A distance away from the shop, Mewtwo stared at the customers entering the doorway, grumbling rather loud complaints at Linda as to why she had locked the shop up. He noticed the young human girl look up and out towards the street as the last of the customers entered the store, knowing that she was trying to catch a glimpse of him, but he knew that with the distance he was at from the shop, she would not be able to spot him. Mewtwo pulled down his hat tightly on his head and continued on down the street, avoiding all well lit areas. He did not want a repeat of beforehand events. His journey had been disrupted enough tonight, and Mewtwo had very foolishly let himself be discovered. He considered re-entering the store and wiping the memory of his encounter with the young human from her mind, but something held him back from doing so. Instead, he pushed the event to the back of his mind, and headed towards the street corner ahead of him. However, as he approached the corner, he was suddenly aware of a small gang approaching in the opposite direction. Mewtwo quickly ducked behind a nearby car, his cloak billowing behind him in the wind. A moment or so later, the gang passed by the Pokémon, and Mewtwo could hear them rapidly muttering to each other in gang street slang. What he could hear, he did not approve of one bit.
"Tha one up there? Ya sure it's gonna be deserted?"
"Should be. It's jus one chick in there anyways, n she's usually alone. Will be a cinch."
"Is there a back way in?"
"Nah, the front will do. Not like they have security cam's or anything."
"Too much for em' ey?"
"Yeah. Heh, broke bastard."
"Got yer blades then?"
"Yeah dude. Let's get this show on the road."
Mewtwo stepped out from behind the car and watched as the three youth's ran up towards the store. He felt a surge of anger well up inside of him. The youth's were about to rob the store. He knew the woman already struggled enough as it was and now these despicable youth's were about to rob her. Mewtwo quickly floated up behind them, keeping well out of their view as they approached the entrance to the shop. He could hear them discussing who would make the first move, and just as he went closer behind them, one of the youth's suddenly kicked open the front door. Moments later, screams were heard from within, as well as loud shouts of anger from the youth who had just barged into the store. The other two followed pursuit, hearing the other youth shout to them from the inside.
(Damn humans!)
Mewtwo angrily blew the door backwards with his mind and flew into the store after them. He approached the counter and found one of the youth's holding a knife up to Linda's throat. The young girl was petrified. Another was keeping the customers of the store at bay, holding a gun in their direction. None of the humans could see Mewtwo, as he had flickered into invisibility by activating his shield.
"Come on, love. Give us all the money ya got, and we'll leave ya alone."
(Release her.)
The youth with the knife to Linda's throat jumped slightly, upon hearing Mewtwo's voice in his head.
"What the hell? Who was that?"
The other two youth's looked at him like he had lost the plot.
"Dude, what the hell? We don't say nothing."
"I 'eard someone. Come on, show yerself!"
"Dude, ain't no one here! Get on with it ya idiot!"
"Yeah there is dude! There's someone else 'ere!"
"Wake up to yerself. Quit being a jerk n just get on with it."
"It was you, wasn't it Ty? Quit being a bastard!"
"Dude, what the hell are you on about?"
Mewtwo, fed up as it was, broadcast his voice so all the youth's heard him. He flickered back into visibility, causing gasps and screams from not only the youths, but the customers as well. He noticed Linda's eyes go wide at the sight of him before she let out a gasp of pain as the youth with the knife to her neck flinched and pushed it deeper into her skin.
"I swear if ya don't piss off, I'll kill her."
Mewtwo, furious at hearing Linda's pain from the knife, flicked the youth's hand away from her neck and forced the youth the hold the knife up to his own neck. The youth tried to scream, but was in too much shock. Out the corner of his eye, he could see a strange blue glow emanating from below him. He could feel the knife start to push into his own skin.
(You will kill no one. Release those others at once.)
"EY, who the HELL you think you are?" One of the youths suddenly bolted at Mewtwo, lunged out fist as though to punch him, but was caught off guard when Mewtwo held him up in air.
Discreetly, Mewtwo started to clench his fingers together, and started to choke the youth. He started to kick out towards Mewtwo in mid air, and wheezed out profanities towards him.
(You humans are disgusting. This woman has enough obstacles to overcome in her life, and here you three are attempting to rob her of her only income. She suffers enough, not under your hands. Get out of here at once.) Mewtwo threatened.
