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"Hello Ducky," Jenny said as she breezed into Autopsy, her mother trailing behind her warily. Ducky looked up in surprise at the two women before him.

"Hello, Jennifer. May I ask what brings you down here?" he asked hesitantly, personally he was wondering what Delila could possibly have done for Jenny to take her here.

"Just giving Delila a tour of the building," she answered lightly, her eyes sparkling mischievously, "is this Lieutenant Smith?"

"Oh no, I put her to bed a while ago. This poor woman is Petty Officer Elise Waverly, she died from being stabbed in the abdomen three times," he told her as he continued to remove the woman's organs, "but as I found no defensive wounds I'm having Abigail run a toxscreen to check for drugs in her system," he finished, eyeing the older woman, who was looking slightly green. He continued with his work meticulously, Jenny watching with interest and Delila with disgust.

Delila watched with growing discomfort as the doctor cut into the corpse, she couldn't believe her daughter could watch this!

"Excuse me," Delila said suddenly, already running from the room. Ducky looked up at where she had been standing a moment before, not really surprised, and then over at Jenny, sighing heavily at her small smirk.

"Jennifer, why are you doing this to her?" he asked tiredly, taking of his bloody gloves and apron and sitting down across from her.

"Doing what?" she asked innocently, though she knew he'd see right through her.


"She was annoying me Ducky! Every three minutes for the past few hours, she's started staring at me! It's amazing that she was able to get anywhere in the book she was reading!"

"Look my dear, I understand that you are angry and upset. But torturing her with Autopsy trips is not the way to solve this," he chuckled, "however amusing it might be,"

"I know Ducky,"

"May I suggest going to see Abby? She was saying earlier that she would like some company," he suggested, if anyone could make her feel better it was the bubbly young goth.

"Alright, thanks Ducky,"

"Just remember, my dear, I'm always here with some tea if you want to talk," he returned her smile and watched as she left to collect the ill woman.

Outside Autopsy, Jenny found her mother leaning against the wall, still looking a bit pale. She looked up at the swish of the door as Jenny came out and stared at her daughter with accusing eyes.

"What?" Jenny asked, crossing her arms and facing the other woman's stare levelly.

"How can you watch that? That man was cutting up a corpse! And watching such a thing is just—disrespectful!" she burst out, horrified that her daughter would be okay with it.

Jenny answered her calmly but with a fire that meant she'd rather slap her, "first of all, autopsy is a crucial part of an investigation. And second of all, there is no one who has more respect for our departed guests then Doctor Mallard," she spun on her heel into the elevator and hit the button for the Lab, scarcely giving Delila time to slip in before the doors closed.

Abby's lab

Jenny and Delila were silent during the elevator ride, the tension crackling between them.

Almost as soon as Jenny stepped over the threshold to the lab she was attacked by a swirling mass of red and black. Delila watched with wide eyes as the young goth hugged her daughter fiercely.

"Abs, need to breath," Jenny gasped out, gently hugging Abby back. She jumped back and returned Jenny's smile before turning a glare on the older woman.

"Oh, it's you," she said coldly.

"Abby…" Jenny warned, "play nice,"

"I don't like people who hurt mommy," she said with another fierce glare at Delila. She, however, didn't notice, thinking about the girl's comment. Mommy? There is no way this woman is Jennifer's daughter. She tuned back in to their conversation.

"I know Abs," Jenny reassured,

"Whatcha got Abs?" Gibbs asked, strolling into the lab as all three women spun around to face him.


"Jen," he nodded to her before turning back to Abby, who was eagerly waiting to speak.

"Okay, Petty Officer Blake's toxscreen was weird, since we found several used needles and heroin, cocaine and some other drugs in the house I checked for those first but the results were negative….."

Delila tuned out Abby's voice, already very confused, as Gibbs and Jenny listened intently and followed her to her computer; their movement eerily similar. She didn't even notice when everyone stopped talking until Jenny was in front of her calling her name.

"It's almost time to leave, we'll pick up your stuff from your hotel and go home," she informed her mother. Delila just nodded and followed out of the lab, watching with interest as Jenny walked out with Gibbs, his hand resting lightly on her back. They stopped outside the elevator and talked for a moment more so quietly she couldn't hear and then louder.

"Will you tell the team when you go up to meet me in autopsy, and slap DiNozzo if he's not working,"

"Gladly," with that the two women stepped into the waiting elevator and Gibbs left for Autopsy.

Once the doors closed, Delila turned to begin questioning her daughter,



"The woman in the lab, she called you mommy. Certainly she couldn't be your daughter."

"Abby. She's not my daughter, no, but I do love her as though she were. I think of all of Gibbs' team that way," She answered, fondness in her voice as she thought about them.

"And Agent Gibbs?"

"What about him?" she asked, a little wary

"Are you two…."

"No! Not at all," she laughed, trying not to show the real sadness in her voice, she chose her words carefully as she continued to speak, "Jethro, even though sometimes I want to shoot him, is a good friend, we've known each other for a long time." She looked up gratefully as the elevator doors opened.

"Come on, I've got to get my stuff," She walked towards the stairs but turned behind Tony's desk and head slapped him for napping, "Gibbs wants to see you down in Autopsy," she told them.

She left as they made their way to the elevator to go to her office.

In her office, Jenny quickly grabbed her coat, purse, and a handful of reports she could work on tonight.

"Cynthia, I'm heading home for the night," Jenny stopped to say good bye to her secretary on the way out.

"Good night Director, I just have some paperwork to finish and then I'll head out too,"

"Just don't stay too long. I will not have you taking after me," she replied lightly and continued out. She looked for the team on her way to the elevator but they were absent.

Jenny's house

After stopping at a small hotel to pick up Delila's things, they returned to Jenny's townhouse and her mother was quick to run up to claim a guest bedroom at her daughter's instruction. Jenny settled in her study and began to work on the files she'd brought home and was just beginning her second when Delila returned.

"This house hasn't changed much," she commented, Jenny just nodded absently and continued reading; she finally looked up when she was done.

"Let's talk, what are you doing here?"

"I need your help to find someone. A marine," Jenny just looked at her, making Delila even more uncomfortable (if that was possible), "his name is Justin Charles Shepard, my son,"

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