A/N: This is a very short add on to 12x05. I got the idea from the begining scene with Mike, Jo and Steve, about how she's driving and Steve has to go in the back seat. It's extremly short, but I really do hope you enjoy!

"About bloody time," Jo exclaimed walking over towards Steve from where she had been previously been standing, at the entrance of the mouth of the cave.

"Got here as fast as I could," he told her walking towards her handing her a bottle of water, from which she took a grateful sip, sitting down on a rock. "Besides," he added quickly sitting next to her. "You weren't driving."

"I knew there was a reason I don't let others drive," she told him with a smirk standing up, brushing her hands against her legs to get the dust off. "Let's go. It's more then likely that she wandered out of the cave and tried to find help," she gestured towards the bush.

"Let's hope she didn't get too far!"