Suddenly, the youth who had been holding the knife to Linda's neck, lunged at Mewtwo, aiming the weapon towards his face.
Mewtwo threw him back onto the floor with ease.
Seemingly realising their limits, the youths stood up and bolted. Mewtwo dropped the youth suspended in mid air, and he collapsed to the floor, wheezing, before picking himself up and heading out after the other two. Once they had left the store, Mewtwo turned towards the humans on the floor. The all stared up at him in shock.
(Best if you left as well.)
The customers picked themselves up and rushed out of the store, some of them screaming. One lingered for a moment or so, just staring up at Mewtwo.
The customer gave a brief nod towards Mewtwo, before bolting after the others. Mewtwo watched them leave before slamming the door shut and locking it mentally. Now only Linda and himself remained in the store.
Slowly, Mewtwo turned towards the young girl. She was backed up into the wall behind the counter. Mewtwo could feel fear and bewilderment emanating from her. She shakily looked up at him.
(Girl, are you harmed?)
Linda jumped slightly. "No… well, a little."
Mewtwo started to approach her. Linda watched him, trying to push herself futher up against the wall.
"You… you came back. W-why?"
(Those youth's passed me. I picked up their intentions.)
"Please!… Please, don't hurt me!" Linda suddenly shrieked.
Mewtwo was surprised. Her comment caught him off guard, and he stopped approaching her. Although he would never show it, her words had hurt.
(Hurt you? I have no intention of doing so.)
Linda had shut her eyes tight. Now she opened one, and peeked up to him.
"But… but, what you did to those three… you hate humans."
(Yes.) The cloaked Pokémon nodded. (But, is it right for you to have suffered under the hands of those youths when in fact you have committed no wrong-doings within your life?)
Linda opened her other eye. She stared up at him.
"You… won't hurt me?"
(Girl, have I not already made my intentions clear?)
"S-sorry. But you… you saved me."
The being was silent.
"How did you know? How did you know that… well… you know, about my life?"
(Observances, human.)
"But, why me? You could have not shown up and stopped those three at all. You could have left me to have been killed."
The being looked up at her, and under his hat, Linda could just make out his violet eyes boreing in to hers.
(Girl, you and I share similar lives. We are both alone, dejected by this cruel world. To not have saved you, would have left me with an impending guilt.)
Linda stared at him before a small smile broke out on her face. Slowly, but cautiously, she reached up and started to pull off his hat. He flinched a little, jerking backwards slightly out of her way, but allowed her to remove the garment from his head.
Linda gazed into his cat-like face. He still bared that menacing frown, but Linda was surprised to see a small smile playing on his lips.
He was smiling at her.
"You are… amazing."
At this remark, he looked away from her and down towards the ground.
(Thank you.)
Once again Linda heard his deep voice in her head, but his mouth did not move.
"Hey... are you alright?"
Linda bent down slightly and peered up into his eyes. They seemed unseeing and unfocused, quivering about slightly.
Suddenly, his eyes quivered to hers, causing her to jump slightly.
(I am uneased, at best. It is unfortunate that your race is a despicable one.)
"Yeah… I know."
He looked up to her slowly.
(However, you prove to be unlike the others of your kind.)
"Well… that's because I'm not like others of my kind. Or at least, I don't try to be."
(Yes. You are… different. Like… like that young trainer I once knew…)
"Well, not all humans are despicable, as you may think."
The Pokémon nodded, and Linda was glad to finally see him agree with her.
"So… uh… did you, want to stay here for a while?"
He looked up at her again.
"F-for a little while, that is. I'm still kinda shaken, and the extra company would be nice."
Mewtwo could pick up the tension in her voice, and could sense that she was nervous of asking him such a question.
(You are nervous of asking such a favour of me. Why?)
Linda seemed to blush. "Well… I know it's a lot to ask…"
To her surprise, he closed his eyes and shook his head.
(Human, to just leave you without any consideration would be somewhat atrocious. I despise your kind, but who would I be to simply dismiss this as an event of non-importance? I would be no better than those young humans. You… are one of the rare individuals I do believe I could feel compassion for.)
"I… am?"
(I have seen your inner-light. It is pure; you display a humble, kind spirit and a reasonable amount of selflessness. Unlike that of the inner-lights I have seen of others.)
Linda's eyes seemed to gloss over. "Well, that's because I care."
