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Set during early Season 3

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The elevator opened to the bullpen and the older, red-headed woman took in the seen before her. Agents walked around the floor, some carrying files or talking to their team leaders. She took a deep breath and stepped off the lift, she knew where to go and who she had to find. Agent Gibbs and his team, they should be by the stairs. She saw them immediately, a young Italian man was talking intently to a beautiful Eastern woman across from him, the other two agents were absent.

She strode confidently forward though she was terribly nervous. The man looked up as she came around the corner and looked her over.

Tony DiNozzo was startled by the woman in front of him, she was older, but still stunning. He looked her over, long, deep red hair, pale skin, dark brown eyes, great curves, maybe he should ask her out. Whoa DiNozzo! She's too old for Gibbs! Still…

She noticed both of them studying her and shifted uncomfortably. She thought she had better say something.

"Are you agent Gibbs?" she hesitantly asked,

Tony met her eyes and saw how nervous she was. Why does she want to see Gibbs? I wonder if he… …

"Tony!" Ziva followed his train of thought and shook her head, she was certain the strange woman was not involved with their boss. Still, there was something familiar about her.

"Um, I'm Tony DiNozzo, this is my partner Ziva Dah-veed," he said tilting his head toward Ziva, "Our boss is up in MTAC, sure we can't help you?"

"No, I'll just wait for him," she walked over to one of the two empty desks and sat down.

"Mind telling us your name and reason for being here?" Ziva spoke up, she was not fond of having this disadvantage. Not knowing who she was talking to, especially when they knew her name.

"Delila, as for why I'm here I will wait until Special Agent Gibbs arrives."

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