A/N: This is a short little trailer for a story I just thought of, and made this because I don't have time to write the first chapter at the moment. Tell me what you guys think about it :)

Disclaimer: No SWAC or CR for me :(

Mitchie Torres. World wide famous singing sensation, girlfriend of the international pop star Shane Gray.

Sonny Munroe. Small town girl from Wisconsin who's only just started her career by getting accepted onto So Random!

Mitchie's sick of the fame, and wants to take a break from all the insane fans, articles, and media related to her.

Sonny just wants to be happy and fit in and be liked by everyone. That's just the kind of person she is.

What happenes when the two meet and decide to switch places temporarily?

Lots of fun, heartbreak, and drama, that you can be sure of.

Join the drama, coming to a screen near you :)