Mewtwo was shocked at her response.
"Yeah… I do."
A small smile once more appeared on the Pokémon's lips.
"Is that really so hard for you to believe?"
(From what I have witnessed, yes.)
"I see. Well… anyway, please don't mind me asking, but do you eat?"
"Yeah, as in food?"
Mewtwo turned his gaze towards a nearby aisle. (Like those packaged products?)
Linda nodded, and he shook his head.
(The food I eat consists of fruits and berries.)
"Really? From where?"
(Wherever I may find it.)
"You scavenge?"
He nodded. (Yes. I do not possess the paper you trade for stock.)
Linda laughed. "Oh, you mean money?"
(Money? Yes, money, whatever that may be.)
"Well… let me buy you something from here. You look hungry."
(You will purchase a packaged product? For me?)
"Yeah. You can sit out back in the staff room and eat. What do you like?"
Mewtwo looked back towards the aisle.
(I have never tried any of the packaged products I see throughout this store.)
"Oh. Well then, how about some lasagna?"
"It's like layers of cheesy pasta with tomato sauce. I think you'll like it."
Linda looked down towards his cloak. She wondered if he had a healthy BMI, but could not tell because the cloak was hiding his figure to well.
"Are you starving?"
(Quite. I am often hungry.)
"Well, I'll heat some up for you. Go in a sit down."
He looked at her hesitantly for a moment or so, before turning around and proceeding through the staff room door. As she watched him leave, Linda had to admit the cloak covered him fairly well. Looking at him from the back in the cloak with the hat on his head, she never would have guessed he was Pokémon.
Linda followed him into the staff room with the lasagna, and heated it up for him in the stores microwave, before grabbing some utensils from the counter and heading over to him. He was sitting on the edge of the couch, gazing up at the pictures around the walls of the staff room.
"Here you go."
He looked up towards her, and then down at the lasagna in her hands. She pulled over a small table, and set the food down upon it. She handed him the utensils.
(What are these?) he asked, as he reached up to take them from her. As he reached up, his coat sleeve partly fell down and Linda noticed his hand for the first time. She discreetly gasped, astonished.
He had three fingers, each ended in what appeared to be a round orb. His hand, or what could actually be called a modified paw, appeared to be very bony, and Linda had a suspicion he was somewhat anorexic.
As she watched him take the knife and fork from her, something began to make itself apparent to her, but she could not place what it was. When the fork fell from his grip and clanged to the floor, she finally realised what it was. He had never been taught to use cutlery.
Linda cursed herself at her stupidity, and guilt overtook her.
"Oh, I'm terribly sorry. I had no idea. Please forgive me." she said to him, reaching down to pick up the fork.
(What for?) he asked, trying to hold onto the knife, with unsuccessful results.
"You've never learned how to use cutlery before, have you?"
(Cutlery? Do you refer to these metal objects?)
Linda nodded, and claimed a clean fork from the counter.
"Here, I'll show you."
Linda handed him the clean fork, and then reached out to place her hand on top of his. She had a feeling he wouldn't like what she was about to do, and this was confirmed when he quickly drew his hand back after seeing her reach out to touch his and glared at her.
(Why do you make such a move?) he asked suspiciously, obviously uncomfortable with being touched by a human.
"I'm sorry, but I'll need to guide you otherwise you'll keep dropping the cutlery. You'll need to learn how to grip the knife and fork properly. Will… you let me show you?"
He continued to look at her suspiciously.
"Please? I- I won't hurt you…"
He continued to stare at her, as though deciding whether she would pose a threat or not, before slowly reaching his paw out. Gently, Linda placed her hand over his. She could instantly feel him tense up under her grip, but then, eventually relax as realisation dawned upon him that she was not going to hurt him. His short fur was like velvet under her touch.
Linda gently helped him grip onto the fork, and showed him how to cut the food with the knife, and then raise the fork to his mouth. A few minutes later, he finally took his first bite.
"Do you like it?" Linda asked him.
(It is wonderful.) he replied, using the knife and fork without her guidance for the first time. When he finished the meal, Linda took the empty container and the knife and fork from him and carried them over to the sink for washing. She threw the empty container into the bin.
(Thank you. That was quite good.)
"You're welcome. Would you like something else?"
(No, that is fine. I do not want to cost you more paper.)
Linda laughed. "Money."
