I stared down the sonogram in my hand and let a tear slip down my cheek, YSL mascara running with it. I tried to hold it back, I was Gabrielle Solis, I did not cry over things I do not want that I have lost. I choked back a sob and pressed my palm to my mouth. I looked down at the shopping bag at my feet. I lifted the small black frame out of the bag. I'd thought about taking Bree's suggestion and bought the frame. I figured if I never used it I could always return it.

I choked back yet another sob and set the sonogram down on the plush comforter neatly laid on my bed. I clutched the frame in both hands tightly. I sucked in a deep breath and allowed the tears to slip down my tanned cheeks at a fast and furious pace. My left hand trailed down from the photo frame and rested on my now empty uterus. I sunk down to my knees, my robe loosening as I did so, and stared down at the frame for several moments. I wound my arm back over my head and flung it forward, letting the frame fly from my hand at the wall. "What the hell?!" I screamed at the empty air.

"What the hell?!" I screamed again, burying my face in my hands. I wanted to break something, hurt someone, but I wasn't that kind of person. I was going to let go of this. Be fine without it and just… continue on.

I stood myself up and dusted off my robe before heading into the bathroom. I grabbed a washcloth out of linen closet across from the shower and ran it under the tap. When it was sufficiently wet I pressed it to my eyes for several minutes before draping it over the tap. I took a deep breath and squared my shoulders proudly. I stepped into my closet and scanned the clothes hanging up in front of me. I ran a hand along the multitude of expensive fabrics and sighed. I striped down completely and pulled on a new set of lingerie. Basic ones, I had nothing special planned for now. I pulled a pair of stockings from the drawer next to me and leaned against the shelves. I lifted a foot and slid the stocking over my foot. I pulled it up, the material soft against my skin and then set it back down on the ground lifting my other; I repeated the process with my other and smiled softly to myself. I was back. I looked down and through a rack of skirts I saw the light blue bag from Baby Land. I bit down on my cheek and shook my head. This wouldn't ruin me. No.

I was back…

Wasn't I?

A/N: Sorry it's so short. Just a quick one shot idea while watching the second season of "Desperate Housewives."….


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