please listen to me and answer me this. Then you may leave."

The creature gazed at her from under his hat, his face shadowed, yet deep annoyance evident on his features.

(What, human? Speak your query. I have little time to spare for you.)

" I… I want to know why you look in at me like that everytime I work!"

(I believe I have already addressed this question, have I not? I merely observe your daily activities.)

"Me? But why?"

(I just do, human. I observe you and your kind. You're species is despicable. You're nature is based on that of hatred. I observe with a false sense of hope to find the rare individuals of your species. The one's who do not only care about themselves.)

"So… so you hate all humans? But not all humans are like that! There are good people in this world. And, I for one, do not only care about myself, as you may think!"

The Pokémon remained silent for a minute, before she once more heard his deep voice inside of her head.

(Regardless of that, you are still human. It is in your nature to be obstinate and selfish to that of not only your own kind, but that of others. You are illiterate in terms of negotiation before resentment. You proved that before.)

"I proved it? How?"

(You possess a switchblade, do you not?)

For a moment, Mewtwo noticed a look of what he could identify as shame cross the woman's features.

"I-I was defending myself. I was unsure of who you were… I mean, by the looks of you anyone would take it you're gonna attack them."

(Is it always assumed one is treacherous based solely on that of appearance? Would you identify another individual, dressed in the same manner as I, as that of a threat? When if fact, they may possess none?)

Linda was silent.

(Human, you merely jump to conclusions. You resort to the worst case scenario first, and your nature pushes you further into repelling against that of what you are unaware of without first identifying other possible rational solutions. I had no intention of harming you during our encounter, nor as I do now. The garments I don are merely to ward of unwanted attention. I believe your kind would react negatively to my presence.)

"Look, I'm sorry, alright? I admit, it was wrong of me to threaten you like that. But another would have done the same. I mean, you kept looking in at me for nights on end. Of course you came across as a stalker."

(Must you always follow the actions of others? Have you not any ability to make choices of your own?)

"Yes, I do… but…"

(You have much to learn, girl.)

The Pokémon shifted his head to the side, as though disapproving of all her responses. Since Linda could not see his face clearly, it was hard for her to determine how he perceived her answers. Was she angering him? She needed to know, slightly fearful although he had made it clear to her that he posed no initial threat.

Excuse me, but… could you take off your hat? I know, you probably don't want to, but I just want you to know that you don't have to hide from me. I have nothing more to hide or use against you, and I know what you like look. Kind of." Linda said to him, feeling uncomfortable and nervous as to what his reaction would be.

(Human, it is my decision whether this garment remains on my head or not.)

"Please? I-I'm really sorry, about before. Really, I am."

He seemed to sigh, but eventually after a moment or so, she could see him reach up to pull off the hat. In the light of the staff room, she could make out his features clearly.

She couldn't help but let in an astonished gasp.

He resembled a cat, but not quite. His face appeared to be a blend of a human and a feline, something so incompatible it should never have worked, but in his case, apparently had. Two pointy ears sat on top of his head, slightly bent back, and behind him something emanated from the back of his head, disappearing into the depths of his cloak. She could not make out what it was, but it appeared almost to be a mound of tube-like flesh. Fine, lilac – almost grey – fur covered his face, and his violet eyes bored deeply into her own. He held his head in such a position it appeared as though he had no mouth, but in her opinion made him look… rather cute.

His eyes were unlike anything she had ever seen before. They were beautiful, a deep shade of violet which glistened briskly in the light of the room, his pupils resembling somewhat that of a cat. His eyes were so bold and vibrant, yet behind them, she could sense something… unusual. As if this creature was hiding the darkest of secrets.
She knew that he was intelligent – far more intelligent than any of the other Pokémon she had ever encountered before. She had known this the moment she had spoken to him, but not only because of the fact that he could talk. He stared at her, his face narrowed into a menacing frown, but… for some reason, she did not feel the least bit intimidated.

"What… are you?"

His violet eyes continued to bore deep into her own.

(I do not know… what I am. The reason for my existence remains indefinite. My true purpose is unstable.)

In his telepathic voice, although it was barely distinguishable, Linda heard sorrow. She felt her heart jolt. This great creature questioned its own existence. She wondered what sort of past he had lived to hold such… sorrow within himself. Despite the fact she had never met this creature before, something inside of her wanted to comfort him. Something inside of her wanted to hug him, and free the pain buried deep within his heart. She wondered if he was a compassionate being, but judging by his harsh critique of humans, and their short converse before, she guessed that he must have had had horrible experiences with humans in the past. Could it have been humans which had caused this creature such desolation? Were humans the reason for this Pokémon's strong resentment towards her kind?

"What happened to you…? In your past?"

(My past is one which I cannot relay to you. I do not place trust within you, nor any of your kind. Now, stop this unnecessary converse and re-attend your duties. I believe you are requested upon.)


At that comment, Linda opened up the door to the staff room and peered out. After gazing at the front door to the store for a moment or so, she could see the silhouettes of customers gathering outside. The vague sound of complaints drifted through the door towards her.

Linda turned back to the cloaked being.

"There is no back exit. You'll have to leave the way you came, I'm afraid."

(That is unnecessary, human.)

Linda watched him, wondering what he meant, when suddenly a strange psychic sound emitted his entire being. He glowed white, before disappearing in front of her very eyes.

Linda stood, stunned for a moment or so, before her attention was drawn to muffled noises from the front of the store. She could hear rapping on the front door. Still staring at the spot where the Pokémon had just stood moments before, she turned to head out to unlock the front door to let the eager customers in to shop.

Somehow, she knew she was going to gaze into those violet eyes again sometime soon. And next time, she was going to find out his name.

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