"Are you sure? It's no problem, really."
(No. I am satisfied.)
Another tiny smile appeared on his face. Linda headed back over towards him, when she noticed his expression suddenly change into one which she could only determine to be worry.
(Girl, you are bleeding.)
Linda instantly reached up to her neck, and jerked her hand back when she felt a sting. She held her fingers to her face to find blood on them.
The Pokémon stood up and walked up to her. Gently, but cautiously, he reached out an orbed finger and pressed it against the side of her neck.
(You have slight pain… like a dull ache, from this cut.)
Linda nodded, and gasped as the cut on her neck stung.
(Do you possess a sterile solution and a plaster?)
"Yeah. I'll get the first aid kit."
Mewtwo watched as she headed to a cabinet on the staff room wall, and pulled out small box. She walked back over to him a few minutes later, and Mewtwo noticed a small plaster across her neck.
(Girl, are you sure you are unharmed?)
"Yeah, it's fine. The knife didn't go too deep, luckily. If you hadn't of been there…"
He looked away from her.
(Let us forget about that incident. Past is past.)
"Yeah. I'm just so glad you came back. Thank you."
(You are welcome.)
Linda smiled at him, before looking down at his hat sitting on the table.
"So… uh… how did you get the hat and the cloak?" Linda asked him.
(I seized them after they were deserted by a homeless old human. They enable me to observe without the high risk of identification.)
"That was lucky."
Linda looked down at his cloak. As she stared at the brown garment, she couldn't help but begin to wonder what he looked like. Not only because of curiosity, but because she was also worried about his weight. She wondered if he actually was anorexic or malnourished.
(You… are wondering about my appearance?)
Linda jumped. "How… how do you know?"
(It has become apparent to me; you have been staring at this cloak for the past two minutes.)
Linda went slightly red. "Sorry… I was just wondering about your weight."
(My weight?)
Linda nodded. "I hope you're not underweight."
He looked confused. (What do you mean?)
"Starved. You mentioned before you are often hungry. How often do you eat?"
(Whenever I may come across food.)
"You poor thing." Linda looked towards his cloak again. She wondered if he would remove the garment, but was afraid to ask, fearful of what his reaction may be. She presumed that he was still uncomfortable around her.
(You want to request that I remove this cloak?)
At that comment, Linda had a sneaking suspicion he could read her mind.
"Well… I… I-If it's no trouble."
Linda was surprised to see him smile at her again.
(It is not. Your presence no longer renders me uncomfortable.)
He stood up and started to unzip the cloak. He fiddled with the latch for a moment or so, his modified paws hindering his grasp on the latch, but then finally pulled the cloak off entirely.
Linda couldn't help but let in an astonished gasp.
The tube like appendage she had seen was in fact what it appeared to be, and connected the creatures head to the middle of his back, between his shoulder blades, forming some sort of strange extension. His whole torso was naturally built up, resembling a bony breastplate, with two thin arms extending from underneath the thick bone and ending in three orbed paws. He stood digitigrade on two toes, with a third elongated toe just below his ankle bone. But the most striking thing about the creature was the long, thick purple tail which began from his belly, went between his legs and extended out behind him, nearly as long as the creature himself.
He sat back down on the couch and stared across to her. Despite his very cat-like appearance, Linda was shocked at how human he also appeared to be. His whole upper half appeared to resemble a human male and although distinct, it was somewhat obvious. She remembered his words upon their first encounter.
'I am the end result of your kind's twisted experimentations and lust for sheer authority.'
Was this Pokémon possibly a manufactured creation of science, humans the very ones responsible for his existence?
"Wow…" Linda breathed, after a few minutes of gazing across to him.
(Wow?) he questioned, the tip of his tail twitching back and forth behind him in a very cat-like manner.
"I've never seen a Pokémon like you before."
(I am the only one of my kind.)
It was then that Linda suddenly realised that she still do not yet know the name of this great creature. He must have picked up on her thoughts again because he agreed with her out of the blue.
(Yes, you have not asked.)
"With all that's happened tonight, it never crossed my mind. Do you want to know my name?"
(Girl, I have known your name from the moment I first started my observances at this store. It is Linda, is it not?)
Linda nodded. "Yes, it is. And now… will you please tell me your name?"
The Pokémon smiled.
(I am called… Mewtwo.)