He left and went; always moving forward, always looking back.

It hurt him so much; to know that he'd hurt his family. His Trisha would probably cry herself to sleep at night and his Edward had probably already figured out that he wouldn't come home and hated him. Poor Alphonse; he'd probably forget him in time, if he hadn't already.

All of those probables were almost definitely real.

He missed them so, so much, but knew that if he ever went back, he'd just hurt them even more.

Always moving forward, always looking back.

It hurt him that the last time he'd seen his Edward's face, was the moment he left. His sons hurt-filled eyes would burn in his mind forever, he was sure. His innocent Alphonse hadn't known, but he was certain that Edward would tell him and would insist that he was a bastard; that was his Edward, and he couldn't help but love him for it, even though he did it out of pain and hate.

His Trisha would hide her pain from them; would put on a happy face. Sometimes it would probably even be real (knowing his boys, it wouldn't be hard for them to cheer her up), but night would fall, the boys would sleep, and Trisha would cry.

Always moving forward, always looking back.

He always wondered whether his sons would follow in his footsteps and study alchemy. But he had a feeling that they would; they were themselves, but were so very smart and curious! He could recall the many times that he'd caught them in the middle of a mess in his study; they'd never told them what they were doing, but he could guess that they were curious about alchemy. Oh, how he'd love it if they did study it! He could imagine what prodigy's they'd be. He was crestfallen to realise that they'd need to find a teacher; that would be very difficult for the two, living in Risembool.

Always moving forward, always looking back.

How long had it been? He constantly asked himself. It was very hard to keep track of time, while travelling the way he did. He was forever trying to avoid the military, which, for some reason, still searched for him.

What a shock it had been for him when he discovered that his Edward had become a State Alchemist. But, after the shock came a deep feeling of pride. He was so proud of his son! His son had become the youngest ever State Alchemist, at age twelve! But he knew that he couldn't brag, or risk being found.

He had to keep moving forward; keep track of the present; but never, ever forget the past.

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